Live Out Your Road Trip Dreams With The Hoxton's Summer Campervan Getaway

This is how you do glamping on the go

interior of campervan with view of the woods

Courtesy of The Hoxton

When travelers were wary of staying in hotels last summer, The Hoxton hotel group came up with a solution: Camp Hox, a glamping experience on the grounds of England's Eynsham Hall estate. This summer, they're taking the program to the next level.

A partnership with Veuve Cliquot, the 2021 edition of Camp Hox is all about hitting the road. The Hoxton is offering road trip packages for two in both the U.S. and Europe that include chic and well-outfitted campervans, two bikes for short-distance excursions, snacks for the road, and plenty of champagne (for you to imbibe after you're done driving for the day). The road trips vary in length from three to four nights, and the rates include campsite fees—plus a one-night stay at a local Hoxton to wrap up the journey.

The four itineraries include a wine-tasting adventure in California (Los Angeles to Paso Robles); a countryside-and-beach jaunt through England (London to East Sussex); an exploration of nature, windmills, and palaces in the Netherlands (Amsterdam to Friesland and Drenthe); and a history-filled seaside tour of in northern France (Paris to Normandy).

While the campsites are pre-booked and included in your package, you're free to stick to The Hoxton's curated itinerary as much or as little as you desire—there are plenty of suggested activities on each route, but you're totally welcome to adjust to your own interests.

Camp Hox will run from May 27 through September 27 across all four itineraries, which depart on set dates and cost roughly $1,000 to $1,300 depending on your departure. Head here to book now before the trips sell out!