THIRDHOME: Luxury Vacation Club for Owners of Second Homes

Got a nice vacation house? You can trade it with houses owned by other members

Fabulous LosCabos villa for THIRDHOME vacation club members

What THIRDHOME Is and What It Provides to Luxury Travelers

 THIRDHOME is a luxury vacation club for people with second homes. It provides members with super-luxury home exchanges with other members' second homes or weekend houses.

THIRDHOME manages all the logistics for low membership and transaction fees. In this way, members easily get more use out of their second homes. And they no longer have to rent a home or villa when they go on vacation. As of September 2017, THIRDHOME offers members nearly 10,000 vacation-home properties to choose from.

This is not a free service. As of September 2017, THIRDHOME's initiation fee was $2,500. (The company runs occasional promotions and discounts on memberships and initiation.) For vacation bookings, another $395 to $995 is charged per week. This covers administration, logistics, insurance, and other things that the traveler would have to do otherwise.

In the words of Wade Shealy, a Tennessee-based businessman who founded THIRDHOME in 2010, "Second homes are costly assets, requiring 12 months of expense without 12 months of use. THIRDHOME gives members a trustworthy way to increase the use of these residences, and to explore the world's finest destinations in the process. This is all about getting more value out of your property."

THIRDHOME members have more control over their vacation plans than conventional arrangements like luxury villa rentals or fractional ownership.THIRDHOME gives members complete freedom in their scheduling. Shealy says "this 'buy as you fly' model give customers complete flexibility."

Unlike the usual house exchange, THIRDHOME members do not have to swap simultaneously with another member. Instead, they give THIRDHOME a certain number of weeks in their own second home. In return, they receive "Key credits" that can be used as currency to stay in another member's property. The higher the value of your home, the more Key credits you receive. There is no limit to the number of vacation weeks permitted (though a weekly fee is charged for all).

What THIRDHOME's Vacation Properties Are Like

The company has lofty standards and quality control. Its vacation properties are closely screened for suitability. THIRDHOMEHOME properties must be well-appointed with the décor and luxuries that member want, and to be in a premier location in a desirable vacation or urban region. How high-end are
THIRDHOME houses? Their average value is over $3 million, with many in excess of $5 million.

THIRDHOME properties are located in 74 countries around the world. They run the gamut: beachfront villas; island hideaways; ski chalets; country mansions; urban townhouses, lofts, penthouses. You name it! Take a look at THIRD HOME's available homes.

THIRDHOME members also have their choice of vacation condos in luxury hotels including Trump International Hotel & Tower in NYC; The Reefs Hotel & Club in Bermuda; Esperanza, an Auberge Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. See more of THIRD HOME's available hotels.

THIRDHOME has facilitated thousands of home stays, and post-vacation reviews indicate that members tend to be delighted. Are you wondering how THIRDHOME members know what the other house Is like? In addition to guest reviews, the company provides extensive online information and photo galleries. Members can get a clear idea of what to expect from the home: what it's like inside and out; its surroundings; its pool, beach, deck, dock, and so on; its suitability to kids and pets; its staffing and maintenance arrangements.

THIRDHOME selects not just the homes, but their owners as well. Nothing is left to chance. "We pre-screen our members for home quality and also for personal character before admittance," says Giles Adams, THIRDHOME president. "And we require good standing to remain in the club. "THIRDHOME members typically connect with the member whose home they're considering and go over questions and details together.

Where to find out more about THIRDHOME: its website; its FAQ; its Facebook page; Youtube channel; on Twitter and on Instagram; or by phone: 615.933.7600.

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