50 Things to Do in Seville

The jewel of Andalusia is now also a Game of Thrones film location!

Bullfighting is deeply rooted within global historic traditions. But today, local public opinion leans against the tradition. Though the site includes information for tourists interested in attending the events, TripSavvy trusts its readers to make their own decisions on the ethics of bullfighting as an attraction.

Visiting Seville? There's no chance you'll get bored - I've found 50 things to do in the city. If I had included every fine tapas bar or historic church, this list could have easily reached 100.

Best Time to Visit Seville

Without a doubt, it has to be Easter time (Semana Santa). Stick around for the April fair, immediately after Easter. Book your accommodation well in advance, though, as things get fully booked very quickly. Also think about transport - moving on from Seville straight after the festivities is inviting trouble.

Number of Days to Spend in Seville (excluding day trips)

Three or four, but it would be easy to spend longer here, depending on what you plan on doing. Check out the suggestions below!

  • Five-Day Tour of Spain from Barcelona visiting Seville, Granada, Toledo and Cordoba.

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Top Things to Do in Seville

Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville
Sylvain Sonnet/Getty Images
Santa Cruz, 41004 Sevilla, Spain
  1. Visit the Barrio Santa Cruz
    One of the most beautiful barrios (neighborhoods) in the whole of Spain.
  2. Visit the Cathedral
    The largest Gothic cathedral in the world. 
  3. Climb the Giralda Tower
    Once a minaret of a mosque that stood on the site before, this tower now forms part of the cathedral.
  4. Visit the Alcazar, as Seen on Game of Thrones
    The gardens were Dorne in the popular HBO series.
  5. Take a Day Trip
    Cadiz and Jerez are easily reachable by train.
  6. See a Flamenco Show
    Seville is the most famous city in Spain for flamenco. 
  7. Learn About Bullfighting
    You don't have to actually see a bullfight: if the history of bullfighting is interesting to you, visit the bullfighting museum at the bullring.
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Twelve Day Trips from Seville

Alhambra garden
18009 Granada, Spain

There are plenty of places to visit outside the city of Seville. Whether you visit the big cities like Granada and Cordoba or you go for a smaller place like Ronda or Osuna (where Game of Thrones will be filming soon), no trip to Seville is complete without taking a short excursion .

Read more about Seville Day Trips or go straight to the trip that interests you most:

Home to the Alhambra and all that free tapas!

The biggest draw here is the Mezquita, the fabulous Mosque-Cathedral.

Built high up over the Tajo gorge, this is one of the most beautiful of the pueblos blancos

The best fried fish in Spain, perhaps the world.  

Drink sherry where it was invented!

Go surfing at the point where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet.

7. Santiponce (Italica) 

Check out the Roman ruins.

Home to the 'lovers rocks' and ancient dolmens.

Game of Thrones was filmed here!

Another beautiful pueblo blanco.

Famous fortified city.

The nearest beach to Seville.

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Five Things to Do in Triana

Sevilla at sunset
Photography taken by Mario Gutiérrez. / Getty Images
Calle Américo Vespucio, 2, 41092 Sevilla, Spain

Cross the river to the old gypsy quarter. But there's more! Walk a little to the north to find two of Spain's biggest attractions.

1. Andalusian Contemporary Art Center 

Intriguing art and photography collections in this contemporary art museum. The admission price is low and the museum's out-of-the-way location means it never gets crowded.

2. Drinks & Food on Calle Betis  

At one end you'll find more bars for younger people, at the other end are some tapas bars and seafood restaurants.

3. See a Flamenco Show  

Lo Nuestro and El Rejoneo are two popular flamenco bars on Calle Betis.

4. Gypsy Quarter 

Triana is the old gypsy quarter of Seville. Interesting parts include Plaza Altozano, Calle Castilla with its attractive churches and the ceramic workshops.

5. Isla Magica

Take the kids (big and small) to this amusement park that is remarkably close to the city center.

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Ten Things to Do in Santa Cruz

Alcazar in Sevilla
Visions Of Our Land / Getty Images
41004, Seville, Spain

Santa Cruz is the most famous and touristy part of Seville and the filming location to many scenes in Game of Thrones (check out a )

Read more about Ten Things to Do in Santa Cruz or go straight to the sight of your choice below:

One of the biggest cathedrals in Europe.

The Moorish tower attached to the cathedral.

Game of Thrones was filmed here! 

Fantastic mudejar architecture.

Vibrant plazas with popular tapas bars.

6. Casa de la Memoria
Flamenco shows.

One of the best neighborhoods in Spain for tapas.

8. Flamenco Museum
It's a museum. Of flamenco.

9. Seville Ayuntamiento
A beautiful building worth checking out.

Another historic building.

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Ten Things to Do in Macarena

Museum of Popular Art and Folklore in Seville
Sylvain Sonnet / Getty Images
Pl. del Museo, 9, 41001 Sevilla, Spain
+34 955 54 29 42

An historically important district of Seville, Macerena is now a poorer part of town with less tourists walking round it - but it's still worth a visit.

1. Museo de Bellas Artes  

This is Seville's fine art museum. Art from the Gothic era to present day can be found in this 17th century museum, including works by the likes of Goya and Murillo.

2. Basilica de Macarena  

An important church with a famous Pedro Roldán statue of the Virgen de la Macarena.

3. Eslava Tapas Bar

Eslava is one of my very favorite tapas bars in Seville. It's not a very big place, with the menu written on a blackboard behind the bar (in Spanish only, I'm afraid). But everything is good - pick anything. If you don't like it, you've only wasted between two and three euros.  

4. Muralla Arabe 

The Muralla Arabe translates as 'Arab Wall', but it would be better to describe it as the 'Moorish Wall'. One of the oldest sights in Seville.

5. Templo Omium & Market  

This is one of my favorite parts of Seville. An understated church, a lively market and a number of modest bars full of families who spill out onto the streets to enjoy the afternoon.

6. Basilica del Gran Poder  

A grandiose basilica, famous among locals for the 'Señor de Sevilla' statue. Some of the most important artefacts from the Semana Santa processions live here during the rest of the year.

7. Alameda de Hercules  

A vast plaza/street near the Macarena part of town, where Seville's youth tend to congregate in the bars and cafes.

8. La Yerba Tapas Bar 

La Yerba is an excellent tapas bar on a small residential street outside of the center. Eat great tapas away from the usual throngs of tourists.

9. Sevilla Dance Center 

A successful dance school in Seville's old town.

10. Hospital de las Cinco Llagas

The old Hospital de las Cinco Llargas, also known as the "Hospital de la Sangre", is the home to the Andalusian parliament. Dating from the mid-16th century, the hospital was in use until the 1970s. After more than a decade in disuse, the hospital was renovated. It became the seat of the Andalusian parliament in 2003.

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Eight Things to Do Near Plaza de España

Plaza de España at dusk, Seville, Spain
David Soanes Photography / Getty Images
Av de Isabel la Católica, 41004 Sevilla, Spain

Seville's Plaza de España is a little out of the center but's well worth the trip (and it's really not that far, either). There are plenty more things to do to make the walk worth it.

1. Plaza de España 

Easily the most beautiful and extravagant plaza in Seville.

2. Parque de Maria Luisa 

Attractive park next to Plaza de España, with a good (free) botanical garden.

3. Teatro Lope de Vega 

Beautiful opera house. Nice for a quick look around when passing by, even better to see a show there.

4. Museo Arqueologico 

Seville's archeological museum can be found at the far end of the Parque de Maria Luisa. If you don't want to visit the exhibits inside, the neo-Renaissance exterior is still worth a visit.

5. Museo Militar 

Learn about Spain's military history in this museum housed inside the buildings around Plaza de España.

6. Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares 

Opposite the archeological museum is this museum of popular art and customs. Regular flamenco shows are among the attractions here.

7. Pabellon Domecq and Pabellon Real 

Check out two of the remaining pavilions from the 1929 Iberoamerican Exposition. The Pabellon Real is the more interesting of the two.

8. Old Tobacco Factory

All tobaco that entered Spain (and much of Europe) from South America used to pass through this factory, which is now a building of the University of Seville.

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Five Things to Do in Arenal

Outdoor view of Arena on of Square of bulls Royal Maestranza of Cavalry in Seville. Spain.
VitalyEdush / Getty Images
Paseo de Cristóbal Colón, 12, 41001 Sevilla, Spain
+34 954 22 45 77

Arenal is the area between the cathedral and the waterfront. Most tourists pass it by despite it being so close to the more famous sights.

1. See a Bullfight 

Seville's bullring is one of the most famous in Spain and the only one that is not circular.

2. Torre de Oro and the Waterfront 

An 800-year-old watchtower on the riverfront in Seville. 

3. Restaurante Enrique Becerra
One of the finest tapas bars in Seville!

4. Old Royal Shipyards 

Seville's 13th century royal shipyards

5. Hospital de la Caridad

A highly-decorated 17th century hospital and church.

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How to Get to Seville

The open road can be beautiful when driving in Spain
Atlantide Phototravel


From Barcelona 1,054km - 12h20m by car; 16h by bus; 1h25m by plane; 8h30 by train (direct - a quicker route may be possible by changing to the AVE in Madrid, but connection times may vary) How to Get from Barcelona to Seville

From Madrid 536km - 5h30 by car, 6h by bus, 2h30m by train, 1h by plane. More: How to Get from Madrid to Seville

From Malaga 216km, 2h20m by car, 2h30 by train, 1h by plane. How to Get from Malaga to Seville  and Guided Tour of Seville from Malaga

From Granada 260km Under three hours by car, around three hours by train How to Get from Granada to Seville

From Cordoba 144km - 1h45 by car, 45m by train.

From Ronda 130km - two hours by car, 2h30 by bus. A guided tour is best: Guided Tour of Ronda from Seville

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