Things to Do in Montreal Thanksgiving Weekend: 2018 Edition

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    Things to Do Thanksgiving Weekend in Montreal: 2018 Edition

    Things to do in Montreal Thanksgiving weekend 2016.
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    Looking for things to do in Montreal this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend running October 6 to October 9, 2018? There are plenty of fun, seasonal events, including leaf-peeping, ghost tours, jazz festivals, and more. Make sure not to miss out on the celebrations!

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    Leaf Peep

    Things to do in Montreal Thanksgiving weekend 2016 include leaf peeping those fall colors.
    Jean-Pierre Lescourret / Getty Images

    The time to leaf peep is NOW. Don't wait until the end of the month. This Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, check out some favorite Montreal leaf-peeing destinations and be inspired as you take in the array of colors and shapes while they're in their prime. Note: Mount Royal Park, the Montreal Botanical Garden, and Morgan Arboretum are bound to be packed with crowds. However, visit the off-the-beaten path Parc Angrignon or Bois de l'Ile Bizard to avoid the tourists and have the trails to yourself.

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    Ghost Walk

    Things to do in Montreal Thanksgiving Weekend 2016? You could always go on a ghost walk.
    Photo courtesy of Les Fantômes du Vieux-Montréal

    In the mood to get spooked? Try an Old Montreal ghost walk, where you'll learn the haunted history behind some of Old Montreal's streets and landmarks. From Pierre du Calvet's creepy 18th-century mansion to Auberge St. Gabriel's fantômes, these scary sites show a darker side to Montreal. Bring your street shoes, and plan in advance to meet your storyteller.

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    Gardens of Light

    Things to do in Montreal Thanksgiving Weekend 2016 include catching the Montreal Botanical Garden's Gardens of Light.
    Photo by Flickr user Charles Hoffman (CC BY-SA 2.0)

    The Montreal Botanical Garden's main draw this time of year is Gardens of Light. This autumn event takes over three gardens: The Chinese Garden hangs traditional lanterns, the Japanese Garden has a meditative illuminated path inspired by the four seasons, and the First Nations Garden has an electric multimedia experience with projections and light displays. It's open to the public all through Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, including Monday, October 8, 2018.

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    Off Jazz Festival

    Free things to do in Montreal October 2017 include the Off Jazz Festival.
    Photo courtesy of Trio Luce Bélanger

    Catch the OFF Jazz Festival running October 4 through October 13, 2018, which includes free performances happening at Résonance Café. It's one of the favorite Montreal jazz venues, and it doubles as a vegan café. Beer prices are reasonable too.

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    Plan Halloween

    Things to do in Montreal Thanksgiving weekend 2017? Get ready for Halloween.
    Photo courtesy of CNW Group/La Ronde

    Have you figured out what you want to do for Halloween yet? Don't worry, there are plenty of Halloween events you can still attend the month of October. Head to a pumpkin patch, or pick your own produce at one of Montreal's public markets like Marché Jean-Talon. There's also the Great Pumpkin Ball, which happens every year at the Montreal Botanical Garden. Esmerelda the Witch makes an appearance along with a few hundred dressed-up squashes during the pumpkin decorating competition.

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    Black and Blue

    Things to do in Montreal Thanksgiving weekend 2016 include attending Black and Blue.
    Photo courtesy of BBCM

    Running every day through Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is the annual LGBT-friendly Black and Blue event. This nightlife-centric series of social activities including the main event on Sunday, October 7, 2018 with its customary dress code: wear black and blue.

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    To Pick a Peck

    Things to do in Montreal Thanksgiving weekend 2016? How about some pumpkin patch picking?
    Ty Milford / Getty Images

    Granted, it's a little early to carve out that jack o'lantern—unless you want him to look like a decomposing corpse by Halloween—but that shouldn't stop you from visiting a pumpkin patch near Montreal. It's got family day written all over it.

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    Fright Fest

    Things to do in Montreal Thanksgiving weekend 2016 include going to La Ronde.
    Festival de la Frayeur (Groupe CNW/La Ronde)

    La Ronde gets weird this time of year for Fright Fest, an annual Halloween prelude when ghouls, zombies, and demons take over the grounds at sunset, adding to the thrilling ambiance which naturally includes haunted houses. The one rule these creepers follow? No touching. Otherwise, the weak of heart and young children are advised to sit this one out.

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    Indulge in a Freebie

    Things to do Montreal Thanksgiving weekend 2016 include these activities.
    Scott Robertson / Getty Images

    Who doesn't love freebies? McGill University's Redpath Museum is one of the last free museums in Canada (though if you can manage it, please give a donation). There's also this free downtown Montreal walking tour. Just remember to book your spot and you're good to go.