Things to do at Rio Las Vegas

Casino Action at the Rio Las Vegas
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Spend anytime at the Rio Las Vegas and you’ll realize that it is a large property that has a couple of personalities. The Masquerade Village area is a live with energy from the music and dancers that seem to pop up in various locations while the main casino is vast and intertwined with bars and slot machines. If you need things to do at the Rio Las Vegas you’ll be pleased that it’s as if they have thought of everything.

The Rio Las Vegas is off the strip so you will have to take a shuttle or a taxi to the Las Vegas strip. They have a free shuttle but it does not run late in the evening and you can only pick it up at select locations. Walking to Las Vegas Blvd. from the Rio is a possibility but you will have to endure a little bit of traffic and a slight incline as you go over the highway.

This property is on the cheaper side so you will feel like you are getting more for your money when it comes to room type and amenities. That's offset by being off the strip.

What to Do at the Rio Las Vegas?

  • Voodoo Beach, aka the pool, has some waterfalls and a sandy area and if you look real hard you’ll find an adult area
  • The Spa and Salon at Rio is adequate. I’m not sure there is anything super exciting but the truth is all you really need is a good spa treatment and they have plenty of those.
  • I Bar in the center of the casino is a fun place to star the night before you head to the VooDoo nightclub. Women will want to visit the Flirt Lounge.
  • Try the Zipline that soars between the two towers of the hotel.
  • The World Series of Poker is held here in late spring and early summer and it is the best time to watch some of the best poker players in the world battle it out for millions in prize money. The best part of this is that you can put your money on the table and play right alongside them.

What to See at the Rio Las Vegas

Restaurants at the Rio Las Vegas?

  • Martorano’s
  • Village Seafood Buffet
  • Royal India Bistro
  • VooDoo Steak - You get a view with your meal and you can do a little dancing to work off the calories.
  • Búzios Seafood Restaurant
  • KJ Dim Sum & Seafood - Who doesn't need a few small plates done up Asian style?
  • All American Bar and Grille - Burgers, fries, salads and comfort foods. It's exactly what you can eat all the time when you feel like you really are not craving a single thing.
  • Sao Paulo Cafe - It's a hotel cafe so don't expect and Brazilian specialties. It's your option for super late night eats.

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    Who Will Stay at the Rio Hotel?
    This is a question I get often so I should address it. Why would you stay at the Rio Las Vegas? If you are traveling with your family you might be attracted to this property because they have large rooms and competitive room rates. While that is true they don't really have an easy way to make your way around the casino without constantly coming into contact with the smoking and drinking that you might want to minimize the exposure of. Also, the proximity to the strip is another con for families.

    This is more of a hotel where you want to get your Las Vegas experience fulfilled. It has everything you need for a good weekend party or relaxing getaway without the kids. You get nightlife, food options and a decent pool. In other words, if you are staying at Rio Las Vegas keep the kids at home.

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