Spending Time With Your Toddler in Las Vegas

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You really want to get away but your children are still too young to go to Las Vegas. Right? Las Vegas is no longer the haven for kids that is was once billed to be however there are plenty of things that children can do right on or near the Las Vegas strip. You say your child is a toddler, no worries; you can still have fun as well.

Do you have more than one child? Do you have a teen? Check out a few family attractions that work for all ages or find some ​age-specific activities. You do have plenty of options in Las Vegas and it does not just have to be arcades and ice cream.

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    Pick a pool with a lazy river, pop on the water wings and float around all day in the lazy Vegas warmth. Your child will not stop laughing and you'll have the time of your life as you float among the sun worshipers of Las Vegas. The Monte Carlo and the MGM Grand pools are fairly kid friendly and have lazy rivers as well. The Flamingo pool has a few slides where your toddler will get their adrenaline rush but it can get crowded.

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    Your toddler will be excited about the interactive games and the space to run around while visiting the Container Park. You'll be happy about the tube slide the first time you head down it but soon you'll be asking for mercy. The place is fun for kids but exasperating for parents. Not to worry, if you need an adult beverage or a good meal there are plenty of options just a few feet away.

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    If you have a toddler the Discovery Children's Museum will easily keep your child busy for quite some time. The interactive museum has plenty that will amuse your child and the desert discovery area will wear your child out and get ​them ready for their afternoon nap. The Discovery Museum has moved to Symphony park and it is bigger and better.

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    Your children will have so much fun watching the fish, the sharks, the jellyfish and the reptiles and will learn so much about what swims in the vast World Ocean. Toddlers love the touch tank and the walk-through tank is always a big hit. There is a food court nearby if affordable food is also on your radar.

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    Toddlers can enjoy the kiddie rides and as well as play the very kid friendly miniature golf course. So much is going on that kids can't help but get excited in this climate controlled indoor theme park at Circus Circus. Look for a coupon in any magazine that is found in your hotel room or do a quick search of the internet and you'll find some current savings.

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    I usually avoid Circus Circus, aside from Adventuredome, but recently my children have had me watching the free circus acts and you can't argue with free. For the cost of the couple of dollars at the valet my children watch a couple of free circus acts. If we stop off at Adventuredome we walk over to the Midway at Circus Circus and watch a juggler or two and some crazy clown balance on something. Not bad for free.

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    Springs Preserve Las Vegas

    The Springs Preserve is off the Las Vegas Strip but it is worth the quick 10-minute drive. ​Your toddler will run around the gardens or enjoy the interactive exhibits. While not all the Springs Preserve will work for those under 3 years old I found that my youngest was always willing to touch, feel and explore for long periods of time at the Springs Preserve. If the weather is nice the outdoor trail system is perfect for an energetic toddler.

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    If your toddler like stuffed animals they will easily enjoy themselves at the Midway at Excalibur. You can guarantee yourself at least 5 stuffed animals as the games are really geared to winning for the kids. When my son was 2 he fished for stuffed animals and thought it was the greatest thing ever. Food options include a food court as well as casual pizza and Mexican close by.

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    Coney Island Emporium

    New York -New York resort has a decent arcade and interactive place for kids to play skee ball and other kid-friendly games. Food options for kids are great downstairs as well. Next door, The Park Las Vegas has cheap food options as well as space to allow your kids to walk around without exposure to the casino.