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The Bottom Line

The London Pass is a fixed rate sightseeing pass that allows you to visit over 55 popular attractions for no extra cost.

The London Pass saves you time (no standing in line) and saves you money. Plus you will know exactly how much you've spent on sightseeing without worrying about conversion rates throughout your time in London.


  • Visit over 55 attractions for a fixed price
  • Includes one river cruise
  • Can visit expensive London attractions more than once


  • There are many free attractions in London so check your choices first
  • Only one river cruise included
  • Day starts from first use so start in the morning to get best value


  • No Queuing: Look for the London Pass signs at each attraction and you'll be able to show your card and go straight in.
  • Free London guidebook included.
  • Always plan in advance so you can see as many attractions as possible (and save as much money as possible).
  • Can include travel on London transport too.
  • Over 40 additional deals, discounts and freebies. Check cafes and shops and at popular attractions for London Pass savings.
  • Really great for budgeting as you can buy the London Pass in advance and have no further entrance fees to pay.

Guide Review - The London Pass

The London Pass is a 'smart card' - like a credit card with a computer chip inside - which allows you completely cash free entry to over 55 London tourist attractions. Once you've bought your London Pass you don't have to pay to get into any of the attractions covered by the pass and the more sights you see, the more money you save.

Simply choose the number of days you want and book online so you can make the most of your time in London. Do remember a 'day' is based on a calendar day, so if you use your pass at 4pm on Monday, Monday is counted as day one of your pass usage.

The only real downside I found was my lack of energy - there was so much I wanted to see and I ran out of steam! It's certainly easier to get good value from a 3 day card pass but I tried another 1 day pass in 2011 and managed to get more than double the value of the card in a day so it can be done.

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