What is the Running of the Nudes?

Protest Bullfighting in the Buff in Pamplona, Spain

Naked Activists Protest Spain's Running Of The Bulls
Win McNamee / Getty Images

The Running of the Nudes was an event that took place each year in Pamplona, Spain, a few days before the Pamplona Running of the Bulls at the San Fermin Festival in July.

The Running of the Nudes is (or was) a naked run through the streets of Pamplona by animal rights activists, as a protest against the controversial nature of the Pamplona Running of the Bulls, which takes place each year at the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain.

Beginning in 2002, when a group of activists took to the streets in nothing but red scarves and their sense of pride, the run has now become an event in its own right, drawing support from organizations like PETA. 

After a year off in 2008, the event returned in 2009, but without the participants actually sprinting in the buff. I was told by a local tourism worker that the event was probably called off as the organizers thought the run was ironically drawing more attention to the bull run than it was to animal rights.

If you'd like to participate in the Running of the Nudes, take a look at their site for more information, event locations, and how to donate to their cause. Though the event benefits a very serious cause, the site itself is quite tongue-in-cheek and puts a lot of emphasis on the sexiness of the people running!

Check out our gallery of (mildly NSFW)  Pamplona Running of the Nudes Pictures for a closer look at the now famous gathering.

There's also this YouTube Video someone took from right in the midst of the action. 

Or, if all of this is too much for you anyway, you can just chill out, see some cathedrals and eat some tapas. There are other things happening in Pamplona than just the bull run!

As stated above, the Running of the Nudes doesn't actually involve any running anymore.

If you're more interested in the "running" and "nude" parts of the event, we suggest you check out the Sopelana Naturist Race, a 5km race that takes place each year near Bilbao in the Basque Country. It has nothing to do with bullfighting, but can be an interesting experience nonetheless if you're looking to burn some calories while running around nature in what God gave you. In fact, we have an entire section on Nudism in Spain if you'd like to take a look and find beaches, lodging, and events that specially cater to the nudist community.