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Family-friendly events by season

Family fun at amusement parks in Louisville
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If you are looking for Louisville attractions—specifically things to do with the whole family—you have come to the right spot. There are oodles of family-friendly things to do in Louisville. Here are some ideas organized by season. Things to do in winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Each season has options for any budget; ideas for families who are feeling spendy as well as choices for families who are saving their pennies. There are even listings of free family Louisville fun. Enjoy!

What to do in Louisville with kids during the winter?

The weather outside may be frightful but don't worry, there is still plenty of family fun in and around Louisville. From spectacular holiday light shows, such as Christmas at the Galt House, which is a huge indoor light show along with holiday festivities, to a free outdoor maple syrup festival, there are is plenty to do. And maybe you just need an hour or two for the tots to get out of the house but the park is out of the question due to cold temperatures. No worries, simply head to one of the plenty of play areas at local malls.


What to do in Louisville with kids during the spring? 

The weather is warming up! While a trip to the local playground to soak in some sun might be first on the agenda, there are plenty of other outings when the gang is getting restless, too. It is Easter season and, of course, spring brings the Kentucky as well. There is always a party to attend during Derby season. Get ready! More of a low key entertainment kind of family? Then take advantage of the deals and offerings during the Hometown Tourist Celebration, a way to give back to the community after the hordes of Kentucky Derby visitors have returned home.

What to do in Louisville with kids during the summer? 

Yay! School is out! Yet, after the initial joy of being homework free for a few months wears off, children begin to complain there is nothing to do. Thankfully there are free pools, movies and concerts throughout the area. With the Kentucky heat in full swing, a trip (or two, or three) to the water park is usually in order and many families enjoy the activity and crowds at Fourth of July celebrations and at the Kentucky State Fair. Here are a handful of ideas to keep the kids entertained.


What to do in Louisville with kids during autumn?

The blistering summer temps are finally subsiding and everyone is settling in for the winter ahead. Time to hit the books again, but once school supplies are purchased and everyone is back in class, it's once again time for weekend fun. Besides, it's Halloween season, a favorite holiday for anyone who adores costumes and candy. Families who love costumes and pumpkin carving are sure to be booked up, but if Halloween is not your thing, and you are more of a festival lover, head to the Jug Band Jubilee, a wonderful celebration of Kentucky music and history.

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