The Best Wakeboard Towers to Buy for Your Boat in 2018

It’s official — you’ve grown tired of wakeboarding tethered to the low profile ski pylon in your boat. If you’re absolutely sick of being pulled downward every time you hit the wake, then it’s time to upgrade to a wake tower. Yes, wakeboard towers are essential staples to riding nowadays, and not only do they serve to put your rope higher in the air, they also boast a wide variety of utilitarian features -- holding your speakers, wakeboard racks, and lighting rigs. Not to mention, they make your boat look really good.

Adding a wakeboard tower is a natural progression for new riders, and there are plenty of options out there. But buyer beware, there are plenty of sub-par towers out there made from fly by night manufacturers who have no interest in boating or watersports in general.​

The best wakeboard towers out there are made by companies who live and breathe wakeboarding every day, and written below are three of the best towers on the market.

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    Number one is the Aerial Airborne tower with a timeless traditional look. This tower also sports a universal fit and ultra strong aluminum construction. Over time this tower has been refined to provide an excellent fit with a straightforward installation process. Even though the hardware is exposed, it leaves a relatively minimal footprint and provides a shake free ride even in rougher water.

    The one downside of this tower is that mounting a Bimini top in conjunction with it can be slightly awkward, but still gets the job done. More importantly, though, are the ultra strong welds that will give every rider and driver confidence in the “Airborne.”

    Warranty: 5 Years
    Tubing: 2.25” Polished Aluminum

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    When it comes to retrofit wakeboard towers, there is one name that has been around the block, and it’s none other than Monster Tower. Monster is a dedicated wakeboard tower company that has been a staple in the industry. In fact, if you are buying a pre-2000’s boat with a wakeboard tower on it, there is a good chance it’s a Monster Tower.

    These towers are overwhelmingly popular because they install quickly, have minimal noise, lay flat, and are incredibly strong. Pair those fantastic qualities with a great price tag and it’s a total no-brainer. Worth noting also is their incredible lineup of proprietary accessories including speakers, and racks which provide a factory look without breaking the bank.

    Warranty: 5 Years​
    Tubing: 2.5” Anodized Aluminum

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    Indy Liquid Pro Wakeboard Tower
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    Near the top of the list is the Indy Liquid Pro Wakeboard Tower. This tower system is the definition of universal fit. This tower is compatible with any hull width from 65 to 95 inches and is made of anodized aluminum to make it virtually maintenance free. It also sports a seamless mounting system which only requires one hole per mount. This makes your tower look like it was installed at the manufacturer and keeps hardware fittings out of sight. Couple that with form fitting looks and a fold-flat design and the Indy Liquid Pro is a true crowd pleaser.

    Warranty: 5 Years
    Tubing: 2.25” Anodized Aluminum

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