Weather in Barcelona: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature

Bogatell Beach in Barcelona

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When it comes to picture-perfect weather, you can't get much better than Barcelona. The sunny Catalan capital enjoys a generally mild climate year-round thanks to its location on the Mediterranean. Temperatures throughout the year are tolerable, and precipitation in any form is fairly uncommon.

However, we all know that Mother Nature can be fickle, and Barcelona is no exception. This guide will show you exactly what to expect from the weather in Barcelona so you can come prepared and make the most of your time.

Fast Climate Facts

  • Hottest month: August (86 degrees)
  • Coldest month: January (55 degrees)
  • Wettest month: October (3.4 inches of rain)
  • Best month for swimming: August (sea temperature 79 degrees)

Spring in Barcelona

After a quiet winter, Barcelona takes on new life come springtime. The higher temperatures and up to eight sunshine hours per day mean that locals will start getting out and about more often than in the colder months, taking advantage of the lovely weather to enjoy an afternoon in the park or catch up with friends over drinks and tapas on an outdoor terrace.

What to Pack: Lighter clothes will be the norm most of the time, but Barcelona's seaside location means that a slight chill can still linger in the air from time to time. Bring a light jacket and a scarf, and you'll be ready for anything.

Average Temperatures by Month:

  • March: 59 degrees F
  • April: 63 degrees F
  • May: 73 degrees F

Summer in Barcelona

Tourists flock to Barcelona in droves throughout the summer months, eager to take advantage of the city's prime location right on the Mediterranean and enjoy its famous beaches. August has the highest probability of rain out of all the summer months, but precipitation usually comes in the form of a quick shower or summer thunderstorm. For the most part, expect plenty of sunshine and ideal swimming conditions.

What to Pack: Bring your summer gear, of course—swimsuits, sunglasses, and sunscreen—in addition to comfortable clothes made of light fabrics for when you're not at the beach.

Average Temperatures by Month:

  • June: 77 degrees F
  • July: 84 degrees F
  • August: 86 degrees F

Fall in Barcelona

After the excitement of summer, Barcelona quiets down a bit come fall. However, the weather is still mild and pleasant for the most part. You can even go for a swim throughout much of September, though nights and early mornings start getting chillier moving into October. The autumn months, on average, see the highest probability of rain.

What to Pack: Think in terms of clothing that can be layered—this way, you'll be able to transition from cool morning to sunny afternoon with ease. An umbrella couldn't hurt, either.

Average Temperatures by Month

  • September: 79 degrees F
  • October: 75 degrees F
  • November: 57 degrees F

Winter in Barcelona

By the time the winter holidays roll around, Barcelona is at its chilliest. However, "chilly" is a relative term—compared to most of the rest of Europe, it's pretty mild in the winter. Snow is rare, and even rain is considerably less likely than in the fall, though still probable to an extent.

What to Pack: Barcelona's seaside location means that at times, the weather can feel even cooler than it actually is. Bring warm, comfy clothes and an umbrella.

Average Temperatures by Month:

  • December: 57 degrees F
  • January: 55 degrees F
  • February: 57 degrees

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours

Barcelona's weather is agreeable throughout much of the year—it's neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter. Here's what to expect in terms of average temperature, inches of rain, and daylight hours throughout the year.

  • January: 55 degrees; 1.3 inches; 5 hours
  • February: 57 degrees; 1.6 inches; 7 hours
  • March: 59 degrees; 1.3 inches; 7 hours
  • April: 62 degrees; 1.5 inches; 8 hours
  • May: 73 degrees; 2.1 inches; 8 hours
  • June: 77 degrees; 0.4 inches; 9 hours
  • July: 84 degrees; 1 inch; 10 hours
  • August: 86 degrees; 2.5 inches; 9 hours
  • September: 79 degrees; 3 inches; 8 hours
  • October: 75 degrees; 3.4 inches; 6 hours
  • November: 57 degrees; 1.3 inches; 5 hours
  • December: 57 degrees; 1.4 inches; 4 hours
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