The Rooftop Bar at the Standard

Details About This Popular Los Angeles Nightspot

The Rooftop at The Standard in Downtown LA

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The Rooftop Bar at The Standard Hotel is one of Los Angeles' most popular night spots. It is popular during happy hour and is a weekend afternoon destination. For years, it has been on a list of the coolest downtown LA clubs and bars. You must be 21 or over to get in.

The Standard Rooftop Bar in downtown Los Angeles wraps around the center core of the hotel tower, so it is not one big area, but more of a veranda around the building. The entrance is on the north side opening onto a lounge area with towering topiaries, convertible chaise lounge chairs, 60s retro yellow plastic tables and chairs, and a tiny dance floor. To the west, you will find colorful sofas and loungers on Astroturf. If you make your way around to the south, a short stairway leads up to the pool. The east wing is home to retro red waterbed pods and the bar.

However, it is the open-air view of surrounding downtown skyscrapers that give this spot its greatest appeal. You will see stunning, panoramic views of Downtown Los Angeles and the mountains beyond.

Bottle service and reservations begin with a $400 food and beverage minimum for up to four guests with a $75 minimum for each additional guest, pretax, and service. Please note, all reservations require a 48-hour notice and entrance at the door is at management's discretion.

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The Crowd

The Rooftop at the Standard in Downtown LA

Kayte Deioma

Hotel guests have priority access to the Rooftop Bar, so you'll find travelers from across the country and around the world. If there is any space left after hotel guests are in, they let in hip Angelenos, OCers, and inland escapees.
Like other LA hot spots, admission is "at the discretion of the door," so come dressed to impress, which means, if you've got it, flaunt it, and if you don't, cover it up with style.
Many locals who want to be sure to get in, book a room for the night.

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The Music

The Rooftop at The Standard hotel in Downtown LA

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The Rooftop Bar has a hundred different DJs in rotation playing an eclectic mix of world dance music. There are usually three DJs on weekdays and four on weekends.
You may also stumble upon an unannounced live music performance from time to time. Peaches, Justice, and Hot Chip have performed here.

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Food and Drink

Rooftop Bar at The Standard

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The Rooftop Bar at The Standard Hotel serves a lunch menu from noon to midnight. It includes finger food variations on Asian classics like poke, teriyaki, and tempura. A more extensive menu is available downstairs in the hotel restaurant. While the food might be priced right (everything is less than $20), drinks, on the other hand, are quite pricey. Usually, there are drink specials, too.

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Special Events at The Rooftop Bar

The Rooftop pool and bar at The Standard in Downtown LA

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There are regular summer pool parties some Saturday afternoons. It might require that you phone a friend to get on a guest list or that you book a room at the hotel to get in.

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