Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in Minnesota

Track Down Roller Coasters and Other Fun in the State

Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America
Nickelodeon Universe

There aren't a heckuva lotta theme parks in Minnesota. In fact, there are really only two major ones. They are, however, quite popular. And in the case of Nickelodeon Universe, quite unique. The state's parks are arranged alphabetically:

Como Town
St. Paul (Located next to the Como Zoo and Conservatory), MN
(651) 487-2121

The small (four-acre), outdoor amusement park is geared for younger children. Its thrill rides include the Tiger Trax roller coaster. At a height of 33 feet, however, it is not all that thrilling compared to much larger behemoths at other parks. Likewise, the relatively short (36 feet) Drop Zone tower ride and the S.S. Swashbuckler swinging pirate ship are listed as "thrill rides," but are really comparatively tame. Como Town also includes a handful of family and kiddie rides, including a Tilt-A-Whirl, small train, bumper cars, and spinning teacups.

Admission is free to the park, and visitors can either buy points to ride individual rides or unlimited ride wristbands. A cafe is available just outside the park near the zoo.

Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America
Bloomington (near the Twin Cities), MN

The large indoor theme park (one of the largest in the world) is part of the gargantuan Mall of America. Admission is free. Visitors can either purchase a pay-one-price wristband and ride to their heart's content or buy points to go on rides a la carte. It used to be known as Knott's Camp Snoopy , but now Nickelodeon characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants reign. Read more about the park in my overview.

Shakopee (near the Twin Cities), MN

The state's major outdoor theme park, Valleyfair features a great arsenal of roller coasters including the hypercoaster, Wild Thing, and the classic High Roller woodie. Minnesotans who miss seeing Snoopy and the Peanuts gang at the former Camp Snoopy in the Mall of America can find the characters (and rides themed to them) here. Read more about Valleyfair in my overview of the park.

Other Parks