Théâtre de Verdure: A Montreal Performance Art Venue

Parc La Fontaine's Théâtre de Verdure

Théâtre de Verdure is an open-air ampitheatre located in Montreal's Parc La Fontaine.
Photo courtesy of Accès Culture

Located on Parc La Fontaine grounds, Théâtre de Verdure, French for “greenery theatre,” is an outdoor venue ever-so-slightly off the Montreal tourism radar host to literally dozens of free presentations held almost every day in the summer from late June through August.

Musical, theatrical, spoken word and dance performances by the likes of artists who usually charge admission fees fill the bill in addition to film screenings and conferences. Most of of these presentations are in French, which may explain why the theatre has yet to join the ranks of Montreal's top attractions though residents would beg to differ. About 65,000 locals attend Théâtre de Verdure events annually and the ampitheatre, modeled after the semi-circular outdoor theatres typical of Ancient Greece, can accommodate up to 2,500 guests in one sitting.

Insider tips: there's no assigned seating at Théâtre de Verdure's free events, so it's first come, first serve. Therefore, try to arrive a good 30 minutes ahead of schedule or earlier to ensure a choice spot. And bring a cushion if you can. In my experience, the metallic benches consistently dig into my rear, distracting me from whatever is being shown about 60 minutes into a given presentation.

Note that scheduled presentations may be cancelled due to heavy rain or thunderstorms.

Consult my Parc La Fontaine profile for information on location, parking rates and getting to the open-air theatre.

For details on Théâtre de Verdure's free programming, call (514) 872-4545 or visit the Accès Culture website (in French only).

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