Fun Things to Do in Cody Wyoming

The Best Activities and Attractions for Cody Visitors

Cody offers a long list of fun things to do, including world-class museums and year-round recreation. It is worth visiting Cody just for the chance to visit the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Throw in all the other attractions, and you have a great place for an active family vacation.
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    Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody Wyoming © Angela M. Brown (2008)
    ••• Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody Wyoming. Buffalo Bill Historical Center
    Formerly called the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, this is a world-class facility that should be on every American's "things to do before you die" list. It includes five different museums: the Cody Firearms Museum, the Whitney Gallery of Western Art, the Plains Indian Museum, the Draper Museum of Natural History, and the Buffalo Bill Museum. Plan to spend the whole day there, or better yet, visit over two days, mixing in time at Cody's other attractions. In addition to the amazing array of exhibits on the inside, they have a wonderful collection of outdoor sculpture featuring wildlife and Native American figures. Visitor services at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center include an extensive gift and book shop, an espresso stand, and a snack bar. Highly recommended.
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    Exciting Action at the Cody Nite Rodeo © Angela M. Brown (2008)
    ••• Exciting Action at the Cody Nite Rodeo. Cody Nite Rodeo
    Every summer evening, Cody puts on a real professional rodeo. You'll see all kinds of exciting rodeo events, including bronc riding, calf roping, barrel racing, and bull riding. In between the events the master of ceremonies and the bullfighters (rodeo clowns) keep you entertained and laughing.
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    Held in a theater in downtown Cody, Dan Miller's Cowboy Music Revue is extremely entertaining and just plain fun. Dan Miller and his band have a wonderful rapport with the audience, inviting you to sing along to such cowboy classics as "Home on the Range" and "Cool Water." Combine all that with cowboy poetry, great musicianship, and a hilarious Elvis impersonation and you know you'll leave with a big smile on your face.
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    Wild Mustangs in McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Management Area © Angela M. Brown (2008)
    ••• Wild Mustangs in McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Management Area. Wyoming Mustangs
    This wild mustang tour takes you a short drive out of Cody onto federal lands and the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Range. You'll get an opportunity to view herds of wild horses as well as spectacular scenery and other wildlife.
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    River Rafting and Kayaking

    The Shoshone and North Fork Rivers are suitable for both rafting and kayaking. Cody's rafting guide services offer trips ranging from short 1-2 hour floats to half-day adventures. For those seeking greater thrills, whitewater kayaking is an option.
    • Core Mountain Sports (877-527-7354)
    • Gradient Mountain Sports (307-899-3900)
    • Red Canyon River Trips (800-293-0148)
    • River Runners of Wyoming ((800-535-RAFT)
    • Wyoming River Trips (307-587-6661)
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    Cody offers great terrain and facilities for year-round recreation. Golf, mountain biking, fly fishing, hiking, and trail riding are all available.

    These companies offer guides services and gear rental for a variety of outdoor activities:
    • Core Mountain Sports - whitewater, kayaking, fishing, rock climbing, and ice climbing (877-527-7354)
    • Jackson Hole Mountain Guides - hiking, rock climbing, and ice climbing (800-239-7642)
    • Tom Wade's North Fork Anglers - fly fishing instruction, gear, and trips (307-527-7274)
    • Wyoming Trout Masters (307-250-0043)
    Ice climbing, Nordic skiing, and snowmobiling are popular winter activities in and around Cody.
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    Cody Trolley Tours © Angela M. Brown (2008)
    ••• Cody Trolley Tours provides an overview tour of the town and its history. It's a good way to introduce yourself to the range of fun and interesting things you can do while in Cody. Cody Trolley Tours
    Cody Trolley Tours take you around the town, showing you various point of interest as they fill you in on Buffalo Bill Cody and the town of Cody. While it shouldn't be your only activity, the trolley tour provides a good introduction to the many fun things to do in Cody.
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    Old Trail Town in Cody, Wyoming © Angela M. Brown (2008)
    ••• Old Trail Town. Old Trail Town
    If you're interested in history and the Old West, you'll enjoy a visit to Old Trail Town. Old Trail Town is a collection of historic pioneer buildings brought together on one site. Many house exhibits of artifacts and photographs from the era. There is also a small cemetary at Old Trail Town that includes the grave of Jeremiah Johnson.
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    Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center © Angela M. Brown (2008)
    ••• Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center. Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center
    While the visitor center has some interesting exhibits and books, it's the dam itself that's the real attraction here. During your visit you can walk across the dam and enjoy spectacular views in all directions. The Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center is located on the west side of Cody.
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    Cassie's Supper Club and Dance Hall in Cody Wyoming © Angela M. Brown (2008)
    ••• Cassie's Supper Club and Dance Hall in Cody Wyoming. Cassie's Supper Club and Dance Hall
    In addition to a hearty meal, you can enjoy live music and dancing at Cassie's Supper Club and Dance Hall. Cassie's current building is an expansion from her original business, first opened in 1922.
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    Shopping in Cody

    While Cody has its fair share of touristy gift shops, there are a few quality stores and galleries in town. Anyone into outdoor recreation will appreciate the chance to stop by the Sierra Trading Post Outlet Store. Western art lovers will enjoy Cody's art galleries, including the Big Horn Gallery and Simpson Gallagher Gallery.