5 Things to Do in Denmark in Winter

David Trood/Getty images

Denmark is a beautiful country known for its long coastlines, friendly people, and also its wet and windy winters. Although the winters are cold, there is rarely snow and the activity and economy in Denmark do not slow down. In addition, travel prices are cheaper.

If you are planning a trip to Denmark during the winter season, I recommend the following six things to do:

Tivoli in Copenhagen

Tivoli is Denmark's greatest tourist attraction and is open over Halloween and Christmas.

It was opened in 1834 and since then has evolved into one of the best-known tourist destinations in the world. Tivoli has a total of over 27 rides, including the Aquila which provides riders with 4G forces. Tivoli is also home to over 300 concerts a year and offers cuisine from around the world at its 30 eateries. 

Tivoli's Concert Hall offers a multitude of theater productions including Dirty Dancing - The Musical, as well as concerts featuring artists from around the world. See the calendar of events at http://www.tivoligardens.com/en/musik/.

Visit the Rosenborg Castle

Denmark is the oldest monarchy in the world. As such, it offers much to see in the way of old fortresses, palaces, and castles. One such destination would be the Rosenborg Castle, featuring a display of the crown jewels, one of the world's most exquisite Venetian glass collections, portraits giving a visual account of the royal family line and its history, as well as many other royal treasures tracing back over 400 years of Denmark history.

You can also experience the more intimate details of the royal life such as the King's private writing desk and bathroom. 

The Museum of Copenhagen

The Museum of Copenhagen has exhibitions covering the last 300 years of Denmark's history. Also, visit THE WALL. This is interactive, 12 meters long, touch screen display allows you to navigate through the lives and stories of Copenhageners through pictures.

Another added bonus of this exhibit is that you can upload photos detailing your own experience of your visit to Copenhagen. Of course, there is also something for the kids. The top floor of the museum is home to The Dream of a City; a place where children, using LEGO blocks, can create and build their own dream city. 

The Old Carlsberg Brewery

A tour of the brewery's exhibits documents the history of beer as well as the opening of the brewery in 1847 and its evolution to the present. The brewery also displays the largest collection of beer bottles in the world. The cost of admission includes a tour of the brewery as well as a sampling of a variety of products and two complimentary beers or soft drinks at the bar after the tour. 

Indoor Ski, Golf og Konferencecenter

Denmark isn't known as a ski destination due to its low elevation and scant snowfall but if you have an affinity for either skiing or golf, or just to see one of the coolest indoor sporting facilities ever, the Indoor Ski, Golf og Konferencenter should be on your must-see list for a trip to Denmark.

Pack clothing that you can layer as the weather can change rapidly and unpredictably in Denmark in winter. Have fun!