Ten Things to Love about Living in Indy

There's a Lot of Great Things About the Circle City!

There's a lot to love about living in Indianapolis. Following are ten things that readily come to mind.

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Hoosier Hospitality

By and large, the people of Indianapolis are a friendly, good-hearted bunch. Being willing to lend a helping hand is the norm, and in a big city, it's refreshing to see a sense of smaller-town values.

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It's Not Too Big and Not Too Small

Indianapolis City View
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To borrow a phrase from Goldilocks, the size of Indianapolis is "just right." It's big enough to offer all the choices, diversions, and amenities one expects in a big city, yet small enough to make getting around manageable, while maintaining a sense of home and community.

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The Cost of Housing

The cost of housing in Indianapolis compared to that of other major metropolitan areas is low, low, low, meaning you can get a lot more for your money here than you'd expect to elsewhere. And housing comes in a variety of styles: from century-old historic homes to modern suburban residences.

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The Four Seasons

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Whatever your favorite season or climate is, you'll experience it in Indianapolis at one time or another. Indianapolis gets the best of all four seasons -- from the gorgeous bloom of spring to the hot, sunny days of summer to the brilliance of the leaves changing in fall to softly falling snowflakes in winter. From sub-zero temperatures to 100 degree days, nothing is out of the question.

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Downtown Is Easy to Get Around

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You won't find taxicab jams here. Many of Indianapolis's most noteworthy attractions are within walking distance of the heart of the city. And finding your way there isn't too tough either, thanks to a four-quad system that divides the city into four quads, and posts signs that orient citizens accordingly and point the way to the most commonly sought-after destinations.

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Dedication to the Arts

carmel arts district

Indianapolis takes the fine arts seriously, and numerous theatres, venues, museums, and organizations ensure that there's no lack of culture here. Whether your interest lies in art, music, history, you name it -- Indy's got you covered.

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Cultural Diversity

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Indianapolis is a city comprised of people from many cultures. Festivals and educational events throughout the year celebrate various cultures and nationalities and help us to better understand and appreciate each other.

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The Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis has several professional sports teams to take pride in, but the Colts deserve special mention for the pride and sense of spirit they infuse into our community. Of course, winning the Super Bowl didn't hurt any, either!

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The Monon Trail

The ten-mile stretch of the Monon trail from north to south offers a chance to escape to the great outdoors and take a break from the typically hectic pace of city life. Whether you're walking with your dog, pulling the kids in a wagon, biking, or roller-blading, it's a peaceful and scenic way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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The Pride of the People

Indianapolis has faced its share of challenges, economically and otherwise. But you can't help but sense a never-give-up attitude and a willingness to work to make things better. The city has grown up phenomenally in the past few decades, and the hope for the future is bright.

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