Survey Says: Inattentive Parents are the Most Annoying Travelers

Annoying Kid at Hotel
Tony Anderson/Getty Images

Parents who allow their kids to get out of control on vacation are the most annoying travelers of all. So say nearly three quarters (72%) of respondents in an survey on hotel etiquette.

Travelers Behaving Badly

In a field of aggravating hotel guests, inattentive parents were voted the most annoying travelers for the second year in a row, narrowly beat out hallway hellraisers (69%, which may also include kids who run down the corridors), in-room revelers (59%), complainers (53%), bickerers (35%), loudly amorous couples (29%), poolside partiers (28%), hot-tub canoodlers (22%), drunken business travelers (17%), and elevator chatterboxes (9%).

If you've suspected that people are judging your kids' behavior, you're not imagining things. For parents, the take-away is that consideration for your fellow guests can go a long way. If you're raising a high-spirited child, think about choosing a kid-friendly hotel or cruise line, or consider a vacation rental where your family will have more privacy.

Hotel Tipping Etiquette

The Expedia survey also revealed that almost half of Americans (46%) tip their housekeepers, making them the most tipped hotel employee. Other tipping habits include: 

  • 40% tip for room service deliveries
  • 30% tip the valet
  • 20% tip the porter
  • 10% tip the concierge

Surprisingly, nearly a third of American hotel guests (30%) don't tip any hotel employee at all.

Three quarters of Americans (74%) consider room service to be a luxury, while the remaining 26 percent considers it a necessity. Six percent of hotel guests haggle over their room rate at check-in.

Shady Hotel Habits

Among the liberties that Americans take at hotels:

  • 24% of respondents said they have taken toiletries home with them
  • 11% have let more people stay in their room than they've stated to the hotel
  • 10% have stolen items from their hotel room
  • 4% have smoked in a non-smoking room
  • 3% have eavesdropped on guests in a neighboring room

Top Priorities

When asked about the factors that are “very important” in choosing a hotel, nearly three-quarters (73%) of respondents named price. Other factors that ranked high:

  • 63% of respondents are looking for complimentary Wi-Fi
  • 61% said location was very important
  • 43% rely on guest reviews
  • 38% want parking options
  • 20% are looking for the ability to earn reward points
  • 18% think the hotel brand is very important

Most-Desired Amenities

  • 88% said Wi-Fi was important
  • 81% want an in-room fridge
  • 80% are looking for complimentary toiletries
  • 59% want the hotel to have a pool

The Expedia 2016 Hotel Etiquette Study surveyed 1,018 Americans about the behavior exhibited by their fellow hotel guests. The study was commissioned by Expedia and conducted by GfK, an independent global market research company.