Top Things to Do and See in Ushuaia South America

On Beagle Channel, surrounded by water, sky and mountains, Ushuaia South America calls itself the End of the World.

As the closest city to Antarctica, the city is a hub for Antarctic touring and navigating the Strait of Magellan. Cruise ships dock here for a quick onshore visit. Summer is ideal for trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking, sporting fishing and the most astounding tours along the Beagle Canal, Cape Horn and even the Argentine Antarctica.

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    Museo Maritimo
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    Housed in the building that was once the presidio, or prison for notorious criminals and political prisoners, the museum displays model ships, archaeological artifacts, and collections of old-time Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego.

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    Ushuaia pier
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    Tour De Los Lobos for sea lions, a seasonal trip to the penguin rookery, and Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, De Los Pájaros Island, Bird Island, for many varieties of birds, and on to Martillo Island, where a rookery of Magellanic Penguins can be found in the summer.​

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    Mare Australis Cruise

    Beagle Channel
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    "Via Australis Expedition cruise will act as the Mare Australis new brother with same features. Both cruises will navigate the Magellan straight, the Beagle Channel, Cape Horn, exploring one of the most beautiful virgin areas in the world, like the Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. There are two different choices, a 3 or a 4-night program from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas and vice-versa, from September to April."

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    Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego

    Tierra del Fuego National Park
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    Tierra del Fuego National Park, founded in 1960, borders the Sierra de Injoo Goiyin, also called Beauvior, from Lago Fagnano in the north to the Beagle Channel on the southern edge. With ample opportunities for sports and recreation, including horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking and hiking, the southernmost part is scenic Lapataia Bay.

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    This narrow gauge train at the end of the world was built to bring lumber from the forests to Ushuaia to build and heat the penal colony.
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    Lago Escondido
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    Hidden Lake at the foot of Garibaldi Pass and Lago Yehuin offer unparalled views and excellent camping, hiking and trekking opportunities.
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    Penguin Rookery
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    "From Don Eduardo Arturo Brisighelli pier, sailing southeast along Ushuaia Bay and the Beagle Channel you visit the Bridges Archipelago, especially Alicia Island, where it is possible to observe a great variety of birds typical of the region, like the Blue-Eyed Cormorant, the Sooty Albatross, the Skuas, the Steamer Duck, the alakush, etc."
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    Estancia Viamonte / Estancia Harberton

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    Plan a stay to experience the working farm life and visit "The oldest Estancia on Tierra del Fuego and the oldest house on the Argentine part of the island, it was built in 1886 on a narrow peninsula overlooking the Beagle Channel. Its founder, the missionary Thomas Bridges, was given the land by the Argentine Congress under President Roca for his work among the local indians and for his help in rescuing the victims of the numerous shipwrecks in the channel."
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    Ski at Mount Castor

    Ski Resort
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    Mount Castor stands out, where Nordic and Alpine skiing can be practiced. With its modern lifts, it has one of the best schools in the country.
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    "This Fueguian ranch, situated on the north coast of the Beagle Channel), is the second old. In the year 1898, during the presidency of General Roca, Remolino was given to the family of John Lawrence in gratitude for the cultural activities developed by that family among the indian population since 1873."