The World's Longest Candy Counter

Take Your Sweet Tooth to Littleton, New Hampshire

World's Longest Candy Counter
Photo courtesy of Chutters.

New England is rife with establishments that claim to be the oldest, the largest or the best. There's only one, though, that not only claims to have the world's longest candy counter, it has a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records to prove it!

In 2000, an employee at Chutters General Store in Littleton, New Hampshire, convinced the folks at the Guinness Book to add a new category for the store's amazing, three-tiered, store-length candy counter, which measures 111 feet, 11-3/4 inches and holds roughly 600 jars of sweet treats. The photo captures only a small segment of the total expanse.

The sheer size of this wall of confections will astound you, but even more enticing is the variety of treats... including sweets you may not have seen in decades. About a dozen jars contain old-fashioned penny candy. That's right: These items cost only a penny per piece. Be forewarned, though, that when you see the equally tantalizing candies in the other hundreds of jars, you're likely to go overboard and may be surprised when they ring up your customized assortment (candy is priced by the pound). You didn't think this was just a place for the kids, did you?

Leave plenty of time for deliberations over the nostalgic array of sweets: Sourballs, Gummi Bears, Laffy Taffy, Circus Peanuts, Bullseye Caramel Creams, Necco Wafers, Bit O' Honey, Mary Janes, Pixy Stix, Bottle Caps, Licorice Twists, Rock Candy in a rainbow of colors and many, many more, including a number of sugar-free choices. Fill your individual white paper bag with a few of each of your favorites, and then... it's OK if you decide to refuse to share.

There are even more reasons Chutters is one of the best candy stores in New England. This Main Street fixture also sells homemade chocolates and fudge, and it is overflowing with other New England gourmet foods, candles, home furnishings and gifts that you'll want to peruse when you've finished pacing back and forth in front of the candy counter, agonizing over your selections.

Getting There: Chutters is located at 43 Main Street in Littleton, a small town in northwestern New Hampshire near the Vermont border. From I-93, take exit 41 and follow Cottage Street toward Littleton. Turn left on Main Street.

For More Information: Call 603-444-5787. You can call Chutters to order your favorite candies, too.

Other Locations: There's a second Chutters location open year-round on Main Street in Lincoln, New Hampshire, and while its candy counter isn't quite as long, it's still plenty loaded with nostalgic and newfangled sweets. You'll also find Chutters in a surprising location during the winter months only: in a shack on top of a ski slope at Bretton Woods. Chutters on the Mountain is there just when you need a sugary boost to power you through a few more runs. Look for this cute little spin-off shop at the top of the Zephyr High Speed Quad.

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