Weather in Cancun: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature

Cancun beach on a sunny day
Cancun beach on a sunny day.

Pola Damonte / Getty Images

The weather in Cancun is most often sunny and warm, i.e. ideal beach vacation weather. It's particularly pleasant from November through June, although you may find during December and January there may be the occasional cold front that may make it chilly for swimming. Here are the facts you should know about temperatures, rain and hurricane risks in Cancun for each season of the year.

Fast Climate Facts

  • Hottest Months: June, July, August (82 degrees Fahrenheit / 28 degrees Celsius)
  • Coldest Month: January (73 degrees Fahrenheit / 23 degrees Celsius)
  • Wettest Month: October (average rainfall: 10.7 inches)
  • Windiest Month: April (average wind speeds: 8.6 mph)
  • Warmest Water Temps: August (85 degrees Fahrenheit / 29 degrees Celsius)

Rainy Season and Hurricanes

Rainy season in Cancun lasts from July to October, and hurricane season also falls during this time of year. There are many things to do in Cancun when it rains, but the beach is not nearly as pleasant as on sunny days. Cancun has been hit by two major hurricanes in recent history: Hurricane Gilbert on September 15, 1988 and Hurricane Wilma on October 21, 2005. These were 17 years apart, so it’s very unlikely that your trip will be ruined by a hurricane, but it’s still something to keep in mind if you’ll be traveling during this time of year, and purchase travel insurance so you’ll be reimbursed if you have to cancel your travel plans. Keep an eye on weather reports before your trip so you’ll know if a tropical storm is headed that way ahead of time, and can adjust your plans accordingly.

Spring in Cancun

In terms of the weather, springtime is the best time to visit Cancun. It’s generally warm and sunny throughout spring, with little chance of rain. This is high season though, with many Mexican families traveling around Easter (Mexican schoolchildren get two weeks holiday at this time), and of course, there are also a lot of spring break travelers: mainly college students from the United States and Canada who come for the party scene. There are ways to avoid the spring break crowds and have a more tranquil vacation, though.

What to pack: Bring clothes for warm weather such as shorts, tank tops and t-shirts, beachwear, and a few more formal outfits for evenings. Pack a light sweater, jacket, or shawl for when you go from the heat outdoors into spaces with air conditioning. Of course, sunscreen should go in your suitcase (although you can get some there if you forget).

Average temperatures by month:

  • March: 77 degrees F / 25 degrees C
  • April: 79 degrees F / 26 degrees C
  • May: 81 degrees F / 27 degrees C

Summer in Cancun

Although there may be a few showers in Cancun during the spring, summertime is more likely to be hot and rainy. There is also a greater chance of tropical storms and hurricanes during the summer. Don’t rule out a June, July or August visit to Cancun, though. The weather can change quite a bit during the day, and you’ll often have bright sunny mornings and rainy afternoons. Because this is the wettest and hottest time of year, there are fewer tourists, so you may find some great deals and have fewer crowds to deal with. It’s also a good time to visit if you would like to go swimming with whale sharks, which are present in the Caribbean off Mexico’s coast (peak viewing times are in June and July).

What to pack:​ Besides warm weather clothing and beachwear, pack some rain gear such as an umbrella or rain jacket. It’s also a good idea to throw some sunscreen and insect repellent in your suitcase as well, since you’re likely to still get some sun exposure, and there may be more mosquitoes this time of year.

Average temperatures by month:

  • June: 82 degrees F / 28 degrees C
  • July: 82 degrees F / 28 degrees C
  • August: 82 degrees F / 28 degrees C

Fall in Cancun

The weather in Cancun in the fall is very pleasant, with milder temperatures than in the summer, but still warm enough to enjoy the water sports and beach activities. You may also see quite a bit of rain through September and October, and these are the months with statistically more chance of tropical storms and hurricanes.

What to pack: Don't forget to pack a light sweater as the temperature can get cooler in the evenings, and bring something to protect you from the rain.

Average temperatures by month:

  • September: 82 degrees F / 28 degrees C
  • October: 81 degrees F / 27 degrees C
  • November: 77 degrees F / 25 degrees C

Winter in Cancun

Although Cancun receives tourists year-round, winter is peak travel season as many folks from Northern climes escape freezing temps for the sunny skies and warm beaches. The weather is generally mild during this time of year, but occasionally there is a cold front that blows through that may make it difficult to enjoy the beach in skimpy swimwear. Also, you may have nice warm and sunny days with evening temperatures dipping down quite a bit.

What to pack: Bring along a jacket or sweater just in case it gets chilly. Daytime is still warm, so bring along your swimsuit and other beach necessities, and you'll still need sunscreen, so don't leave it behind!

Average temperatures by month:

  • December: 77 degrees F / 25 degrees C
  • January: 75 degrees F / 24 degrees C
  • February: 74 degrees F / 23 degrees C
Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours
Month Avg. Temp. Rainfall Daylight Hours
January 75 F 4.1 inches 11 hours
February 74 F 2.0 inches 11 hours
March 77 F 1.7 inches 12 hours
April 79 F 1.6 inches 13 hours
May 81 F 3.4 inches 13 hours
June 82 F 5.4 inches 13 hours
July 82 F 3.1 inches 13 hours
August 82 F 3.4 inches 13 hours
September 82 F 7.2 inches 12 hours
October 81 F 10.7 inches 12 hours
November 77 F 5.1 inches 11 hours
December 77 F 3.4 inches 11 hours