50 Things to Do in Prague

Old waterworks building on Stvanice Island, Svermuv Bridge, Botel Albatros and Prague Castle along Vlatva River.

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Looking for things to do in Prague while you're there? No problem! Whether you're anticipating seeing the sights, relaxing on vacation, experiencing Czech culture, shopping for souvenirs or gifts, sampling Czech food and drink, or simply creating a unique travel experience, these 50 activities will show you the Czech capital city the way it's meant to be seen.

Prague has a side of itself to show no matter what type of traveler you are. You probably won't be able to fit everything into your travel itinerary, but no matter how you choose to spend your time, your Prague experience is sure to be memorable and exciting.

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9 Sightseeing Activities

Prague Clock Tower
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Sightseeing in Prague is a traveler's dream come true. The medieval capital of Bohemia offers castles, squares, a Gothic cathedral, a famous bridge, and more. Here are some of the most important sightseeing activities for travelers to Prague:

  1. Visit Prague's Must-See Sights: Don't miss these important Prague sights! Most travelers seek out these landmarks and attractions on their first (and subsequent) visits to Prague, and you should, too.
  2. Tour Prague Castle: Visitors can easily spend a day at Prague Castle. This incredible complex situated on a hill overlooking the rest of historic Prague will take you back in time. Want to learn more? Take the Prague Castle Walking Tour to discover Prague Castle and the sights within.
  3. Enter St. Vitus Cathedral: Don't have the time or the inclination to tour the entire Prague Castle complex? Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral is the number one attraction here and is well worth waiting in line to see. The spacious interior preserves important religious relics and fine artwork from the country's most important artists.
  4. Explore Old Town Square: Old Town Square is the heart of historic Prague. The square teems with visitors during the day and diners and pub-goers at night. View important sights and monuments on the square and explore its side streets, which are home to shops, restaurants, historic architecture, and museums.
  5. Watch the Astronomical Clock Strike the Hour: Prague's astronomical clock is 600 years old. It keeps track of the time of day and stands as a symbol of Prague's long and complex past. Join the crowd in front of the clock to watch it chime. You'll see a parade of mechanical figures and hear a trumpet's horn.
  6. Take a Walk Through the Jewish Quarter: Prague's Jewish Quarter, a part of the old town, contains monuments to Prague's Jewish history, including synagogues and the Old Jewish Cemetery. The fashionable Parizska Street is lined with designer shops and connects Old Town Square with the Jewish Quarter.
  7. Stroll Along Charles Bridge: No trip to Prague is complete without a visit to Charles Bridge, which connects Mala Strana to Old Town over the Vltava River. Though it's packed by day, Charles Bridge traffic lessens at night.
  8. Take a Day Trip: Prague acts as a convenient hub for exploring the rest of the Czech Republic. Several destinations outside of the capital city can be reached by bus or train. Whether you want to learn more about Czech beer, spend a day at the spa, or explore a medieval village, there's a Prague day trip to suit.
  9. Tour the Municipal House: The Municipal House is a masterpiece of Art Nouveau collaboration. Each room, designed by a different artist, explains elements of Czech heritage and culture. Visitors may tour with a guide only, but you'll ooh and ahh your way through from the first moment till the last.
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9 Ways to See Prague

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There are as many ways to see Prague as there are things to do. If you want to see all sides of Prague, take advantage of its various vantage points and modes of transportation during your stay. What you see an experience will surprise you.

  1. View Prague from Above: Elevate your Prague experience by seeking out vantage points that will give you a bird's-eye view of the city. You'll understand more clearly why Prague's nickname is "The City of a Thousand Spires" and get great photographs, too!
  2. Ride the Metro: Prague's metro is efficient and easy to use. Hop on to inexpensively zoom from one point in the city to other.
  3. Get Lost: One of the best ways to see the real Prague is to go out on your own—sans guide, map, or goal. Just remember to take your camera—exploring Prague's winding back streets will offer you plenty of opportunities to capture a behind-the-scenes look at the Czech capital.
  4. Go Camping: If you love roughing it and want to save some cash on room and board, consider taking advantage of one of Prague's many campsites.
  5. Enjoy a Boat Ride on the Vltava: Boat tours on the Vltava River are one way visitors can see the another side of Prague. Special New Year's Eve river cruises are also available for those who will be in Prague on December 31st.
  6. Join a Walking Tour: Walking tours begin on the busiest streets and squares in Prague—just look for the guides' signs in Old Town or check with your hotel concierge to set up a tour just for you. You'll be able to get your bearings and an overview of Prague's most important landmarks.
  7. Take the Tram: While walking, Prague will allow you to see the most of the city. Tram 22 or 23 are useful for rainy or cold weather and getting quickly between two points of interest.
  8. Stroll at Night: Prague looks completely different at night than it does during the day. Crowds disperse, architecture sparkles, and the air becomes quiet. You might even catch a surprise fireworks display over Charles Bridge or a midnight busker enjoying the lack of competition.
  9. Take a Carriage Ride: Horse-drawn carriage rides are available to visitors who want a romantic tour of historic Prague. Find them lined up on Old Town Square.
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9 Things to Do for Foodies

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Love food? These yummy things to do for food-loving Prague travelers will have your mouth watering.

  1. Try Traditional Czech Food: Czech food is a stick-to-your-ribs kind of cuisine. Cuts of game, dumpling slabs, and thick gravies are typical to the food you'll find at restaurants serving traditional dishes. Try it at least once before you leave Prague.
  2. Relax in a Cafe: Prague's cafes offer good food, delicious pastries, hot coffee, and even beer. After a morning of sightseeing or shopping, take a load off and spend a lazy hour in one of Prague's cafes.
  3. Try Prague Street Food: When you're too busy seeing Prague to stop for a full meal, try Prague street food. Sugary pastries, hot mulled wine, or fried cheese sandwiches are popular street food fare.
  4. Go for a Beer: Czech beer is some of the best in the world, and in Prague it's both cheap and plentiful. Enjoy Czech beer with a hearty meal or visit a pub for a nightcap at the end of the day.
  5. Sample Absinthe: ...or traditional plum brandy. Prague has more to offer than beer at its bars and pubs. Celebrate the Czech way in Prague.
  6. Dine Outdoors: Many restaurants in Prague have outdoor patios, and even in chilly weather, heaters make them pleasant enough to enjoy for lunch or dinner. Watch the light fade and the crowds thin as dusk falls on a busy square or enjoy a quiet meal on a secluded terrace
  7. Eat Ethnic Food: If you get tired of Czech traditional food, explore Prague's ethnic and vegetarian food options. From Italian pasta places to Indian cuisine, Prague has a range of ethnic restaurants.
  8. Relax in an Irish Pub: Whether you're in Prague for the week of St. Patrick's Day or you're simply seeking a pint of Guinness, Prague's Irish pubs serve up Irish hospitality year-round.
  9. Have a Picnic: Prague's green spaces are perfect for picnicking in once the weather grows warm. Round up supplies at a deli or grocery store and head to a park to enjoy a summer breeze and a snack under the shade of a tree.
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10 Cultural Activities

Czech folklore festival
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Cultural activities in Prague abound. The city is a hub of European and Czech culture, and it doesn't take much effort to experience the best of what it has to offer.​

  1. Visit the Mucha Museum: Prague's small Mucha museum is dedicated to the father of Art Nouveau, and visitors will enjoy the video about the artist's life and the intimate look at his paintings, sketches, lithographs, and personal effects.
  2. Experience Easter in Prague: Easter in Prague welcomes visitors from all over the world who come to shop at the market, purchase Easter eggs, and enjoy the city's special Easter calendar of events.​
  3. Tour the Museum of Communism: The Museum of Communism creatively educates visitors about Prague's experience with Communism and the Czech fight for independence. This museum will make you think and is a good activity for a rainy afternoon.​
  4. Catch a Puppet Show: Czech puppets enjoy a long tradition, and handmade marionettes are heirloom-quality works of art. To see marionettes in action, catch a performance at the National Marionette Theater.
  5. Celebrate Christmas in Prague: Prague celebrates Christmas the entire month of December. Get in on the fun by planning your visit to coincide with the Christmas market and holiday events.​
  6. Enjoy Folk Performances: The summertime Prague Folklore Days festival features folk troupes from the Czech Republic and elsewhere, but you'll be able to catch folk song and dance throughout the year, too, during holidays and at special folklore restaurants that also offer entertainment.
  7. Visit the Kafka Museum: The Franz Kafka Museum pays tribute to Prague's most famous author. See some of Kafka's personal effects, publications, and informative exhibitions.​
  8. Celebrate Carnival in Prague: Attend masked balls and parties during Prague's Carnival season or watch the parade of traditionally dressed characters for Masopust.
  9. Seek Out Czech Culture: Czech culture is everywhere in Prague. Find traditional foods and crafts, attend a concert featuring the music of a Czech composer, visit a gallery of Czech art, or visit a bookstore for more information about Prague.​
  10. Practice Your Czech: Even if you only know how to say "hello" and "thank you," knowing these two words in Czech will help you communicate when you shop, dine, and sightsee in Prague. Pick up a phrasebook and practice a few words. If you expand your vocabulary beyond the list necessary for typical interchanges, you may even make some friends impressed with your skills.
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7 Ways to Be Entertained

Prague Castle Orchestra
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Looking for ways to be entertained or simply relax in Prague? Consider these options for blowing off steam and having fun:

  1. Catch One of Prague's Events: Prague's annual calendar of events is full-to-brimming with festivals, markets, holiday programs, and more. Each month offers something different. Check ahead to see what events you can take part in during your visit.
  2. Attend a Black Light Show: Black Light Theater performances are an interesting Prague activity. Glow-in-the-dark performers act out stories and dances at various venues throughout the city.
  3. Secure Tickets for a Music Festival: The Prague Spring music festival is a major annual event, but Prague hosts other music festivals throughout the year that are also popular. Secure tickets early because they often sell out!
  4. People Watch: If you need a rest after hours of walking, people watching can be an enjoyable Prague activity. You'll see travelers from all over the world—in groups, in pairs, as families, or solo. A good place to people watch is the Jan Hus monument in the middle of Old Town Square.
  5. Go Dancing: Prague's nightlife is always hopping. Dance clubs right in the heart of the city attract crowds nightly.
  6. Attend a Concert: Prague's a musical city, which means concerts are held almost nightly in the city's churches, palaces, and concert halls. Visitors will see them advertised everywhere. These concerts vary in quality, but they're good for taking in the atmosphere of a historic building, resting your feet, and winding down at the end of the day.
  7. Treat Yourself to a Spa Visit: Prague's spa and beauty industry is expanding, and both hotels and spa service centers offer massages, facials, and other health and wellness treatments. If you need some time out, consider relaxing at a spa.
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6 Things to Do for Shoppers

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If you love to shop, watch out! It's easy to get caught up in shopping and miss your opportunity to experience the other parts of Prague. Designate a couple of days for shopping and use them well. Explore other things to do in Prague during the rest of your stay.

  1. Find Traditional Czech-Made Souvenirs: Products made in the Czech Republic are great souvenirs. Shops selling traditional Czech crafts and handmade souvenirs can be found all over Prague. Take a few minutes to investigate their offerings while out seeing the sights.
  2. Go Antiquing: Antique and vintage shops are plentiful in Prague. If you have a love for Art Deco jewelry, old Czech glass, delicate figurines, or other artifacts from the past, Prague's antique shops will keep you well-occupied.
  3. Visit a Shopping Mall: Prague's malls are great for escaping cold and rainy weather. They house a variety of shops, from Czech-made products to European clothing and accessory brands.
  4. Shop for Garnets: The garnets mined in the Czech Republic are some of the best in the world, and artisans set these blood-red stones into gold and silver to make fine necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Shops selling Czech garnet jewelry abound.
  5. Czech out a Seasonal Market: Prague's Christmas market and Easter market are seasonal events that draw crowds and celebrate the holiday season with traditional crafts and foods. These markets are good for the souvenir hound or the foodie—you'll discover treats less easy to find the rest of the year.
  6. After you've shopped till you can't shop any more, let your credit card cool down by enjoying free activities in Prague. The city is full of budget-friendly things to do that are worth checking out whether you're watching what you spend or not.
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