Theme Park Ticket Purchasing Tips

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You can take these money-saving tips to the bank.

  • Shop the Internet. At the various attraction and theme park websites, you will find specials, discount coupons and most of the time you'll receive a discount for purchasing advance tickets online.
  • Beware of Internet discount ticket sites. These sites make me nervous. Looks can be deceiving, with comparing at-the-gate ticket prices that are inflated or listed minus taxes, making these discount ticket sites "look" like a good deal. Often though their own prices are simply the regular price without tax. Even if they can get away with not charging you tax or are really discounted, they do charge shipping which pretty much negates any savings. What makes me nervous about them? Will your tickets really be shipped? Are they valid once you get them? Since you can get "the real deal" at the attractions' "official" sites... I wouldn't bother.
  • Take advantage of special deals. Florida theme parks and attractions regularly advertise special deals – some are as obvious as Florida resident deals, some may team with vendors to provide a discount (such as Coca Cola where you would bring in a coke can), while others may offer discounts on specific days of the week. Again, check the attraction websites for information.
  • Take advantage of discount club cards. AAA and AARP offer special discounts on admission tickets to many attractions. Simply show your card and save 10% or more on admission tickets and select merchandise and dining.
  • Beware of discount ticket booths. Ticket prices have escalated and everyone is seeking a good deal, but if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Every year, hundreds of visitors to the sunshine state are duped into buying bogus tickets through discount ticket brokers — and they loose hundreds of dollars. These booths are spread out all over Florida near the popular attractions and sell used tickets with supposed "left over" days. Because these tickets are marked electronically by the attractions, there is no way to verify these tickets are still valid – many times they are not. Nearly every day someone falls victim to this scam, don't be one of them.
    • Also, Disney World now uses fingerprint technology connected to tickets so they can no longer be used by anyone other than the purchaser.
  • Purchase vacation packages. Many resorts and hotels offer discounted (and sometimes free) tickets through a package deal when you book in advance. These discounts are not limited to the on-site hotels and resorts of the larger attractions. Many off-site hotels and resorts offer them too. Shop around to find the best deal.

If you're wondering whether multi-park tickets are a good deal, it depends on who you ask and exactly how they will be used.

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