100 Things To Do In Las Vegas

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    These Are The Best Things To Do On The Las Vegas Strip

    The Lights Of The Las Vegas Strip
    ••• © Zeke Quezada

    When you have a list of over 100 things to do in Las Vegas it might seem like you will be faced with a difficult decision. Don't worry, with all of these shows, restaurants, attractions, spas, and bars I am pretty sure you'll find a way to fill your time in Las Vegas.

    Here are over 100 things to keep you busy during your Las Vegas vacation. You can be sure that I have personally visited each and every one of these attractions and I list them because they are among the best things to do in Las Vegas. In fact, in some instances, I have had my kids "research"  things to do for kids in Las Vegas as well. Have fun and pace yourself because there is a lot to do on the Las Vegas strip.

    I should apologize up front, I lied, there are way more than 100 things to do in Las Vegas but you should easily find the time to do all of these things in about 10 trips to Las Vegas.

    WAIT! I just added a few more things you should consider doing in Las Vegas:

    Check out Hyde Lounge at T-Mobile...MORE Arena |  Have The Caviar Parfait at Bardot | Experience Happy Hour on the High Roller  | Eat Well at Costa Di Mare | Work it out at Sweat 60 at Cosmopolitan |  Food Tour Time With Lip Smacking Food Tours | Take in the View From Skyfall Lounge

    This list of 100 things to do in Las Vegas keeps getting bigger all the time so check back often and find something new to do in Las Vegas. If you find something fun drop me a note and let me know what is your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas.

    If you just need more cheap travel ideas:

    The Hotel By Hotel Guide to What Is Cheap, Free And Affordable In Las Vegas

    You should be able to find plenty of things to do in Las Vegas, however, if you want to take the easy way out you can look at things to do that are broken up into categories:

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    The New, Newer and Not so New Things to Do in Las Vegas Right Now

    Sparrow and Wolf Bone Marrow Dumpling
    ••• Sparrow and Wolf's Bone Marrow Dumplings. Courtesy of Sparrow and Wolf

    Every time you plan a trip to Las Vegas you'll realize that so many new things have popped up that there is no way you can fit them all in on one trip. Well, you're right, there is no way you will succeed in doing everything but you can do some really good stuff that maybe you have overlooked or that is relatively new. Like these suggestions:

    • If you are a fan of Chef Gordon Ramsay your culinary fantasies will be fulfilled in Las Vegas. Hell's Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay has opened at Caesars Palace Las Vegas and it is a virtual television show wrapped up by a restaurant. The food is what you would expect from Ramsay and you'll notice a Hell's Kitchen winner running the kitchen. 
    • Sparrow and Wolf is an off-strip restaurant that has been opened by a chef with plenty of Las Vegas strip street cred. Chef Brian Howard is creating magic in the kitchen while the bar is crafting serious drinks and the room is tempting you to stay all night. Can your favorite Las Vegas restaurant...MORE be off the strip? You decide.
    • The Park Las Vegas is your spot for a drink and a meal before an event at T-Mobile Arena or for a casual lunch that is followed by a few too many beers.
    • Cocktails atLibertine Social will produce this urge to fill up on liquid calories but the kitchen teases you with shareable treats that pleasure you the way only Las Vegas can.
    • Morimoto Las Vegas will ruin you for all other Japanese cuisines in any spot you ever visit. You have been warned. Get a reservation at this restaurant inside the MGM Grand Las Vegas before you get into town. It can get busy.
    • How will you choose between Momofuku and Eggslut at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas?  An egg sandwich that will explode your palate or ramen that will punch your senses into a new category. Don't choose, have both.
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    The Favorite Things To Do In Las Vegas

    Delano Beach Club Las Vegas
    ••• Delano Beach Club Las Vegas. © Zeke Quezada

    I just added these 20 things to do in Las Vegas because quite frankly, I had fun doing them as of late and they are worth a visit. Now you can see why there are more than 100 things to do in Las Vegas on this list.

    • Get a poolside massage at Delano Beach Club. Relax before and after a dip in the pool in this boutique pool off the main pool at Mandalay Bay
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    ••• Skyfall Lounge at Delano Las Vegas. © 2017 MGM Resorts International

    Cocktails are what Las Vegas is all about so make sure to have plenty while looking for something to do on the Las Vegas strip. Thee are a few places for a good drink in Las Vegas but you know where this list came from there are still plenty left to be talked about.

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    Ten of My Current Favorite Things to Do in Las Vegas

    Big Edge by Nancy Rubins at Aria Las Vegas at City Center
    ••• Big Edge by Nancy Rubins at Aria Las Vegas at City Center. © Zeke Quezada

    Las Vegas is not just about casino  action and late night dance marathons. Part of this list of 100 things to do in Las Vegas is about those things that will alter your thinking about Las Vegas.

    • Possibly the very best thing to do in Las Vegas is Sky Combat Ace Las Vegas. I understand if you don't like racing through the air or flying an airplane you might disagree. Of course, I'm sure you'll say I'm wrong if you don't like the idea of loops and plunges with your typical airplane rides. However, if you even remotely enjoy an elevation of adrenaline you will love Sky Combat Ace.
    • Coming in a very close second for favorite things to do in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Rock Crawlers is an adrenaline filled adventure on boulders and sand. You'll crawl along at very slow speeds while climbing and crawling rock faces with a jeep.
    • Visit the Grand Canyon - Recently, I have taken a helicopter, an airplane, and even a motorcycle to the Grand Canyon. Soar over Grand Canyon National park...MORE in a helicopter or hug the turns right beside the canyons on a Harley Davidson. It's a big hole in the ground but it is pretty impressive.
    • Maybe you like to keep your body closer to earth? I understand, in that case, head to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and go racing with Richard Petty Driving Experience. Go for a ride along or do the driving yourself.
    • The perfect thing to do when you need to unwind after a long day in Las Vegas is with a cocktail. The Hemingway Daiquiri awaits you at Petrossian Bar at Bellagio. The elegant setting and the friendly bartenders will have you dreaming of far away places and funny stories.
    • Need a meal? We all need to eat and the beef Wellington at Gordon Ramsay Steak is one of those things you must do in Las Vegas. The fish and chips will also make you excited and the rib cap will knock your socks off. This is also available at Hell's Kitchen Las Vegas.
    • Do you know how good it would be if you could get in some golf in Las Vegas? Hit the ball long and straight in the desert.
    • Do you love the lights of Las Vegas? Take a flight with Maverick Helicopters and see them from above.
    • My idea of near perfection when it comes to things to do in Las Vegas almost always involves too much fun. So, you'll head into Carlos n' Charlies at the Flamingo and order the ceviche and a giant margarita and learn to dance with the very friendly staff.
    • Explore CityCenter on the Las Vegas strip.It's not just that the buildings are nice and shiny. It's the art collection around the property, the impressive list of restaurant options and the world-class shopping at Crystals. Yes, I'm easily distracted by how nice everything is but what I really love is a spa treatment at Aria Spa.
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    Satisfy Your Craving For Good Food

    Burger and a Beer at TAP Vegas Inside MGM Grand Las Vegas
    ••• Burger and a Beer at TAP Vegas Inside MGM Grand Las Vegas. © Zeke Quezada

    Las Vegas is about good food and great drinks. You cannot have a list of 100 Things To Do In Las Vegas and not include a lot of great restaurants on the Las Vegas strip.

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    What I Could Do Right This Minute In Las Vegas

    LINQ Las Vegas
    ••• The LINQ Las Vegas and the HIGH Roller. © Luke Quezada


    • Brooklyn Bowl at the LINQ for an afternoon and an evening of food, drink, bowling, then dancing, then live music then...well, you get the point. A lot is going on and you should be there for it.
    • Go way up high over the Las Vegas strip at the LINQ Las Vegas and experience the High Roller. Grab a drink and take in this observation wheel in a very Las Vegas way.
    • Talk about recycling. Imagine a community center, social hot spot and retail mecca where the whole place is second hand. I don’t mean the clothing for sale--or the food--but the actual building. Downtown Container Park on East Fremont Street

    • El Loco at Adventuredome did something to me. It scared me. It rattled me. It changed my perspective. I think it has something to do with my 9-year-old telling me he hated the ride or with my 13-year-old making me ride it 7 times.

    • Corner Suite at Aria Las Vegas: Is there anything better than a great view from a hotel window? Is there? You look out the window and the generic room behind you falls...MORE away and all that you are left with is the excitement of a city or destination that is placed before you. The view is what you pay for. The view is why you choose the hotel. The Aria Las Vegas corner suite does that and so much more for me.

    • When you step into the Polaroid Fotobar you'll look around and realize just how long it has been since you have seen a real picture. I don't mean those glossy things you see in magazines, I mean the real deal. I'm talking about the type of pictures that hold memories and snapshots of moments in time that are just frozen and ready to be looked at.

    • If you love chocolate there is no need to deny yourself of the beauty that is Hershey's Chocolate World in Las Vegas.

    • I’m sitting near the stage at 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque at Mandalay Bay and I cannot take my attention away from the drink long enough to admire the burlesque dancer that is putting on a show for the crowd.

    • Why would you be looking for a gift shop in Las Vegas when every hotel has one that is far more convenient? First, everything at the Bonanza Gift Shop on the Las Vegas strip is significantly cheaper than what you’ll find in the hotel store.

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    Un-Vegas Your Vacation

    Slot Canyon in Zion National Park
    ••• Slot Canyon in Zion National Park. © Zeke Quezada
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    I Might Have Ten More Things That I Really Want To Do Right Now

    Las Vegas Motor Speedway
    ••• American Muscle Car Challenge at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. © Zeke Quezada
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    Dance, Mingle, Lounge In Las Vegas

    Hakkasan NightClub
    ••• Hakkasan NightClubs at MGM Grand Las Vegas. © 2017 MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL
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    Scare yourself silly In Las Vegas

    Stratopshere Tower
    ••• Insanity at Stratopshere Tower Las Vegas. © Luke Quezada
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    Relax in Las Vegas

    Mandalay Bay Hotel pool
    ••• Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay Hotel. © 2017 MGM Resorts International
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    Perfect for the Guys In Las Vegas

    Auto Collection at LINQ Las Vegas
    ••• Auto Collection at LINQ Las Vegas. © 2017 Caesars License Company, LLC
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    Be a Little Naughty in Las Vegas

    'Absinthe' at Caesars Palace
    ••• Performers during the show 'Absinthe' at Caesars Palace. Steven Lawton/FilmMagic
    • Take off your top at a Topless pool in Las Vegas
    • Dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly at NY/NY
    • See Zumanity at NY/NY Las Vegas
    • Be Vulgar at Absinthe at Caesars Palace
    • Check out the skin at a Las Vegas Strip Club
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    See A Show

    Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson ONE Las Vegas
    ••• Michael Jackson "ONE" at Mandalay Bay. Courtesy of Cirque du Soleil
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    Entertain the Kids

    Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage
    ••• Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. © 2017 MGM Resorts International
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    Cheap And Free In Las Vegas

    Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory
    ••• Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory. © Zeke Quezada
    • The Fountains of Bellagio
    • Fremont Street experience
    • Container Park Downtown Las Vegas
    • Aria Art Collection
    • The Auto Collection at LINQ Las Vegas
    • Gardens of Bellagio
    • Erupting Volcano at Mirage Las Vegas
    • Dale Chihuly Glass Sculpture at Bellagio Las Vegas
    • The show at the Lake of Dreams at Wynn Las Vegas
    • Bocce Ball at Rao's at Caesars Palace Las Vegas
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    Still Need Ideas on Things to Do in Las Vegas?

    Gondola at Venetian Las Vegas
    ••• Gondola at Venetian Las Vegas. © Zeke Quezada

    Don’t worry, I have plenty more suggestions.

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    Find A Seat At The Hyde Lounge At T-Mobile Arena

    Hyde Lounge
    ••• Hyde Lounge at T-Mobile Arena. © Zeke Quezada

    Grab a seat at Hyde Lounge at T-Mobile for a view of the arena from up top with pure VIP service and amenities.

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    The Caviar Parfait at Bardot

    Bardot Cavier Parfait
    ••• The Cavier Parfait at Bardot at Aria Las Vegas. © Zeke Quezada

    This is culinary decadence at tits finest at Bardot inside Aria Resort Las Vegas.Potato galatte, smoked salmon, creme fraiche and egg mimosa all combine to launch you into a food coma.


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    Happy Hour on the High Roller

    The Cocktail Cart On The High Roller Happy Hour Las Vegas
    ••• © Zeke Quezada

    Happy Hour is taken 550ft in the air on the High Roller at The LINQ Las Vegas. Unlimited drinks on the observation wheel means you have to drink a lot in 30 minutes but it also means that you might not have to drink anymore for the rest of the night.



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    Bring On The Romantic Setting at Costa Di Mare at Wynn Las Vegas

    Costa Di Mare Restaurant
    ••• Costa Di Mare Restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas. © Zeke Quezada

    The food is as good as it can get in Las Vegas but the setting is all about romance and class and luxury. Costa Di Mare is where you go when you want to go big.


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    Push Your Body At Sweat 60 At Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

    Sweat 60 at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
    ••• Sweat 60 at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. © Zeke Quezada

    If you need to release some energy, Sweat 60 at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas can help. Go in and set yourself right with a 60 minute class of circuit training that will kick start your new work out routine.


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    You need a Food Tour With Lip Smacking Food Tours

    Lip Smacking Foodie Tours at Sage Las Vegas
    ••• © Zeke Quezada

    Get your very own food tour of great Las Vegas restaurants with Lip Smacking Foodie Tours. You'll visit 4-6 restaurants and have a few courses at each all for one price. This may be the best deal in dining on the Las Vegas strip.


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    Cocktails with a View at Skyfall Las Vegas

    The View From Rivea and Skyfall at Delano Las Vegas
    ••• The View From Rivea and Skyfall at Delano Las Vegas. © Zeke Quezada

    The cocktail in your hand will be outstanding but the view of Las Vegas will keep you staring out the window. Skyfall at Delano Las Vegas is worth a long nights worth of star gazing.


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    Swing Away at TopGolf Las Vegas

    Top Golf Las Vegas
    ••• © Michael Baxter, Baxter Imaging LLC / Courtesy of Top Golf

     Everyone has fun at TopGolf Las Vegas. If you are there to swing a club the facilities are actually what you would expect for a top notch practice facility. If you love a good cocktail they have enough bars and crafty bartenders to fulfill your every request. The kitchen is not just an after thought as the menu is not just about bar food but about a real culinary experience. And, the atmosphere is all Las Vegas with lounge areas, pools and plenty of action for more than just a golf date. 

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    Practice your Yoga in Las Vegas on The High Roller

    Practicing Yoga On The High Roller In Las Vegas
    ••• © Zeke Quezada

    Can you practice yoga in Las Vegas? Of course you can but did you know that you could go up in an observation wheel and find your happy place 550 ft above the Las Vegas strip? Yes, you can. Yoga on the High Roller at the LINQ Las Vegas is calling all yogis to experience a different type of practice.


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    Have a Cigar And Some Bourbon at Montecristo Cigar Bar at Caesars Palace

    Montecristo Cigar Bar at Caesars Palace
    ••• Courtesy of Caesars Palace

    Watch a game or have a snack or just indulge in some bourbon at Montecristo Cigar Bar at Caesars Palace. You'll find a vast selection of cigars to go along with an impressive selection of bourbons. All you need is to find a little time to sit back and enjoy a good smoke.


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    Watch A Game, Have A Beer, Place A Bet at TAG Sports Bar at LINQ Las Vegas

    TAG Sports Bar Las Vegas
    ••• © Zeke Quezada

     Over 200 beers and over 30 televisions and interactive gaming tables throughout the space give you more than enough to do at TAG Sports Bar at The LINQ Las Vegas

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    Find a Dark Booth at Beauty and Essex at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

    Beauty & Essex Las Vegas

     Some times you don't have to mingle. Some times you can tuck yourself into a corner and enjoy the atmosphere. If you find that you are tucked away with someone special, well then, the stories get better and the evening has a way of working itself out. Beauty and Essex has a great lounge for this type of "Vegas" behavior.

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    See Las Vegas From The Sky With Sundance Helicopters

    Sundance Helicopter Grand Canyon
    ••• Courtesy of Sundance Helicopters

    Catch Las Vegas from high above or see the Grand Canyon with Sundance Helicopters. Exhilarating and adventurous this is one of those things to do that has to be on your bucket list. 


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    Indulge In The Octopus at RM Seafood

    Sensational Octopus at RM Seafood Las Vegas
    ••• © Zeke Quezada

    Sustainable seafood practices are not given lip service at RM Seafood as Chef Rick Moonen has been at the forefront of this movement for years, yes, even before it became fashionable to care about the ocean. Head in and sample great seafood and feel good about it.


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    See A Free Show In Downtown Las Vegas

    Fremont street
    ••• Peter Unger / Getty Images

    Downtown Las Vegas has live music on Fremont street nightly. Walk under the canopy of lights and the action of the Fremont Street experience and find the music that makes you happy on of the many stages rocking out.


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    Grab a Cocktail By The Pool in Las Vegas

    Boulevard Pool at Cosmopolitan
    ••• Grab a cocktail at the Boulevard Pool at Cosmopolitan. © Zeke Quezada

    It's not always pool season in Las Vegas but it sure does feel like it. Some days I like the action of a pool like the Boulevard Pool at Cosmopolitan or the lazy river at Mandalay Bay while other times I want to relax in the sunshine at Bellagio Pool and simply chill out. There is a Las Vegas pool for everyone and you need to add a pool day to your list of things to do.


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    Dazzle Your Sense With One Of The Best Meals in Las Vegas at Le Cirque

    ••• Le Cirque at Bellagio Las Vegas. Courtesy Of MGM International

     Perfection is difficult but if you can get close to it in Las Vegas you are probably at Le Cirque inside Bellagio Las Vegas. This restaurant is the complete package. Great meal, great service, great atmosphere and over all as good as you can possibly get in Las Vegas.

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    If all the other suggestions didn't work...

    Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas
    ••• © Zeke Quezada

    So after all of those ideas you still are a bit confused on what you should be doing in Las Vegas? Well, obviously we still have a few more suggestions. Las Vegas is so diverse that if you cannot find something you enjoy on or off the Las Vegas strip you are either dead or dead inside.

    Viva Las Vegas!

    Even more things to do in Las Vegas! How will you fit them all in?