Twelve Experiences in Hong Kong You Need to Try

A set table with tea and dim sum
xPACIFICA/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Hong Kong is a city of experiences. From Dim Sum dining to taking a spin around the harbor on a junk, the things to do in Hong Kong are endless. We've picked twelve of the best.

Whether you want to experience the city's traditional streak, see the skyscrapers or brave a dai pai dong we have a collection of the very best Hong Kong has to offer. 

Traditional Hong Kong

Hong Kong remains a city deeply rooted in tradition. While the Chinese mainland was engulfed by Mao’s Cultural Revolution, the refugees that arrived in Hong Kong brought their traditions with them. From the regular riotous festivals to the Tai Chi classes that fill local parks, Hong Kongers are deeply traditional. It’s part of the city's character that is well worth exploring. 

Take a Free Tai Chi Lesson
A local passion, relax and refresh yourself with a Tai Chi class at dawn. Older residents often take to the city's parks to stretch their limbs. If you can get up early enough to join them they will only be too happy to show you the ropes.
Let Loose at a Chinese Festival
Bubbling with noise and color, there are fantastic festivals nearly every month of the year. Chinese New Year and the Mid Autumn Festival are about the best.
Take a Ride on a Junk
These fantastically crafted boats once clogged the harbor. Sail down memory lane aboard one of the very few left afloat. 

Futuristic Hong Kong

Despite the city’s tradition’s, most people’s picture of Hong Kong is as something from Blade Runner. The iconic skyscrapers and the magnificent skyline help, but Hong Kong’ fixation on the future is deeper than its skyscrapers. Just take a look at the longest outdoor escalator system in the world, which takes commuters from their beds to their desks come rain or shine. 

See Central’s Soaring Skyscrapers
More skyscrapers than New York, or anywhere else for that matter, this is the business end of any Hong Kong trip.
Take a Trip on the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator
An amazing feat of engineering that climbs halfway up a mountain. There are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants along the route as well.
Snap the Famous Hong Kong Cityscape from the Peak
The iconic skyline, as snapped a million times, but never better than when seen up close. The Peak offers you a birdseye view of what is the greatest cityscape in the whole world.

Shop Till You Drop

Hong Kong lives up to its billing as a shopping destination. The city is obsessed with getting a great deal, and there are malls and markets, boutiques and bargains crammed into every available corner. Whatever you want, Hong Kong has it....usually at a very decent price. 

Hong Kong’s Best Malls
The swankiest boutiques can be found inside the swankiest malls. Just don't expect your credit card to come out alive. ​
The Top Five Tailors in Hong Kong
Get suited and booted by the world’s finest tailors at knockdown prices.
Pick up a Bargain at the Mongkok Market
Hong Kong is no longer the bargain basement of the world, but you can still pick up a steal at the local market. Pick up knock down priced cheongsams and knock off handbags and shoes. 

Feast on Classic Cantonese and Chinese Food

Perhaps the best thing about Hong Kong is the food. Imitated from London to Lima, the Cantonese food here is the best in the world. From the feast that is a lunchtime Dim Sum to the pick and point snacks on offer at Dai Pai Dong, Cantonese fans will be spoilt for choice. As if that wasn’t enough, the Michelin Guide has thrown more than a few stars around the city. 

Dig in to Dim Sum
A feast on wheels, enjoy bite-sized portions of spring rolls, shrimp buns and barbequed pork. Ideal for sharing with a few friends.
Grab some Fast Food at a Dai Pai Dong
Pick up a pot full of spicy noodles for just a pocketful of change. Dai Pai Dongs have been serving up street food in Hong Kong for decades.
Treat Yourself to a Michelin Star Meal
The city’s best restaurants are showered with stars. Whether you want three-star French food or the finest Chinese dishes in the land, Hong Kong's Michelin endorsed restaurants are a must.