Take a Voyage on One of the World's Best Wooden Coasters

Review of The Voyage at Holiday World in Indiana


Arthur Levine

Located in the Thanksgiving land at Holiday World, The Voyage has coaster fans giving thanks to the Indiana park for its wild—and we do mean wild—wooden coaster. With its considerable height, speed, highly banked turns, underground dives, and scads—and we do mean scads—of airtime, you'll probably want to hold off on the turkey dinner available at Holiday World's nearby restaurant until after riding The Voyage.

  • Type of coaster: Wood out and back coaster with a steel structure
  • Thrill Scale (0=Wimpy!, 10=Yikes!): 7.5- No inversions, but soaring height, wild speed, and extreme G-forces.
  • Height: 163 feet
  • First drop: 154 feet
  • First drop angle: 66 degrees
  • Other drops: 107 feet, 100 feet
  • Top speed: 67 mph (The Voyage is one of the top 10 fastest wooden roller coasters.)
  • Track length: 6442 feet or 1.2 miles (one of the world's longest wooden coasters)
  • Height requirement: 48 inches
  • Ride time: 2:45 minutes

The Voyage is One Heckuva Journey

Like Holiday World's two other wonderful woodies, The Raven and Legend, The Voyage sends coaster riders deep into the park's woods for a bounty of thrills. Unlike Holiday World's other rides, and indeed unlike most other coasters anywhere, The Voyage delivers a world-class journey filled with record- and near-record-breaking features.

The journey begins with a 163-foot climb up a traditional lift hill. That ranks as the world's fifth tallest wood coaster. And it makes for a spectacular 154-foot drop (world's sixth longest) at a nerve-wracking 66 degrees (quite steep for a woodie) and a top speed of 67 mph (world's sixth fastest). As it soars up its second hill, The Voyage delivers its first dose of airtime, that glorious out-of-your-seat sensation that coaster fans can't get enough of.

If you can't get enough, consider hopping aboard The Voyage. According to Holiday World, the ride features 24.2 seconds during which riders float above their seats—a world record for the wooden coaster when it debuted. After descending 107 feet, The Voyage delivers its second pop of airtime. Soaring down the 100-foot third hill, The Voyage enters its first underground tunnel.

Multi-Sensory Voyage

The Voyage's total of eight tunnel dives yields another world record. Riders may not be quite prepared for the sudden lights-out disorientation of the underground experiences. Even on a typically hot, muggy, and bright Southern Indiana day, they are stunned by the jolt of cool air they feel as the coaster momentarily descends into the inky bowels of the earth. It's cold down there! And the multi-sensory experience (it even smells a bit different underground) helps make The Voyage a wild ride.

The coaster soars in and out of two more tunnels to weave a pulse-quickening tapestry of blinding light, pitch blackness, temperature fluctuations, and delightful airtime. Then, The Voyage makes some highly banked turns (thank goodness for the seat dividers) as it turns around and starts heading back to the station. There are more tunnels on the return trip, including one truly stunning "triple-down" dive in which the coaster descends underground, then suddenly drops a second time in total darkness, followed, incredibly, by yet another subterranean dive.

During the last quarter of its circuit, as The Voyage snakes in and out of its steel structure, it loses a tad of its oomph. That, and its sometimes rough ride (particularly in the back of the train, although the back provides heftier bouts of airtime), knocks a 1/2 star off of an otherwise 5-star wood coaster experience. Still, The Voyage ranks as one of the best wooden roller coasters.

So, what are you waiting for, Pilgrim? Book your own passage to Holiday World for a ride aboard The Voyage.

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