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Where To Eat In Las Vegas

When you get into town you want to know where you should be eating in Las Vegas. With so many Las Vegas restaurants to choose from it is easy to get lost and find yourself having a mediocre meal. This collection of restaurants in Las Vegas should help you narrow down your search and assist you in finding the right place to have a meal on the strip. If you are simply looking for the best restaurants in Las Vegas I have you taken care of but you owe it to yourself to branch out. With so many place to eat in Las Vegas you'll easily need more than one trip to satisfy the inner foodie in you.

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    These are simply the restaurants in Las Vegas. Some are a bit expensive but most are affordable and I can guarantee you that you can have a meal at each of these restaurants that will make you wish you were living right on Las Vegas Blvd. From the drunken noodles at Wazuzu to the Pizza at D.O.C.G. to the Banh Mi at The Top Of The World there is something for everyone on this list of Best Restaurants in Las Vegas.
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    I like my burgers as simple as possible in order to get a real beef flavor between my buns. Plenty of Las Vegas restaurants make a decent burger and a few deliver a product that is so outrageously good that you'll mock the burgers you get at home. A couple of the best burgers will also come with an extensive beer list that will only make the experience better.
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    The right char on a piece of beef with a beefy red wine is my idea of happiness. Las Vegas will give you an opportunity for a classic steakhouse or a modern room with a cocktail program that is just as impressive as the food. There are plenty of steakhouses in Las Vegas and finding a good one is not difficult at all. Finding a great one really is only a matter of choosing one from this list.
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    Saints and Sinners French Toast Log. Photo by Zeke Quezada

    Some of us sleep in while we are on the Las Vegas strip so we tend to miss breakfast. You on the other hand should really seek out a good spot for the most important meal of the day. Breakfast in Las Vegas often is the meal you have right before you go to bed after a long night out. A few restaurants in Las Vegas are worth waking up for and I have listed then here for you.
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    I do love pizza and I could easily have it at least once a day. A late night slice with a beer has been my ritual as of late and that only means that I end up at the Cosmopolitan Hotel where they have a couple of my favorite pies.
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    • D.O.C.G.
    • Grimaldis
    • Nove
    • 800 Degrees at Monte Carlo
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    I recently wrote a book on Cheap but good food in Las Vegas and I'll tell you that there are plenty of restaurants where you can get a great meal for a good price on the Las Vegas strip. One of my favorites is Serendipity 3 where sharing makes the food very affordable or any of a number of Happy Hour specials found in Las Vegas restaurants.
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    Scarpetta Las Vegas Spaghetti
    Scarpetta Las Vegas Spaghetti. Photo By Zeke Quezada

    Scarpetta at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Nove at the Palms are two Las Vegas restaurants where Italian is being done at an extraordinary level. Each of these places I could fantasize about endlessly and they both deliver quality with an approach to Italian that respects tradition and familiar flavors.
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    • Scarpetta
    • Nove
    • Rao's at Caesars Palace
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    Slow Roasted Halibut at Fleur Las Vegas. Photo by Zeke Quezada

    There is an abundance of restaurants in Las Vegas who can deliver seafood to your table and because of that you'll be pleased to find out that being in the middle of the desert means nothing when you talk about freshness. If you consider the quality of the people working the kitchens you are going to be impressed by the seafood restaurants in Las Vegas.
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    • Milos
    • RM Seafood
    • Costa Di Mare at Wynn
    • Lakeside Seafood at Wynn
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    Zeke Quezada
    There are plenty of places where your kids will be able to eat in Las Vegas and these are just a few that work well and fall within a reasonable budget. If you decide to take your kids to Las Vegas it does not have to be all buffets and food courts.
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    You want to go cheap when it comes to eating in Las Vegas? I hear you. The food court is the way to go when you want to save your money for the more important things to do on the Las Vegas strip.