The 'Sex and the City' Hotspots Tour Is Back and the Locations Are Better Than Ever

Have you been to any of these famous locations?

The front of Carrie's apartment in winter

sunshinecity/CC BY 2.0/Flickr

The girls are back and better than ever. Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda are strutting around Manhattan again more than a decade after the last "Sex and the City" movie. The trio's new series, "And Just Like That," premiered in early December on HBOMax, letting fans into the lives of their favorite characters 11 years after they left them behind. The creation of the new show has fans itching to return to the city and retrace the steps of arguably the most famous ladies of the Big Apple.

The "Sex and the City" Hotspots Tour, created by On Location Tours nearly 20 years ago, takes visitors all around the iconic island, from Midtown to SoHo, and points out iconic places appearing on the show, like Buddakan, where Carrie and Big had their rehearsal dinner in the first movie, and the New York Public Library where the couple almost tied the knot.

The bus makes four stops where passengers can get off and experience the locations first hand: The Pleasure Chest, Carrie's stoop (deceptively not on the Upper East Side), Onieals Grand Street (the backdrop of the "Sex and the City" bar SCOUT), and SJP, Sarah Jessica Parker's very own shoe store.

The Pleasure Chest

The Pleasure Chest is exactly what you think it is—a sex shop. It's the backdrop of the infamous rabbit episode from season one, where Charlotte becomes a bit too preoccupied with her latest purchase, and fans have followed the girls' lead since it aired. (According to the store's website, because of that episode, The Pleasure Chest has reportedly sold over 10,000 of the very same rabbits Charlotte herself fell victim to.) The shop embraces its affiliation with the show—they have a "Sex and the City" Guide book very close to the front of the shop and on display— and tour attendees are offered a 10 percent discount for any purchases made. Just be careful not to end up like Charlotte—obsessed and distressed.

Carrie's Stoop

Carrie Bradshaw is the woman who has it all: a great job, men falling at her feet, and a luxurious apartment (with a fantastic walk-through closet that anyone who loves fashion aspires to have) on the affluent Upper East Side. However, Carrie's beautiful apartment never existed, and the facade of the famous brownstone isn't even in that neighborhood. The building used as the front of Carrie's apartment is actually located in the West Village and has become a tourist attraction since its television debut. 

The tour bus stops a few blocks away from the apartment, but it's a quick walk to get there. The building is architecturally charming, with giant steps leading up to the beautifully designed wood door. The stairs are chained off, as there are tenants in the building, but our tour guide was kind enough to take pictures of us out front. After pictures, we were corralled back on the bus, but not before our guide stopped at the famous Magnolia Bakery and scored us some mini red velvet cupcakes.

The inside of Onieals Grand Street

Courtesy of Onieals

Onieal's Grand Street

If there's one thing you should associate with "Sex and the City," it should be the always pretty and always pink Cosmopolitan cocktail. The next stop on the tour was Onieal's Grand Street, a beautiful bar well known as the facade of SCOUT Bar, owned in the show by Aidan and Steve, Carrie and Miranda's ex-boyfriends. Onieal's itself is, as described on its website, "a distinctive blend of yesterday and today's modern sophistication." We were, of course, treated to the famous Cosmopolitan when we arrived. While drinks weren't free, a tour discount was offered, making the $18 drink only $10. The 20 minutes we spent at this bar was also the perfect time to get to know some of the other people on the tour and make friends.


Sarah Jessica Parker's shoe collection, appropriately named the SJP Collection, was launched in 2014 and is as popular as can be, especially with her "Sex and the City" fans. The company's flagship store in Midtown is the tour's final stop, and the most anticipated. Carrie Bradshaw is well known for her iconic shoe game, and who better than SJP herself to create shoes Carrie and the fans would love? Be prepared—if you're shopping at SJP, you're going to spend a pretty penny. The shoes are made in Italy and are upwards of $250 (even that's just a clearance price). All tour participants get a 10 percent discount, so if you were looking for an excuse to splurge, this is it.

Tickets for the public tour start at $66 per person, and private tours are $135. Or, you can tour the city in style by renting out one of their limos for $750—and if you haven't already started watching the reboot, you can catch "And Just Like That" on HBO Max.