The Yurt Garden

De-Stress in the Countryside

Yurt Garden is a place to de-stress and relax. Today our lives are getting busier and busier; everyone is stressed to the max. When I heard about The Yurt Garden, described as a "spiritual retreat center," I was ready to check it out. I have to admit, though, that I was cautious at first and wondered what strange thing I might be getting into. And, what was a "yurt" anyway?

Turns out that my fears and misgivings were just in my head...along with my stress. A yurt is circular, tentlike structure. Yurt is a Turkish word meaning tent-site or camping space.

When I first stepped into the yurt at Yurt Garden, I felt a great sense of peace. The longer I was in it, the more peaceful I felt. This is something that you need to experience for yourself.

The Yurt Garden, located at the base of Keel Mountain and only 20-25 minutes from Huntsville, was founded by Lynn Leach in 2002.

Lynn is a licensed massage therapist and offers Swedish and Hot Rock Massages, plus Herbal Facials. She also offers a couple unique services: Healing Touch and Intuitive Coaching. Her yurt is the perfect setting for all these sessions.

With lack of sleep and constant deadlines, I'm usually in a state of stress. Lynn offered to show me what the "Healing Touch" sessions were like. First, you stay fully clothed and lay on your back on her comfortable massage table. Like I said, just being in the round room is comforting and calming. With a light touch and some gentle rocking, Lynn talks you through relaxing your entire body. I felt the stress leaving my body. Lynn works with electrical impulses, energy sources, and I'm not sure what. She can explain it better than I. I just know that when my session was over, I felt much calmer and like I had about three hours of sleep.

The Yurt has electricity, a kitchen, bathroom, shower, hot tub, fans and air conditioning. It is available for group retreats, weddings, classes and workshops for between 20-30 people.

The Yurt Garden also features a giant Labyrinth that was built in 2005. It took 25 people over the course of a year to help mark the pattern and painstakingly place the river rocks in the right places. Now it is used for a mediative walk.

Lynn says that anyone is welcome to come out and walk the Labyrinth for free, just call first to let her know you're coming. It takes about 20 minutes to walk the whole thing. Since it was over 100 degrees the day I was there and high noon, I only walked half the way through it, but I want to go back and do it again soon.

The Yurt Garden is in the middle of the country and hidden away from civilization. There are numerous little gardens to walk around and enjoy, as well as many places to sit and contemplate.

The Peace Garden is built in memory of 13-year old Taryn, a friend of the family who recently died of cancer. Lynn's own 16-year old son has had bone cancer five times. She has a special affinity with cancer victims and survivors and her gardens reflect her sensitivities. Lynn respects all life and all beliefs.

If you'd like more information on The Yurt Garden, call Lynn at (256) 776-0553 or email

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