The Great Las Vegas Restaurant List

View from the Skyfall Lounge

 MGM Resorts International

Many of the great chefs have decided to set up shop in Las Vegas Restaurants. What does that mean to you? Now there is no need to go to New York, San Francisco or LA to experience culinary ecstasy. This list is very subjective and can be fluid, but, every time I have visited these ten places I have been rewarded with consistently good food. Las Vegas Restaurants will surprise you if you're accustomed to greasy buffets and cheap shrimp cocktails.

Some Must Do Restaurants in Las Vegas

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The Best Restaurants

Ferraro's Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

Ferraro's Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

I am one of those guys you love to hate. I get to travel for a living and I eat and drink everywhere. I do it to share my experiences so you actually get to benefit from my decadent lifestyle. There is no need for you to waste your time with bad when I will tell you about all that is good and often even great. In Las Vegas, I find plenty of gems all the time and this list will help you seek out the very best in food.

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77 Places to Eat Cheap

Earl of Sandwich

 Earl of Sandwich

This long list of cheap restaurants in Las Vegas will help you find a meal that will cost you less than you might think you would normally spend in Las Vegas. You should understand that cheap is a relative term in Las Vegas so some places may still seem expensive. Keep in my mind though that within this list you'll find a few dirt cheap places that will help you save money while on vacation.

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Where to Have Breakfast

Brunch entree at Hash House a Go Go

 Hash House a Go Go

This list of breakfast spots on the Las Vegas strip should help you find a spot to have the most important meal of the day. Bouchon at Venetian is the type of place that you should go to sleep early for and Citizens at Mandalay Bay is open 24 hours so there really is no need to even bother with sleep.

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The Best Restaurants for a Late Night Meal

Waterfire at Peppermill Las Vegas

 Peppermill Las Vegas

You have heard that sleep is overrated. You understand that the body needs calories to survive. Skip the sleep and start to eat in Las Vegas at these late night spots for your own eating Las Vegas adventure.

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The Must Do Restaurants

Lobster Chow Mein at Momofuku.


Some places you just have to try. There are restaurants and then there are Las Vegas restaurants that you must do. Well, this week these are the spots that are really making me excited and I'm sure that even though this list changes all the time you should be pleased with these choices.

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The Best Affordable Restaurants

Evel Pie Interior with Live Hard, Ride Fast, Eat Pizza sign

 Evel Pie

You cannot spend all your vacation money on food so you'll need a few spots that are affordable. This list of affordable restaurants should help. As always realize that you might have to split something or not order alcohol but since we are all very aware of living on a budget it should not be too hard.

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Where to Get Steak

Jean-Georges Steakhouse Interior

 Jean-Georges Steakhouse

Beef! Everyone should be a carnivore. I know it's not a popular opinion but I think that if everyone just had a bit more of an appreciation for a prime, dry aged piece of beef we would would all live much happier.

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Loaded taco at Tacos El Gordo

 Tacos El Gordo • H Street

The tortilla is a wonderful thing. You see it cradles happiness in a way that makes it okay to put it in your mouth and devour as quickly as possible. Tacos are good, cheap and this list will help you find a few tacos on the Las Vegas strip.

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The Best Burgers on the Strip

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer Interior

 The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

It is a beautiful thing to see. Two pieces of bread and a big chunk of beef stuck right in the middle. The burger is a work of art and in Las Vegas, you get so many options that you could spend an entire vacation sampling them and still not be done.

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