This Is the Most Popular Road Trip in the U.S.

Have you made this scenic drive yet?

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Photograph by Asim Bharwani / Getty Images

Ever since cars have been sold to the masses, the United States has been a dream destination for road trips. And given, ahem, certain recent events, road tripping has enjoyed a bump in popularity the past two years. That's why driver's education resource Zutobi has crunched the numbers to find out the most popular road trip in the U.S.—and, in fact, the world.

While you might think the nostalgia of Route 66 would rank number one on the list, which was ranked in terms of the number of Internet searches, another quintessential road trip is top dog: California's State Route 1, better known as Highway 1, through Big Sur.

Each year, 3.3 million people in the U.S. search the Internet for that road trip, compared to 2.2 million who search for Route 66, which comes in second place. But even when you look at a global audience, Big Sur still takes the lead with 7.5 million searches, while Route 66 follows again, this time at 6.4 million searches.

It's not altogether too surprising that Big Sur is so popular—the views along the Pacific coast really are that stunning. Plus, it's a relatively short and simple drive at just 90 miles along a single road, compared to Route 66, which only exists in fragments spread across nearly 2,500 miles. That said, you could certainly extend a Big Sur road trip by driving the full 650 miles of Highway 1 in California,

In any case, both journeys are definitely worth adding to your bucket list, especially as international travel is still a little limited these days. Don't know where to start? Find out how to plan a big U.S. road trip here.