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Chocolate Moose Lenny

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I know what you're thinking... you'd have to kiss a lot of moose to declare one the sweetest in all of Maine. After all, wildlife biologists at Maine's Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife estimate the state moose population to be about 76,000.

Finding that one special moose in 76,000 isn't as tricky as you'd imagine, though. It doesn't take months of puckered pursuit to determine which moose is made of the sweetest stuff. It only takes one trip... to Len Libby Chocolates in Scarborough, Maine.

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A Sweet Menagerie

Chocolate Bear - Libby the Chocolate Bear at Len Libby Chocolates in Maine
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Len Libby is home to Lenny the moose, and believe me, he's a sweetie. He's the world's only life-size chocolate moose--made of 1,700 pounds of milk chocolate!

Lenny was sculpted over a four-week period during the summer of 1997, and since his unveiling, he's become quite a popular family attraction in southern Maine. Lenny's "habitat" includes a pond made of white chocolate tinted blue with food coloring.

I first saw Lenny in 2002. When I returned to Len Libby Chocolates with my family in 2010 so that my daughter could enjoy her first encounter with a life-size chocolate moose, I was pleased to see Lenny had some new company: Libby, the 380-pound solid dark chocolate bear, and her two 80-pound dark chocolate cubs, Cocoa and Chip.

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Visit Len Libby Chocolates for Delicious Sweets Made in Maine

Chocolate Moose Maine
© 2010 Kim Knox Beckius

When the desire to nibble on Lenny's antlers becomes overpowering... back away slowly, and buy yourself a treat from this historic Yankee enterprise that has been making chocolates in Maine since 1926. The seductive aroma of chocolate is overpowering inside the store, and you'll find chocolate in every conceivable variety and shape, including such New England favorites as seashells, lighthouses, and lobsters.

Getting there... Len Libby is located about 10 minutes south of Portland on U.S. Route 1 in Scarborough, Maine, just off exit 42 from the Maine Turnpike/95.

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Hours... Visit Lenny seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Questions? Call the store at 207-883-4897 to inquire about extended summer and holiday season hours.

If you can't get to Maine... Len Libby offers a variety of chocolates that can be ordered by phone or ​online.

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