The World's Weirdest Travel Tech

Plus, the world's largest Swiss Army Knife!

Technology is weird by definition and travel, as you can observe by clicking through the articles on this channel, can be pretty darn weird, too. It should come as no surprise, then, that travel tech is a decidedly weird sphere.

Then again, the following weird travel tech items are nothing, if not surprising. OK, perhaps occasionally a bit scary and mind-boggling, as well. You might find it difficult to pinpoint exactly which of these pieces of weird travel tech shocks and amazes you the most.

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    The Suitcase You Can Ride


    Are you too lazy to drag a rollaboard suitcase behind you, but too strapped for time to rent one of those motorized carts every time you visit an airport? If so, Modobag is the luggage for you. Although Modobag boasts a host of interesting features in addition to its ridability, its main selling point is that it allows fully-grown adults to play choo-choo in crowded public places. The epitome of laziness—and of fun!

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    Movie Theater Glasses

    3D Glasses
    NASA Goddard Space Center

    More and more airlines are installing seat-back entertainment systems, but if you want the ultimate private viewing experience, buy PowerLead's "Movie Theater Video Glasses," which project the equivalent of a 52" image directly in front of your face. The glasses let you access movies in several ways, be it by inserting an SD Card into the glasses themselves, or by connecting to smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with its powerful Snapdragon 820 processor, tablets such as the Apple iPad, or even your laptop computer.

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    A Terrifying Sleep Aid

    Most travel neck pillows look obnoxious at their worst. The Ostrich Pillow, however, not only has nothing in common with its namesake animal, but is actually terrifying to look at—isn't this the type of device they used to restrain Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs? You'll get a good night's sleep wearing this, but the rest of us will be in fear for our lives. Thanks a lot!

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    Personal Seat Covers

    Seat cover

    No, not personal toilet seat covers, personal seat covers for 15K or 34J. Even better is the fact that airplane seat covers by come in multi-packs and also include wet wipes, just in case you're scared the germs that probably aren't on your seat to begin with will travel through antimicrobial fabric of the cover. Note that these covers are designed for economy-class seats, so if you happen to be a germophobe that can afford $5,000 for business class, well, you probably still have more money than the rest of us have germs. 

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    Female Urination Device

    Women travelers have it hard in a lot of ways, including the most fundamental, which is an inequity Shewee hopes to correct. It's on you to visit Shewee's website and learn more about the particulars of how to use the device, but it isn't inaccurate to say that you'll feel like one of the boys after you use this baby for the first time. The good news is that while the Shewee is functional, it's not anatomically accurate, so you won't look like one of the boys.

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    Wenger's "Giant" Swiss Army Knife

    Huge Swiss Army Knife

    If an ordinary Swiss Army knife is not functional (or confusing) enough for you, try this "giant" variant on for size. Its seven-pound weight and nine-inch length notwithstanding, Wenger's largest Swiss Army Knifehas 87 implements and boasts 141 functions, including a cigar cutter, a mineral crystal magnifier, and a toothpick, in case you eat at a restaurant that doesn't have them. Obviously, you should check this puppy if you plan to travel by plane—there's no way it's getting through security.

    The craziest part? Since weird things get weirder every day, and travel is among the world's fastest-growing industries, you know this is only the beginning of the bizarreness when it comes to travel tech. Can you even imagine what the 2020 or, God forbid, 2026 version of this list would look like?