The Oresund Bridge

The Bridge Connecting Denmark And Sweden

The Oresund bridge

The Øresund Bridge (locally called Øresundsbron) is the bridge that connects Amager and Oresund in Denmark (on the island Zealand) with Skane, Sweden, a total length of just over 10 miles (16,4 km). This is the road connection between the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen and Malmo.

Perfect for travelers wanting a quick connection between Sweden and Denmark without flying, the Øresund Bridge now carries more than 60,000 travelers daily - amongst them both local commuters and visitors.

The Øresund Bridge offers a 4-lane road carrying 6 million vehicles per year, and two train tracks (another 8 million people each year).

When was the Øresund Bridge built? Well, in 1991, the governments of Denmark and Sweden agreed on constructing this massive project, and while it took a while to build this monster bridge, the Oresund Bridge was officially opened on July 1, 2000.

Building the Øresund bridge included construction of a bridge, a tunnel (2.5 miles long / 4 km) and a new island where travelers go from tunnel-level (on the Danish side) to the level of the bridge.

Øresund Bridge Toll: Travelers have several options when it comes to toll passes for the bridge. Single use toll passes for cars are available for EUR 36, vans and similar vehicles cost EUR 71. Besides a popular annual bridge pass (called BroPas) aimed at commuters, travelers might want to consider purchasing a 10-trip pass with a 30% discount (EUR 260 for cars.)

The toll for driving across the Øresund Bridge is paid at the toll station on the Swedish side. Thankfully, they accept both cash and credit cards. There is no border control as both Denmark and Sweden are part of the European Union. Also, check the bridge traffic & toll information.

The Øresund Bridge's local name "Øresundsbron" is a combination of the Danish word "Øresundsbroen" and the Swedish word "Öresundsbron", both meaning Oresund Bridge in English.

FUN FACT: The high bridge part of the Øresund Bridge has the longest cable-stayed main span of all bridges in the world. That goes for both road and rail traffic! And, the tunnel part of Øresundsbron is the world's longest underwater tube tunnel, also for both road and rail traffic.