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Fascinators and other fancy hats
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Recently we needed hats like Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton wear to weddings and events for a conference we were attending that had a “dress up like a celebrity” party. We decided at the last minute to dress up like the Middleton sisters. So, 48 hours before my flight to the conference and after finding out those hats the Middletons often wear are called fascinators, we were trying to figure out where on earth we were going to find fascinators when it was too late to buy online. Enter the Village Hat Shop.

What the Village Hat Shop Sells

After doing some online sleuthing and asking around, it quickly became clear we needed to head down to the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego and make a stop at the Village Hat Shop. Upon walking in, we quickly were amazed by the sheer volume of hats lining the walls and shelves. Not only did the Village Hat Shop have a whole section dedicated to fascinators, it also had elaborate hats of every kind: straw hats, cowboy hats, caps, fedoras, and elaborately designed wide-brimmed hats.

Ah ha, so this is where everyone gets their awesome hats for the Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day, we thought. 

About the Village Hat Shop

Started in 1980, the Village Hat Shop provides a one-stop shop for all your hat needs, whether you get them in the retail store or via its online shop. Check back frequently, as the Village Hat Shop is constantly changing the hat selection and getting in new styles. When buying your hat, you'll also receive assistance on what your ideal hat size is and how to care for your hat.

When it comes time for an event you're attending that needs a special hat, such as the Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day, the Village Hat Shop can also help you create custom hats that meet your wishes and needs (which may result in you winning the annual hat contest held during the Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day).

The Village Hat Shop also puts a lot of emphasis on the culture and history of hats. On the website, you can discover that history, plus how hats are made, famous hats and hats that are featured in arts and literature.

Village Hat Shop Locations  

In addition to the Hillcrest shop, the Village Hat Shop also has locations in Seaport Village in San Diego as well as one outside of San Diego in Long Beach. For those looking for a deal, head to the Village Hat Shop’s Clearance Center (which also houses its warehouse showroom) on India Street in San Diego. The Clearance Center has a limited selection compared to the Village Hat Shop's other retail stores. 

Village Hat Shop Quick Tips

Address and Phone:

Hillcrest – 3821 4th Avenue, San Diego; 619-683-5533
Seaport Village – 853 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego; 619-233-7236
Long Beach – 429-A Shoreline Village Drive, San Diego; 562-624-1141
Clearance Center in San Diego – 3443 India Street, San Diego; 619-906-4440

Selection: Men’s and Women’s hats in multiple styles, including fedora, winter, western, beret, fascinator, dress, baseball, golf, flat cap, pillbox, straw and much more. Kid hats are also available.

Return Policy: With a receipt, you can return or exchange your hat within 30 days of the date on the receipt. The exception to this are personalized items, which cannot be returned.

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