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    First Stop on Your Worldwide Bubbly Tour: The Champagne Bar at The Plaza, NYC

    ©Karen Tina Harrison

    The Plaza: A Local Landmark in this Swaggering City

    The Plaza Hotel is a legend in a city brimming with them. New York's ultra-elegant grand hotel has been a local landmark since it opened in 1907.

    • The Plaza enjoys NYC's most imposing hotel location: on Central Park South's Fifth Avenue corner (across from the 24-hour Apple Store)
    • The Champagne Bar occupies the space where the original Champagne Porch hosted New York's high-society crowd a century ago

    Many Seating Options at The Champagne Bar at The Plaza

    The Champagne Bar is open from early morning through late at night. By day, it's a café and snack spot. By night, it's a three-level boite.

    The main level, on the lobby floor of The Plaza, houses a glittering bar (shown) that serves exclusively Champagne.

    • It offers tables for two and four, all with a postcard New York view

    The house's Champagne specialty is also served on the two levels of the liquor bar that is up a marble staircase.

    • This bar has live jazz every night
    • Of its two sections, the rear room is quieter and more private, with a horseshoe-shaped bar lined with seats, plus cushy chairs and couches

    Tip: With all these seating options, the best m.o. is to take a look around before choosing your roost

    The Bubbly Specialty at The Champagne Bar at The Plaza

    If you presumed that The Plaza would play at the top of the Champagne game, you'd be right. Champagne Bar guests intent on sampling various high-end bubbles will have a chance to try:

    • French Champagnes from over a dozen producers, served by the bottle and glass
    • Sparkling wines from California, Italy, and parts of France beyond the Champagne region
    • Servers know their Champagnes and will match them to your taste (and budget)
    • Champagne-based cocktails are an alluring twist on the bubbly experience; the house cocktail, Imperial Plaza, is a must-try

    The bar's food menu is the pinnacle of pub grub: snacks as elegant as the Champagnes, and perfectly matched. You'll enjoy:

    • Regal, traditional Champagne accompaniments such as caviar, oysters, shrimp cocktail, steak tartare
    • Plus savory snacks like French onion soup, cheese and salumi platters, crab cakes, calamari, and a Middle Eastern meze assortment

    Find Out More About The Champagne Bar at The Plaza

    • On its Web page
    • Its Champagne, cocktail, and snack menu
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    Catch Champagne Bar & Lounge at Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel, London

    ©Joakim Blockstrom

    Catch Champagne Bar & Lounge for London's Finest Fizz

    Perched where London's financial district meets its nightlife neighborhood, the Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel enjoys a well-deserved reputation for exciting dining and drinking.

    And when it comes to bubbles, noplace beats this luxury hotel's spectacular Catch Champagne Bar & Lounge.

    • With its blend of traditional and contemporary design, Catch fuses Victorian grandeur with 21st-century chic
    • My advice: Take a seat at the bar (shown above) for a curated Champagne tasting, or just relax with friends at a private table
    • As you sip, you'll admire the room's cinematic contrast of majestic chandeliers and stained-glass windows with sleek modern fittings of wood, steel, and marble

    Connoisseurs' Champagnes at Catch Champagne Bar

    • Catch offers an extensive list of over 70 true Champagnes from France, from Bollinger to Ruinart to Moët & Chandon
    • Vintages include a mix of brut (dry), demi-sec (sweeter) and rosé (a blend of red and white grapes)

    Food Pairings at Catch Champagne Bar

    • Champagne tasters can also enjoy a bubbly-paired menu of light bites and sharing platters
    • I loved Catch's sumptuous smoked salmon with potato salad and the lip-smacking salt-and-pepper squid

    Fishing for Something Special? Here's the Perfect Catch

    Ask for a Laurent-Perrier Champagne tasting experience. I did, and I was delighted

    • I got to savor and compare Laurent-Perrier Brut, Ultra Brut and Vintage 2004, are paired with light bites.
    • Dishes served to accompany the Laurent-Perrier Champagne: pressed ham hock with pea purée, summer shellfish bisque, and an Italian salumi board (cut for me by bar’s centerpiece, a vintage Berkel slicer),
    • The tasting concludes in the pink: with Laurent-Perrier Rosé Brut paired with cherry-and-pomegranate-topped cheesecake

    You Can Also Savor Champagne Cocktails at Catch Champagne Bar & Lounge

    Beyond Champagne, Catch patrons can relish bartender-created cocktails.

    • A Catch specialty: Champagne cocktails, made with the beautiful bubbly as a base
    • The most famous Champagne cocktail is the peachy Bellini, and Catch's signature Bellini is bravura
    • Catch's mixologists also finesse Cosmos, martinis, margaritas, mojitos, daiquiris -- and retro cocktails too

    Insider Tips for Catch Champagne Bar & Lounge

    • Book on a Friday, when the bar's resident DJ makes the tunes flow as easily as the Champagne
    • Ask a barkeep to show you the hotel's hidden Masonic temple. This Neoclassical lodge, built in the early 1900s but lost for decades, is a sanctuary of gold, marble and ancient symbolism (see a photo here)

    Find Out More About Catch Champagne Bar & Lounge

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    San Francisco Champagne Society

    ©Starre Vartan

    This page about San Francisco Champagne Society was reported and written by Guest Author Starre Vartan.

    San Francisco Champagne Society: A Must-Go in SFO

    If you seek a truly fabulous and intimate drinking experience in the City by the Bay, the San Francisco Champagne Society is it.

    • Your affable host is Bill Marci, a noted Champagne expert who has made countless pilgrimages to Champagne in France and personally chooses the bottles he offers

    The Champagne Society's San Francisco Location and Vibe

    Marci has brought his expertise (and boundless enthusiasm for Champagne) to a loft space in the SoMa area, near many of San Francisco's top hotels.

    • The Society opened in August 2014 and quickly got a social buzz going on (pun intended!)
    • The feeling is cozy living-room chic, with a roomy sofa, a fireplace, a coffee table and chairs
    • You can huddle by the bar to sip and chat
    • An additional room can be opened for larger parties
    • Wherever you alight, the essence is comfort and relaxation

    What Will You Drink at San Francisco Champagne Society?

    Marci does things differently. This is a unique Champagne experience that pleases both connoisseurs and the curious.

    • What you taste here you may not be able to find anywhere else on the West Coast
    • Marci offers only bottles of French Champagne from smaller "grower-producer" wineries
    • Some that I liked: Mousse & Fils Blanc de Noirs Brut (80% Pinot Meunier/20% Pinot Noir); Chartogne-Taillet Cuv´e St. Anne (50/50 Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc); the perfectly pink Larmandier-Bernier Rose de Sanglée Premier Extra Brut

    Your Tastes Come First

    • Marci will help you choose your Champagnes, according to your tastes and your wallet (he will discuss cost with you beforehand)
    • Most glasses go for around $20, and you can buy bottles too
    • Marci is a purist, and doesn't serve Champagne cocktails: “I like to be open-minded, but putting anything into a good Champagne is an abomination,” he told me

    Champagne Is Its Own World. Entrez!

    Champagne claims its own culture and rituals, which Marci will share with you.

    • The glasses you drink from do make a difference; Marci will tell and show you how
    • He’ll also fill you in on the Champagne-making process, and look up details on his Internet-connected wall display (would you expect any less in tech mecca San Francisco?)
    • Marci is eager to dispel misconceptions like Champagne cannot be drunk with red meat
    • If you're already a Champagne acolyte, you'll enjoy talking with Marci about sugar levels, serving temperatures, dosing and riddling

    When To Go & How to Get Into the San Francisco Champagne Society

    • The Society is open to the public from 6 to 10 p.m. every Friday (Marci says "Friday is Champagne night")
    • Reservations are required
    • Other nights are open by advance reservation and for private parties
    • The space holds a maximum of 20 guests, but the Friday you go, it might be just your party

    A Toast to the Host

    Bill Marci told me, "I want San Francisco Champagne Society to be an experience that’s truly memorable.” He has succeeded.

    Connect with San Francisco Champagne Society

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    RM Champagne Salon, Chicago

    ©RM Champagne Salon

    This page about RM Champagne was reported and written by Guest Author Maureen Jenkins.

    RM Champagne Salon, Chicago

    RM Champagne Salon is a star of the Windy City's sophisticated nightlife circuit. Even its location is intriguing: it's tucked away in a secret cobblestone alley in Chicago’s hot and happening West Loop district.

    What's in a Name?

    This boite's mysterious name is part of its intrigue. It comes from Récoltant Manipulant (RM), a French Champagne term.

    • This denotes small-scale, artisanal Champagne producers who make and market wine made from their own grapes

    The same feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness characterizes RM Champagne Salon, a charming, 80-seat hideaway.

    What's It Like to Spend PM Hours at RM Champagne Salon?

    RM is a cozy apartment-sized gem, and romantic in an urban, urbane way.

    • Low lights, dangling chandeliers, and a blazing fireplace add to RM’s seductive vibe
    • During warmer months, RM doubles in size, inviting guests to tipple outside on its festive, seductive outdoor patio (shown)
    • Patrons who arrive with a special date can canoodle at a candle-lit table indoors or out
    • RM's sociable bar is a popular place for solo guests to sip after work

    Creative Fun with Bubbles

    RM's staff believes it's old-fashioned to decree that Champagne should not be mixed. Once you try an RM Champagne cocktail, you will agree.

    • They can be simple, with just one fruity addition (like peach puree as in a Bellini, or St. Germain elderflower liqueur)
    • Or they can be like true cocktails, with a spirit like gin, bourbon, or grappa added to the Champagne, plus flavored ingredients like syrups, bitters, liqueurs

    RM also pours spirits-based based classic cocktails, high-end spirits, and still wines. (Champagne is not de rigueur!)

    What You’ll Drink at RM Champagne Salon

    You can order a cocktail or Scotch at RM. But the house's pride and focus is its bubbly specialty. Scores of sparkling wines beckon from RM's list.

    • You'll find French Champagne, Italian Prosecco, Spanish Cava, California's méthode Champenoise, and more
    • Champagne styles and personalities vary: brut (dry) and demi-sec (sweeter); vintage and non-vintage; golden and rosé (red Pinot Noir grapes blended with white Chardonnay grapes)

    Not sure what will strike your fancy? RM will gladly devise a custom tasting for you.

    • You can focus on one region, or one style, or one brand: as you desire
    • The Champagne world is your oyster (and you can order those, too)

    RM's Bubble-Friendly Eats

    RM's food menu is designed to enhance the marquee drink, and servers are eager to recommend Champagne-and-food pairings that play off each other. I enjoyed:

    • Piper Heidsieck “Cuvée 1785” Brut Champagne, ideal with RM’s veal-stock-and-broth French Onion Soup
    • Berlucchi Rose “Cuvée 61,” a sparkling Rosé from Italy’s Franciacorta region
    • Jean Veselle, a Pinot Noir-Chardonnay pink Champagne, luscious with fresh East and West Coast oysters

    RM Champagne Salon Is a Restaurant, Too

    RM is an "in" place to go after work, and offers thoughtfully prepared dinner fare. I relished these savory appetizers and hearty entrees:

    • RM’s Lobster Deviled Egg appetizer, a cult dish in Chicago, and addictive
    • Crispy Smoked Oysters with Meyer lemon crème fraîche and trout roe
    • Trout Grenobloise with brown butter, capers, and lemon
    • Steak Frites: perfectly charred, wood-grilled beef and fries with house sriracha blend
    • For dessert: authentic, kitchen-baked French macarons—best with more bubbly!

    Find Out More About RM Champagne Salon

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    Corridor 44 Champagne Bar, Denver

    ©Richard Friedland

    This page about Corridor 44 Champagne Bar was reported and written by Guest Author Lois Friedland.

    Corridor 44 Champagne Bar: Where the Mile-High City's Inhibitions Plummet

    "Champagne is a panty dropper," whispers Brian Siffermann, the managing partner of Denver's only champagne bar. Looking around Corridor 44, especially late in the evening, you'd agree.

    • Brian's bar exudes sexiness
    • Its alluring decor blends French Riviera Art Deco glamour with exotic Morocco chic

    How to Get Things Rolling at Corridor 44

    Dress festively. Step up to the pencil-thin bar. Snag a seat.

    • Then kick off your Corridor 44 experience by ordering a Champagne cocktail -- bubbly plus booze -- while you peruse the house's vast Champers menu
    • Corridor 44 offers 137 choices of Champagne and sparkling wine in full bottles
    • Or sip one of 16 bubblies offered by the glass
    • Or you can sample three at a time in tasting flights

    The Mood at Corridor 44

    • This is a festive boite, with a lighthearted Champagne buzz and upscale feeling
    • Regulars, many in their 30s and 40s, dress casually but with style
    • Bar stools in the front room fill up rapidly during apres-work hours
    • The clientele: guys, gals, coworkers; the couples arrive later, at date hour
    • Prime perches for lovebirds: in cozy white-leather banquettes along a 44-foot-long corridor (hence the name)
    • The stylish zebra-striped carpeting leads to the private back room, where friends gather on comfortable sofas and cushy chairs (the room is a hotspot for bachelorette parties, too)
    • Late in the evening, the bar lights are dimmed and the music cranks up, for an after-party vibe

    House Specialty at Corridor 44: Tasting Flights of Champagne and Sparkling Wine

    Corridor 44 triples the fun of Champagne, with tasting flights of three pours.

    • I loved my trio of tastes in the "Growers" flight, showcasing bubbly from boutique wineries
    • The flight took off with these three: A. Margaine “Cuvée Traditionelle” Brut; André Robert Blanc de Blancs; and Gaston Chiquet “Tradition” Brut
    • These Champagnes are made from "farmers' fizz:" grapes that independent growers sell to well-known Champagne houses like Taittinger and Veuve Clicquot
    • At Corridor 44, real men sip pink wines. The international Rosé Flight comprises Bouvet Brut Rosé from the Loire, Fleuraison Rosé de Rosée Brut made from French and Spanish grapes, and Pierre Sparr Crémant d’Alsace Brut Rosé

    Lovable Bubbly Brands at Corridor 44

    Corridor 44 serves a full range of Champagne and sparkling wines.

    • Many are rigorously regulated Champagnes from that legally designated French region
    • Plus you'll find bubbly wines from other French regions, plus Prosecco from Italy, Cava from Spain...
    • ...and quite a few North American sparklers...
    • Gruet Blanc du Noirs, made by a French family in Albuquerque from New Mexico-grown grapes; I sensed a strawberry note and a crisp, dry finish
    • From the Anderson Valley in California's Mendocino County: Sharffenberger Brut, with a robust, traditionally yeasty Champagne taste (see if you can discern its "brioche notes")

    Good Things to Eat at Corridor 44

    This is a refined restaurant as well, with an intriguing menu.

    • The theme is contemporary American Cuisine: hearty, farm-fresh, creative
    • Dishes are served in several formats: small bites, shareable platters, full entrees
    • And the chow is fun to eat: check out the Short Ribs Melt sandwich or Colorado Lamb Lollipops
    • And of course, you can relish classic Champagne accompaniments like caviar and chocolate treats

    The Right Chow for Your Bubbly Brew

    But Corridor 44 wants its fare to enhance its Champagnes and sparkling wines.

    Servers recommend this m.o., and will guide you: choose your bubbly first, then pick a dish that pairs with your bottle. I found these pairings perfect:

    • Delicate-bodied Delamotte Brut from Champagne in France seemed at home with organic chicken breast and mashies, pooled in a veal-jus reduction and sparked with accents of chèvre and truffle oil
    • Champagne flights pair with food, too: The Rose and Growers flights are nicely compatible with Corridor 44's house-made kettle chips topped with house-smoked salmon, crème fraiche, and spoonbill caviar

    Corridor 44 Can Match Your Mood, Too. Are You Feeling...

    • Adventurous? Try the house's Black Velvet concoction: Champagne with Guinness stout beer floating on top
    • Curious? Chat with Brian the owner and Jeff the bar manager; both convey their deep knowledge of Champagne in an intriguing, accessible way
    • Flirtatious? Wednesdays -- Ladies Nights -- attract the gents as well
    • Parsimonious? Toast your financial sense over $4 champagne cocktails (plus well drinks and draft beers) on weekdays, 4 to 6 p.m.
    • Sagacious? Denver culture vultures gather here for pre-theater
    • Boisterous? Fans gather her pre- and post-Nuggets and Avalanche games (you may see some notable Denver sports figures here)
    • Audacious? Ask Brian to slice off your Champagne bottle's cork with his French saber! ("Sabering off" is a Gallic tradition)

    Get in Touch with Corridor 44

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    FIZZ Las Vegas Champagne Bar

    ©FIZZ Las Vegas

    This page about FIZZ Las Vegas was reported by Guest Author Max Jacobson.

    The Bubbliest Place in a Sparkling Town

    Vegas is famous the world over for its cocktail bars. Yet Vegas bars dedicated to Champagne are rare. FIZZ is the place to lounge with a flute of fabulous Champagne in your hand.

    What FIZZ brings to Las Vegas

    FIZZ Las Vegas is small and elite. It has only five tables, some lounge-y couches, and a few chairs at the bar. 

    • This nightspot is not intended for the mass market; it is a draw for connoisseurs...
    • ...of Champagne, and of sophisticated evenings of conversation 
    • Insider tip: if you desire a table, reserve one in advance
    • And take your time to savor FIZZ; it's open from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m. daily

    Go High-Budget, or Low

    FIZZ Las Vegas is accessible to all, with a range of prices.

    • Vegas "whales" and high rollers can order the FIZZ Deluxe, with gold leaf and a $2,500 tab
    • FIZZ's happy hours are for the other fish in the sea: $36 for unlimited bubbly fron either 5 to 7 or 7 to 9 p.m.  

    A Champagne Lounge...and a Photo Gallery

    This visually spectacular lounge is the talk of the hospitality design community.

    • FIZZ Las Vegas flaunts one of Sin City's most alluring interiors
    • Its buttery leather seating and cheetah-print accents radiate a mood of sensual glamour
    • The room seems lit by gold, and makes its patrons glow

    FIZZ Las Vegas is owned by a team that includes David Furnish, who is Sir Elton John's creative director and life partner.

    • Mr. Furnish and Sir Elton are admired for their 20th-century and contemporary photography collection
    • A rotation of their thought-provoking masterpieces stud the walls of FIZZ Las Vegas
    • Some of the famed lensmen represented: David Bailey, Guy Bourdin, Lee Friedlander, David LaChapelle, Steven Meisel

    A Champagne Lounge...and a Bubbly Social Experience 

    FIZZ Las Vegas serves a range of spirits and cocktails, but it focuses on Champagne. You'll be able to choose from a broad list of bubblies here.

    • The staff knows their stuff. Don't hesitate to ask the bartender and servers for ordering advice

    Some of FIZZ's most popular Champagnes:

    • Pommery POP Brut, the house's best-seller: a single serving equivalent to a quarter bottle, in a chic blue bottle with a straw that pops out; $21
    • Krug Brut, a legend from regal Reims in Champagne, France; $85 per glass
    • Cristal Brut: the name "Cristal" signifies high-end lifestyle; only $900 per bottle
    • Louis Roederer Rosé: a romantically pink Champagne, $275 per bottle
    • Sugar Cane Brut Rosé: a more frugal, blush-colored bubbly, $45 per bottle (all prices are subject to change)

    A Champagne Lounge...and a Bubbly Dining Experience 

    FIZZ has a tightly edited but very satisfying menu of small bites. I can recommend:

    • Caviar on Ice (caviar, blini crepes, creme fraiche)
    • Thai Lobster Summer Roll (Maine lobster and spiced noodles rolled in rice paper, sushi-style)
    • Wagyu & Horseradish (roast beef and horseradish cream on a mini ciabatta loaf)

    Get to Know FIZZ Las Vegas

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    The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin in Stockholm, Sweden

    ©Björnstierne Antonson

    This page about The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin was reported and written by Guest Author Mia Ljungberg Nevado.

    The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin in Stockholm, Sweden

    Luxury travelers to Stockholm quickly discover that Swedes love Champagne. And that this worldly Scandinavian capital offers several spots to enjoy a flute of lovely bubbly. But only one is masterminded by...

    Richard Juhlin: A Sixth Sense for Champagne

    Richard Juhlin, a Swede, is considered the Robert Parker of the Champagne world.

    • He has a remarkable gift akin to a photographic memory, but of the palate 
    • He can perfectly recall the particular taste of every bottle of Champagne he has tasted
    • He is known for performing blind tastings of 40 or more unlabeled Champagnes and identifying every one

    How Richard's Celebrated Ability Was Discovered

    Flash back to 1986. Richard Juhlin was a young phys-ed teacher and coach...with a burning passion for Champagne.

    On a visit to Reims, the epicenter of Champagne, France, Richard did a tasting at the Legras Champagne house. He could not get these wines out of his mind and returned to Legras the year after to compare his new notes with the last year's.

    The owner of Legras overheard Richard speaking in the tasting room. Monsieur Legras cancelled his meetings, spent the rest of the day with Richard, and put him to work.

    This was the beginning of a long journey with Champagnes. Richard is now one of the world's most admired and followed Champagne experts.

    • Richard is known for his TV appearances and specials, his Champagne glass designs for Italesse, and his ongoing Champagne books (the most famous is 4000 Champagnes)
    • Richard hosts the Richard Juhlin Champagne Club, which keeps its global members  in the loop about new Champagnes, worldwide developments and events, and Richard's own Champagne tasting notes

    "Monsieur Champagne" brings all his expertise to Richard Juhlin Champagne Bar in Stockholm.

    In Stockholm & in the Mood for Champagne?

    The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin is a destination for Stockholm locals and visitors alike.

    •  It is located in the heart of the exclusive Östermalm neighborhood in central Stockholm
    • And in the fashionable shopping & dining destination, the MOOD mall

    Why Stockholm Insiders Like Me Love MOOD Mall

    MOOD offers a great collection of global and Swedish fashion and design brands.

    • My favorite is the Swedish designer Rodebjer, for modern yet timeless fashion for creatively dressed women

    And MOOD has several excellent restaurants.

    • My go-to is Café Egoiste -- sister establishment of a Stockholm legend, Saturnus Café -- known for its enormous cinnamon buns

    The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin in MOOD Mall

    Richard's Champagne bar is set within Café Egoiste. 

    • Its cozy bar is an actual café bar from the early 1900's that Richard found in Lyon and brought back to Sweden 

    Join Stockholm's Bubbliest Swedes for a Glass (or Two or Three...)

    The bar is open only on Thursdays and Fridays from 4 to 9 p.m.

    • Everyone comes and feels welcome
    • Members of the Richard Juhlin Champagne Club get a discount
    • If you come on a Friday afternoon between 4 and 5, I promise you will meet Stockholm's serious Champagne crowd

    When you visit, be sure to chat with Björnstierne Antonson, Creative Head Sommelier of The Richard Juhlin Champagne Club.

    • He will guide you through the many varied Champagnes the bar offers by the glass

    You May Meet the Big Guy, Too

    When Richard is not traveling and tasting through Champagne in France, he's here himself to mingle with his guests.

    What to Drink at The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin

    The Champagne Bar offers around 16 Champagnes by the glass.

    • The selection is curated by Richard and Björnstierne
    • New Champagnes are introduced every two weeks, so there's always something different to taste
    • Tabs run from moderate ($15 US per glass) to regal ($50)

    Flights of Fancy at The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin

    The bar's Champagne flights invite patrons to savor and compare three different pours.

    • You can choose a suggested fight, or plot your own
    • Mine was adventurous: Cuveé de Prestige Franck Bonville Les Belles Voyes plus 2002 Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill and 2004 Philipponat Clos des Goisses
    • As you can see, there are no "usual suspects" here. You're guaranteed to taste exciting and unusual Champagnes
    • But you won't find Champagne cocktails here; this bar idolizes bubbly, pure and simple

    Care for Some Tasty Champas?

    The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin serves Champas ("Champagne tapas"), snacks that go well with the house's marquee golden libations.

    • An iconic Champas choice: Swedish "Bleak Roe" caviar from Kalix 
    • An indulgent choice: truffle-scrambled eggs with bacon, even more sensuous with a flute of Champagne

    What Does Richard Juhlin Drink?

    Richard's favorite Champagnes are Cristal Rosé and Comtes de Champagne, "but of course all depends on the setting and the moment," he told me. That's life!

    From Richard Juhlin: How to Look Like a Champagne Pro

    • “Don't drink champagne with sweets"
    • "Or anything containing onions, which will ruin the taste of the Champagne"
    • "Drink only water before or after drinking Champagne"

    More About The Champagne Bar by Richard Juhlin and The Richard Juhlin Champagne Club

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    Champagne Room at Marbella Club, Marbella, Spain

    ©Marbella Club

    Marbella Club: One of the World's Most Sparkling Resorts

    Marbella Club, set on Spain’s sunny Mediterranean's coast, was founded in 1954 by a sociable European prince.

    • Marbella Club soon became a getaway for Prince Alfonso's royal and celebrity friends
    • The hotel was known the world over as a haunt of the international jet set

    Marbella Cub continues to thrive as a go-to vacation place of the "beautiful people." Today, its clientele is prosperous couples and families (as well as regal guests like the Swedish royal family).

    Marbella Club's most elegant and upscale eating and drinking hideaway is its Champagne Room. Recently restored by designer Jean-Pierre Martel, it is a jewel of seductive Art Deco design.

    • Dazzling details: mosaic fireplace, traditional capitoné bar, velvet banquettes, and a gold-leaf fresco ceiling
    • Live jazz on Thursday and Saturday nights adds to the swanky mood

    More than Looks at Marbella Club Champagne Room

    The Champagne Room's food and drink offerings are just as elegant as the surroundings, and will delight Champagne connoisseurs.

    • The Champagne list covers over 65 French producers 
    • They range from famous marques like Krug, Dom Perignon, and Cristal to small, refined producers with passionate fans
    • The selection is deep as well as broad: you can taste six different styles of Krug, four of Pol Roger, and so on
    • You can order by the glass, bottle, magnum, or jeroboam (equal to four bottles)
    • The Champagne sommelier will give you as much or as little guidance as you wish
    • Champagne-based cocktails add to the fun; the house Champagne Room Cocktail is made with cognac
    • Also on offer: dozens of traditional liquor cocktails, spirits, wines, and other libations

    Champagne-Friendly Menu at Marbella Club Champagne Room

    Small plates from the kitchen are intended to enhance your Champagne experience.

    • They range from deluxe plates of caviar and foie gras, to local tastes of Iberian ham and Manchego cheese, to international favorites like hamburger sliders

    Where to Find Out More

    • Marbella Club Champagne Room web page
    • Here on Luxury Travel, Mia Ljungerg Nevado's sparkling story about Marbella Club