The Top 7 Australian Travel Books

Kangaroos crossing a dirt road in Australia.
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Australia is an undeniably large country, and with so much to explore one can easily be overwhelmed. There are also many decisions to make, whether you’re traveling for work, for leisure, or on a budget.

So with this list of spectacular guides, you can rest assured that you’ll never be bored and will always be informed – along with finding tips for adventures and hotels that are off the beaten track – when traveling in Australia.

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    Let’s Go Australia is often considered the ultimate guide to the country. With URLs for quick internet access to source information, this guide is ready for anything. Complete with devoted sections on; states and mainland territories, standout attractions, handpicked and memorable accommodation and some handy tips on budget travel. This guide is the perfect accompaniment for anybody looking for a true companion on their journey in Australia. Buy from Amazon »

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    The classic and reputable brand known as Lonely Planet is next on this list. One of the key advantages of Lonely Planet Australia travel guidebook is the fact that it is published in Australia. Alongside this, the guide was handled by some of the most well-equipped travelers, so that those who travel and know the country best lovingly crafted this guide. Easy to read, full of informative material – Lonely Planet is ready to lend its services to you. ​Buy from Amazon  »

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    Fodor’s Australia is a guide that is constructed for those with versatility in mind. Being particularly suited for travelers who seek more options when visiting Australia – Fodor’s offers something for everyone. The guide includes a well-equipped range of accommodation choices, from budget hostels to luxury hotels and resorts. So whether you’re looking for a relaxing hotel or a rugged experience, Fodor’s accommodates to your needs. Besides, it’s updated annually with the latest information so, what do you have to lose? Buy from Amazon »

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    Fromers Australia is a convenient and handy guide that is sure to put any traveler at ease. Updated yearly, this guide is developed for those who aim to get an authentic travelers experience. This guide is not one that aims to exclude travelers of any budget. Well suited for travelers on a wide range of budgets, from backpackers to those with a taste for worry-free luxury. Complete with detailed maps and color photographs, context and information are plentiful with Fromers Australia. ​Buy from Amazon »

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    Moon Handbooks: Australia is a guide that specializes in activities and overall holiday enrichment. By providing ideas for activities perfect for visitors within all regions of the nation, Moon Handbooks is filled with great inspiration. From the major cities right down to the Never, Never (the Australian outback), this handbook covers it all. However, some outdated material detracts from the overall experience felt with the guide. Buy from Amazon »

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    DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Australia

    The DK Eyewitness travel guide is one that is a gem amongst all travel guides on account of its rich historical context. By providing such thorough information about key locations and places, those engaging with the guide hardly need to research a thing after looking at this guide. This in-depth look at the great Australian landscape is one that largely results in any traveler almost feeling like they’ve stepped on the soil just by reading this guide. Buy from Amazon »


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    Australia: The Ultimate Australia Travel Guide By A Traveler For A Traveler

    Australia: The Ultimate Australia Guide By A Traveler For a Traveler may just be one of the most definitive on the large topic that is Australia. With its dedication to describing climate, context, history and culture, this guide is one that really helps explorers really connect with the land. Complete with unique photos and comprehensive directions throughout the entity of this guide, any traveler can feel safe knowing that they will not get lost in translation.  Buy from Amazon »

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