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The popular scare attraction The London Dungeon is no longer on Tooley Street in London Bridge. It moved to the South Bank in March 2013, next to the London Aquarium and by the London Eye.

What to Expect

A visit to The London Dungeon is just as much fun on the South Bank as it was in London Bridge. The attraction is spread over three floors and is a third bigger than the old venue. £20 million was needed to complete the transformation within County Hall but you'll still recognize many of the characters from London's history.

The basic format remains the same: you get divided into groups of about 20 people and then visit different rooms and meet actors who will tell you gruesome tales about London. You can't stay longer in each room, as the tour moves along together, and a visit lasts around 1.5 hours.

It's very dark inside and ceilings have been designed to drip so you may get a little wet at times. Certain smells have also been added such as 'rotten food' and 'dirty Thames water' but just know this is a safe place and it's all designed to make you scream and have fun.

Two Rides Included

There are two rides included as part of the tour.

Henry's Wrath is the boat ride and needed 20,000 liters of recycled water from the River Thames to create the ride inside. You start out quite slowly and pass Henry VIII with Brian Blessed's face projected on to talk to you, but you only see him for a few seconds. Be prepared when the ride stops. And then your boat lifts up and...oh wow! You might want to pull your coat over your head as there was quite a splash!

The second ride, Drop Dead, is at the end of the tour and you literally drop down three stories in the building! You'll definitely scream but you'll be giggling as you get off, if a little shaky. If you really don't want to do the last ride there is an 'escape to freedom' which takes you to the gift shop and exit.


The London Dungeon is about 1,000 years of London's history, but it's not a boring history lesson. You'll meet the characters from London's past and they'll tell you their stories and make you shudder. Historical accuracy isn't vital but you'll get the gist of the gory past.

While waiting to start your journey through The London Dungeon, do say hello to the live cockroaches and rats. There's even a glass dome in the rat enclosure so you can pop your head inside and see them up close.

Scriptwriters and comedy consultants have helped the actors come up with the most entertaining way to tell their tale. There are double entendres to amuse the grown-ups (and teenagers) and enough poo and general toilet humor to amuse the youngest visitors too.

There are a few times you get to sit down, such as in the operating theater with The Plague Doctor and in Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop, but be prepared for some surprises and know it's all happening to make sure you have fun.

Contact Information

Address: County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB

Nearest station: Waterloo. Use Journey Planner to plan your route by public transport.

Official website:

Opening time: Open from 10 am each day except on Thursdays when King Henry sleeps in until 11 am.

Tickets: Tickets for online advance booking start from £18 for adults and £13 for children under 15 years old. Here are some ideas on how to save money on London Dungeon tickets:

  • Viator offer 'Skip the Line' discounted London Dungeon tickets: Buy Direct.
  • You can also book tickets at the VisitBritain Shop (Buy Direct).
  • The London Dungeon website guarantees to have the cheapest Fast Track tickets.
  • Pick up leaflets from other London attractions or your hotel for money off coupons.
  • Book a tour from your hotel that includes entrance to The London Dungeon as group bookings get a better rate.

Age Advice

This is a scare attraction, so it's not recommended for children under ten years old or for anyone with a particularly nervous disposition. It is a tour so once you are on the route you need to continue to the end but if it is all too much just tell a member of staff and they can escort you through to the end safely.

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