Five Places You Won't Want to Travel to in 2017

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    The World's Most Underwhelming Destinations in 2017

    Want a vacation in 2017? Between pollution, disease, and other problems, these cities may not be ideal for your next trip in 2017.
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    Every year, travelers around the world make plans to see some of the most amazing destinations this planet has to offer. From the natural phenomenon of the northern lights, to the marvels of the globe's most modern cities, there is always something to see around the bend on the next flight, train ride, or road trip.

    However, not all trips offer excitement around every bend. In certain situations, some destinations are considered simply too dangerous, too polluted, or threatened by constant tourism and climate change. These destinations do not include protected destinations on the UNESCO World Heritage list, but also some of growing business destinations in developing countries.

    The experts of Fodor's released their "2017 'No' List," advising travelers on some of the destinations they may not want to make plans for in the year. Before buying tickets and booking hotels, travelers may want to think twice about visiting these five destinations.  

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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The skyline of Dubai, while impressive, may not be entirely accessible to travelers in 2017.
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    Considered one of the most modern cities in the world, Dubai has turned into one of the world's most visited destinations every year. In 2016, an estimated 12 million people visited this jewel of the desert, more than the year before. Not surprisingly, many of those came from the Middle East and Western Europe, with the Americas only representing six percent of tourism. 

    Although this city is widely considered one of the favorite destinations of the rich and fabulous, Dubai is beginning a major transformation to host the World's Expo in 2020. As a result, much of the city will soon be under construction, with many popular attractions closed for reconstruction. While the city will someday boast the title of having the world's tallest building, it will not be complete and available to tourists until 2018 and beyond. 

    Instead of making plans to visit Dubai, Fodor's suggests travelers visit Hong Kong instead. This semi-autonomous city in Southern China boasts the world's...MORE highest hotel in the Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, and is easily accessible by air. In addition, travelers do not necessarily need a visa ahead of arrival to visit Hong Kong - tourist visas are available upon arrival for up to 180 days. For those who seek the excitement of the night life, the gambling center of Macau is only a short distance away. 

    For those who want to get away to the opulence of the desert, Abu Dhabi also offers an alternative for travelers who want to visit the U.A.E. Not to be outdone by Dubai, Abu Dhabi features Yas Island: an island dedicated to amusement parks, and the only place where visitors can enjoy a dedicated Ferrari fun park!

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    Miami Beach, Florida

    With Zika still being a problem in 2017, Miami Beach may not represent the best destination for international travelers.
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    Immortalized in popular media, Miami Beach is one of the most popular destinations for Americans to visit every year. In addition to good weather throughout the year, Miami is famous for their unique Cuban heritage, great night life options, and beach access every single day of the year. 

    While Miami does have a lot to offer travelers, there are also plenty of reasons families may want to skip this destination in 2017. Miami has the distinction of being the first place Zika-infected mosquitoes were detected in the United States, creating an inherent hazard for women and children. In addition, Miami is also considered one of the more dangerous cities in the United States. In 2014, over 6,000 violent crimes were reported to the Miami-Dade Police Department, an increase of five percent from the year before. 

    For those who want to visit crystal-clear beaches any day of the year, there are still several options available for domestic travelers. Fodor's recommends visiting Key West,...MORE Florida instead. These chain of islands are the home of the Conch Republic, an "independent" location that is famous for their one-day secession from the United States to protest bridge construction. Other year-round beach destinations include California's coastline, including San Diego and the Central Coast region

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    New Delhi, India

    Because of problems with pollution and crime, non-business travelers may want to consider taking their business somewhere else.
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    One of the world's quickest developing business destinations, New Delhi is becoming a major business center in its own right. During the 2013-14 fiscal year, over 36 million passengers transited through the region's major airport, Indira Gandhi Delhi International Airport. 

    While this destination is known for business, travelers going for tourism may be disappointed by their ultimate experience. Because of their massive expansion as an industrial hub, CNN reported New Delhi was the most polluted city on Earth in 2016, overtaking other pollution capitals of Beijing and Mexico City. In addition, many nations have issued warnings for women traveling to New Delhi to be on guard, as sexual assault has been reported to be a major problem for single travelers visiting to the city.

    Instead of making plans to visit New Delhi, Fodor's recommends travelers who want to experience the true India head south to Bangalore instead. This Southern Indian destination offers travelers the...MORE opportunity to see a different side of the Asian country, complete with Hindu temples and safari tours, featuring lions and tigers. 

    For those travelers who want to experience Southeast Asia outside of India, the city-state of Singapore also offers an excellent option for those who want to get away. With easy access b air and sea, Singapore offers travelers a clean and safe destination in one of the world's truly international cities. 

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    Ibiza, Spain

    Unless you are a fan of partying until the break of dawn, it may not be advisable to take a trip to Ibiza.
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    When singer Mike Posner released a song about "taking a pill in Ibiza" in 2016, he probably wasn't referring to a legal, over-the-counter painkiller or a prescription medication. Often compared to Cancun, Ibiza is arguably Europe's party capital, featuring over 50 beaches, coves, and the world's biggest night club. 

    Although this may be a draw to single backpackers under 30, others may consider Ibiza to offer nothing but headaches and frustrations. With little more to offer than clubs and partying until the break of dawn, those who are not looking to join the world's biggest party scene would be best advised to think twice before hitting Ibiza. Moreover, Spain is known as one of the countries in the world where pickpocketing is considered an art form. In crowded nightclubs where the alcohol flows like water, travelers are at serious risk of leaving with less than they arrived with. 

    Instead of taking a trip to Ibiza, Fodor's recommends taking a trip down the...MORE Spanish coast to Agua Amarga instead. A very rural destination that has not yet been overdeveloped, this city on the Sun Coast features the Playa de los Muertos, a beach known for it's gravel-laden coast and volcanic features. 

    For those who still want to take in a party with a little history, consider taking the trip east to Munich, and stopping for Oktoberfest. This annual festival dates back to the days of the free state of Bavaria, with free flowing beer in multiple beer tents and gardens across the grounds. Just be sure to know when enough is enough, and avoid becoming one of the many "beer zombies" that wander out of the tents. 

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    Low-Earth Orbit, Outer Space

    Unless you have an extra $250,000 and a lot of time to spare, outer space may still be the final frontier.
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    In 2016, America mourned as they lost their original pioneer in the cosmos, John Glenn. Credited as the first man to orbit the earth, many have been lining up to join him in visiting outer space, on the hopes that they can be the next ones to visit the "final frontier."

    With every day that passes, the world is coming closer to bringing tourists to outer space. Several companies are exploring the opportunities that involve bringing people to space, including the well known companies of SpaceX and Virgin Galactic. However, for all of the progress that has been made in space travel, there simply isn't enough to warrant the $250,000 price tag that comes with going to space. According to Fodor's, only 24 people have traveled beyond low-Earth orbit, with less than 600 people total visiting what we know as "space." 

    Instead of saving up for a lifetime towards the trip of a lifetime, there are other alternatives to visiting the great beyond. Fodor's recommends...MORE travelers instead spend their money on a trip to the world's only ice-covered continent: Antarctica. Adventurous travelers have multiple options to get to the great south, including taking a cruise ship, or visiting aboard a ship that can transfer to a flight to the South Pole. Equally important, visitors to the Antarctic are sill a member of an elite group: in the 2015-16 tourism season, less than 39,000 people visited the southernmost part of the globe. 

    For travelers who still want to dream about space and do not mind the cold, a trip to the north should be considered. Throughout the year, Alaska offers some of the best views of the Northern Lights in some of the major cities, including Anchorage. For those who want to plan their trip around viewing Aurora Borealis, be sure to check the University of Alaska's Aurora forecast to plan the perfect trip. Other destinations that offer great views of the north include Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. 

    Although there are many great destinations in this world, there are also plenty of places travelers may want to think twice before making their travel plans. By knowing which destinations do not offer a lot for the average traveler, international adventurers can make better decisions about their next trips.