The Replica Park of Ningbo, China

All the wonders of the world in one place!

Ningbo Replica Park Statue of Liberty

You don't have to have traveled to China to know that it's the world's capital of fake. From counterfeit goods in markets, to a copy of the Pentagon located just outside of Shanghai, China takes fake to a level that exceeds even its economic growth levels.

It's truly meta, then, that a new park in the otherwise anonymous Chinese city of Ningbo showcases replicas of more than 50 of the world's top attractions. As is the case with many Chinese fakes of all sorts, these replicas vary in terms of accuracy and quality. But one thing's for sure: You're never going to see this many world wonders in one place anywhere else in the world.

Which World Wonders Exist in the Ningbo Replica Park?

As you enter the Ningbo Replica Park, you might lose track of all the world wonder replicas you happen upon. The first one you see will likely be the least surprising: The Statue of Liberty, a clone of which has long existed at Odaiba Island just south of Tokyo, Japan. (Note: The Japanese Statue of Liberty is significantly truer to the original than the one you find at Ningbo's Replica Park.)

The Arc de Triomphe, however, is a bit more unexpected, as is the replica of Rome's Colosseum. The moment you see Big Ben, you might start to wonder which continent you're on. Well, unless you happen to pay attention to the color, scale or any other qualitative aspect of these replicas that differentiates them from the originals, usually in favor of the originals.

To be sure, it's not only that these replicas exist (or, frankly, that they are poorly done) that makes them so amazing to behold. Many are highly modified in ways that belie their history. The replica of the Great Pyramid here, for example, houses a thrilling rollercoaster. If you pay a visit to Ningbo's fake Acropolis, on the other hand, you can go for a swim in the pool that exists within the ruins of its walls.

Where in Ningbo is the Replica Park Located?

The park, which doesn't appear to be completely constructed as of September 2018, is located just northwest of the Chinese coastal city of Ningbo, near the base of Dapeng Mountain. It doesn't seem to have an official English name (or a Chinese one, of for that matter), but if you happen to be traveling in Ningbo, just flag down a taxi driver and tell him the following: Da peng shan fu zhi pin gong yuan (达蓬山复制品公园), literally "Dapeng Mountain Replica Park."

And how, precisely, do you get to Ningbo? Good question—read on for the answer.

How to Get to Ningbo

As is the case with many cities in China, Ningbo presents something of a paradox. While you've likely never heard of it prior to reading this article, Ningbo has a population close to that of New York City. As such, Ningbo has an airport, albeit one served entirely by flights from within East Asia: A vast majority from destinations in China, and a few beyond those from Japan.

Indeed, if you want to visit Ningbo from overseas, your best bet is to search for flights to Shanghai or Hangzhou, both of which are less than three hours from Ningbo by train. Alternatively, you could take a domestic flight after arriving to a large Chinese airport from overseas, although given average airport delays in China and the often arduous security process, you might as well travel by land.

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