Top Things To Do in Miami Beach , Florida

People relaxing at beach, aerial view
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Miami Beach is full of great tourist destinations for visitors and residents alike!  This list presents the best places to see on the beach. If you'd like to save on admission to over 25 Miami attractions, you may wish to get a Go Miami Card (buy direct)

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    South Beach Weekend

    South Beach is the quintessential Miami hot spot. From shopping to partying, this area of Miami Beach is well-known for being a trendy locale. In the linked article you can find the outline a weekend trip to this fabulous destination.

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    People relaxing at beach, aerial view
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    Miami’s beaches offer a great opportunity to get some exercise or just enjoy some time in the sun! The link takes you to a few excellent beaches, including a couple of lesser-used spots where you’ll be able to avoid the tourist crowd.

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    miami children's museum
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    If you have kids (or just like to act like them!), the Miami Children's Museum is a must-see destination. Their motto of "Play, Learn, Imagine, Create" shines through in the wide variety of interactive exhibits that allow children to explore everything from a supermarket to a television studio, picking up valuable lessons along the way.

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    parrot jungle
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    Parrot Jungle offers visitors a fun, educational opportunity to get an up-close look at tropical birds in replicas of their natural habitats. The attraction routinely hosts field trips and offers frequent educational programs.

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    Monkey Jungle
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    "Where the humans are caged and the monkeys run wild" - it's more than a catch-phrase. Monkey Jungle in southern Miami-Dade County is a truly unique park. While homo sapiens walk through carefully constructed wire pathways, many species of primates scamper above your head, swing through trees and interact with each other in ways difficult to observe in captivity. Keep your eyes open; you never know who's hanging around!

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    South Beach From The Beachwalk
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    Since the 1920s, Miami Beach has been synonymous with glamour, glitz and non-stop sun. The epicenter of the beach is really on the barrier island’s south end, which is why South Beach is really what people mean when they refer to Miami Beach. At 17 blocks long and 12 blocks wide, South Beach is a perfect place for a walk.

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    Don’t deny it: you’ve seen the celebrities on E! and Access Hollywood, casually sipping drinks and looking oh-so-chic at one South Beach club or another. While you may not actually spot one of those celebrities, (unless you’re willing to shell out big bucks for the VIP rooms), you can party like a celebrity on Miami Beach.

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    Yes, there’s the sugar-sand beach, the hot clubs and the beautiful people. But what good would a visit to South Beach be without a day (or two) of shopping? The beach, after all, is the winter home to many a model, fashion designer and rock star. Which means the shopping is really, really good. From the chain mainstays to tiny, unique boutiques, there’s a store for everyone on Miami Beach. If clothes aren’t your thing, there are plenty of art galleries, jewelry stores and pet boutiques to peruse.

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    Miami Beach is home to some of the world's most exciting restaurants. Celebrity chefs, international specialties, and beautiful views are the hallmark of our dining scene. The link includes a look at the "best of the best" in Miami Beach cuisine.

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    The Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami Florida.
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    The Ancient Spanish Monastery was originally constructed during the twelfth century in Spain and was transported to the United States, brick by brick.