10 things to do in Tempelhof

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    10 things to do in Tempelhof

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    ••• Erin Porter

    Hordes of people lounge on the grass, events - planned and impromptu - pop up across the giant field and in the former terminals and swarms of wheeled vehicles roll down the runway. Um...runway?

    That's right! This former airport turned massive park is one of the most popular hang-outs in Berlin with many leftover attributes of being a working airfield. Formally named Tempelhofer Field or Tempelhofer Freiheit, it is more commonly called Tempelhof Park or simply Tempelhof. Once the site of the Berlin Airlift, this historic site is now the largest urban park in the German capital and a peaceful setting in which to enjoy the (sometimes) sunny days.

    • Admission: Free
    • Address: 12099 Berlin
    • Map of the park: http://www.tempelhoferfreiheit.de/en/visit/map-and-route/
    • Opening Hours: The exact opening hours are set according to the seasons. In general, the park is open daily from sunrise to sunset.
    • Public transport: S41, S42, S46, S47 S-Bahn station Tempelhof; U6 U-Bahn station Tempelhof or...MORE Paradestraße; U7 U-Bahn station Südstern; U8 U-Bahn station Hermannplatz, Leinestraße, Boddinstraße; Bus 104 to bus stop Friedhöfe Columbiadamm or Golßener Straße.
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    Walk the Runway

    Runway Tempelhof Park.jpg
    ••• Erin Porter
    There is something wonderfully surreal about walking on an airport runway. It still evokes the feeling of a slightly verboten activity, even with the masses of other visitors.
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    View the Sights

    ••• Erin Porter

    This open space is an attraction in itself, but from its vast landscape visitors can also catch the changing views of the Fernsehturm and surrounding city scape. 

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    Tour Tempelhof

    Tour Tempelhof.jpg
    ••• Erin Porter

    The airport and park have a fascinating history, including the recent referendum that almost closed down much of the park for apartments. Discover the grounds on a guided tour as well as future plans for Tempelhofer Freiheit.

    Visitors can also explore the remaining buildings with a guide. The Tempelhof Airport’s main building is a historically protected landmark, one of the few remaining Nazi era sites as well as a symbol of freedom due to the airports role in the 1948-9 Air Lift.

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    Ride a Bike

    ••• Erin Porter

    Better then walking the massive runways and fields is traversing them by bike. Even a novice rider will relish the opportunity to speed along the crumbling tarmac. This is also the perfect setting for kids to learn to ride on 2-wheels so watch out for beginning riders shakily making their way down the tracks.


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    Get weird with your wheels

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    ••• Erin Porter
    Expect to find more than your average city bike or fixie at Tempelhof. Vehicles of all kinds roll along the tracks from unicycles to segweys to land windsurfing or "street sailing”. 
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    Fly a Kite

    Fly Kite Tempelhof Park.jpg
    ••• Erin Porter
    Get off the ground with some kite flying at Tempelhof. This is the ideal environment for taking flight.
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    ••• Erin Porter

    There are few things locals like to do more than get together and have a grill party. Whether it is just you and a friend or a family clan of 20+, Templehof provides enough room to spread out.

    Grills are permitted in three designated areas. It is not permitted to have an open fire or barbecue on any of the remaining space.  

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    Lie in the grass

    ••• Erin Porter
    While Berlin parks are plentiful, there is nothing like finding such a vast expanse of green in the city. If you bring a furry friend, they can enjoy loping around and rolling in the greenage. Dogs are welcome throughout the park on a leash, and there are three large dog runs where they may run free.


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    Participate in Unexpected Events

    ••• SlowOlympics. Erin Porter

    On any random day you may find a pop & lock competition, Hipster Olympics or more formal celebrations. Bread & Butter, an international fashion trade fair, takes place here every year.

    For more planned affairs, visit the events page.

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    Get involved at Tempelhof Park

    ••• Erin Porter

    The park is not just somewhere to observe, you can get involved in the community gardens or propose a new project. The Pioneer Projects provide the opportunity to "pursue their initiatives and projects with mostly limited funds yet unlimited personal enthusiasm."