This Luxury Train Will Make Slow Travel Smart and Sexy—if It Can Find a Buyer

Anyone want to go splitsies?

G train

Courtesy of Thierry Gaugain

Last month, we shared news about the Midnight Train out of Paris, a luxury liner that will make riding the train feel more like a hip and upscale boutique hotel than a utilitarian mode of transportation.

However, this month it’s all eyes on the G Train, an ultra-luxury train like we’ve never seen before. French designer Thierry Gaugin’s vision for the new sleek, sexy, and smart G Train has basically sauntered down the rails saying, “Hold my champagne.”

The futuristic train will leave the modern (and not-so-modern) long-distance trains that we know dead on the tracks, starting with looks alone. The G Train is set to feature a very smooth all-glass exterior—like something out of a very chic Sci-Fi film. The glass will shift in color between shades like clear to black to golden, depending on the time of day (or night).

Gaugain’s design history gives clues to how he conceived of the new train, and it’s easy to see where the G Train gets its hyped-up style, tech, and luxury elements. His resume sparkles with work for Steve Jobs, Louis Vuitton, and a list of superyachts.

“We tend to think about rail transportation only in terms of speed, moving lots of people from point A to point B in record time,” the Paris-based designer recently told Robb Report. “But this 14-car train would belong to a single owner. It’s an alternative, very leisurely way to see the world beyond the yacht and jet.”


Courtesy of Thierry Gaugain

And no, this uber-luxurious train doesn’t come cheap. The price tag is said to be around $350 million. Extra hefty when you also consider it’s designed as a private train. Much in the realm of superyachts, this super train will have one very special owner.

"This would be for an owner who is crazy, but in a good way," Gaugain says. "It allows greater access to many areas than a yacht and would open a new chapter in the owner’s life. Really, it’s the consummate way to travel."

In addition to the sleek glass exterior, other ideas for this 1,300-foot advanced mode of transportation include zipping around at 100 miles per hour while pulling 14 cars featuring the expected sleeping areas (one master suite and 18 guest rooms) and dining areas but also a spa, gym, theater and gallery spaces, garden, and winged sides that open up to create open-air terrace spaces—to name a few.

It’ll also feature seven options for personalized interior scenery that the opener can change at the push of a button. “The train is essentially a stage that the owner can configure in many ways,” explains Gaugain. “It might be winter outside, but the owner can suddenly be surrounded by a beautiful summer’s day with flowers and meadows.”

It may sound too good to be true—and with its high price tag, it’s certainly not for everyone—and, until Gaugain finds a buyer, it’s just a vision waiting to be built into existence.