The World's Most Expensive Cocktails

Alcohol prices vary greatly around the world, which can make determining how "cheap" or "expensive" a certain cocktail is a difficult task, to say the least. For example, while $10 for a cosmo might seem like a good deal in New York or London, you'd expect top-shelf for the same price in New Orleans, Bangkok or Bogotá.

When it comes to the cocktails listed below, however, there's basically nothing to be said about relativity. Well, unless you're comparing the price of the world's most expensive cocktail to that of a modest car!

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    The $12,916 Cocktail

    Joel Heffernan pouring the Winston
    ••• Karon Photography

    As of May 2014, the honor for the world's most expensive cocktail went to the Winston. Created in early 2013 by Australian bartender Joel Heffernan, the nearly $13,000 cocktail centers around Croziet cognac, which typically sells for a whopping $6,000 per shot.

    The most unbelievable thing about this cocktail, which costs more than many of the world's automobiles, is that the man who ordered it only took a couple sips of it. Then again, I know quite a few people who are prone to throwing away thousands of dollars under the influence of alcohol. 

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    An (Almost) Golden Cocktail in Vegas

    Liquid Gold
    ••• If this expensive Vegas cocktail isn't made of liquid gold, you certainly wouldn't know from its price. Dan Brown via Flickr

    The name of the "Menage à Trois," a cocktail sold at Tryst nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas, isn't the reason it's got people talking, nor is its steep price tag. The evocatively-titled cocktail, which retails for a cool $3,000, is served with a straw plated in 24-karat gold and topped with a diamond.

    While its ingredients, which include Cristal Rose Champagne, Grand Marnier 150 and Hennessey Ellipse, aren't shabby by any stretch, it's questionable as to whether their value is anywhere near the asking price of the cocktail. Certainly, the cocktail isn't actually liquid gold, even if its asking price might suggest that.

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    Diamond Martinis?

    ••• You better be sure your love burns passionately before ordering the "Diamonds are Forever" cocktail. Wikimedia Commons

    Speaking of diamonds, the Menage à Trois is simply the beginning of expensive diamond cocktails around the world. Whether you propose to a lucky lady with the $10,000 "Diamond is Forever" martini at New York City's Uncorked, or another, more expensive one ($17,500) of the same name at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo, you better hope your marriage lasts 'til the end of time with prices like these. Or at least, that your credit card limit does!

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    LA's $100 Margarita

    Wads of Cash
    ••• You'll need to visit the bank – the Federal Reserve Bank! – before ordering this cocktail. Google Images via Creative Commons

    As far cocktails that are more ridiculous in their prices than astronomical, we have the "Benjamin," a premium margarita from Los Angeles' Red O restaurant, which retails for, well, a Benjamin – $100. Its high price is slightly more understandable when you consider the fact that it's made with three of the finest tequilas in the world, its gold (yes, that's real gold in there) salt rim notwithstanding.

    And, you know, when you compare it to other expensive cocktails on this list. While it would take many cheaper drinks for most of people to be OK with spending $100 on a cocktail, it's at least theoretically within reach, compared the world's other most expensive cocktails.

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    Bet You Love Happy Hour Even More Now, Huh?

    Happy Hour
    ••• Happy hour seems happier now, huh?. Alpha du Centaure via Wikimedia Commons

    If this list of expensive cocktails doesn't make you thankful for the prices of drinks at your local watering hole, nothing will. Maybe you'll think twice the next time you call a drink "expensive" – unless, of course, it's one of the pricey cocktails on this list.