Ride and Slide at The Great Escape in New York

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The Great Escape New York amusement park

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Unlike most of the other parks in the Six Flags chain (although it's not identified as a Six Flags-branded property), The Great Escape has maintained much of the sweet charm of its humble 1950s origins as a family-run storybook-themed attraction. Goosy Gander, Humpty Dumpty, and a quaint Old West Ghost Town are still there in all their kitschy glory to charm today's kids and rekindle nostalgic memories for their parents and grandparents. Shoehorned, sometimes incongruously, are roller coasters and other rides to keep thrill-seekers happy.

Thrill-seekers have plenty to be happy about with six roller coasters, including the acclaimed Comet. There is also a freefall tower ride, a log flume ride, a giant Ferris wheel, a river raft ride, and a good assortment of flat rides, A full-featured outdoor water park, Hurricane Harbor, is included with admission to The Great Escape.

With the addition of the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge, the park is a full-fledged destination resort. Located across from The Great Escape, the hotel and indoor water park provide additional amenities for guests during the theme park's May-to-October operating season. Open year-round, the resort also provides off-season fun.

The Comet roller coaster at The Great Escape
 Six Flags

Ride Highlights

Moved from a park in Canada, the lovingly restored and maintained Comet is a delight and among the best classic wooden coasters anywhere. Another coaster standout is Alpine Bobsled, a unique, fun ride that uses a flume instead of a traditional roller coaster track. Among the many attractions geared to younger children are two train rides, swan boats, and a walk-through experience themed to Alice in Wonderland.

Among newer attractions is Adirondack Outlaw, which is scheduled to open in 2020. The pendulum ride will flip passengers head over heels as it spins 360 degrees at 50 mph some 160 feet into the air.

At Hurricane Harbor, guests can challenge the speed slides at Alpine Freefalls (one of which includes a launch capsule with a trap door), the Tornado giant funnel ride, or the bowl slide, Mega Wedgie. The water park got a major upgrade in 2019 (along with a name change; it used to be known as Splashwater Kingdom) and added Bucket Blasters, an interactive splash battle ride, and Shipwreck Cove, an activity pool with sprayers, water cannons, and other elements.

What's to Eat?

The usual park fare, including pizza, hamburgs, fries, turkey legs, and ice cream are available. Interesting options include Charley‘s Saloon, which offers pot roast sandwiches, boneless chicken wings, and draft beers; Tidal Wave Cafe, which has grilled chicken sandwiches on its menu; and the Skillet Market, which offers Philly steak sandwiches and veggie rice bowls.

The Great Escape Lodge offers two full-service restaurants, the Tall Tales Tavern and Johnny Rockets Sports Lounge. The hotel also has a large Johnny Rockets.

Adirondack Outlaw ride at The Great Escape New York

Six Flags

What’s New at The Great Escape?

  • In 2021, the park will open the pendulum ride, Adirondack Outlaw. The 165-foot-tall ride will send passengers soaring 360 degrees at a top speed of 50 mph. It was supposed to debut in 2020, but COVID-19 prevented the park from opening.
  • For 2019, the water park expanded with two new attractions and was re-themed as Hurricane Harbor.
  • In 2018, The Great Escape added Pandemonium, a thrilling flat ride that sends outward-facing passengers spinning and tilting on a circular platform.
  • In 2017, the water park welcomed Bonzai Pipelines, a set of body slides.

Location and Admission Policy

Queensbury (near Lake George), New York

From Boston: I-90W (Mass Turnpike) to Exit B3. Take I-90 to I-87N (towards Albany) to Exit 20. Take Route 9S and turn right onto Six Flags Drive.

From New York City: I-87N (NYS Thruway) to Exit 24 (towards Albany). Continue on I-87N to Exit 20. Take Route 9S and turn right onto Six Flags Drive.

Hurricane Harbor water park is included in the general admission price. Reduced price for children (under 48"). 2 and under are free. Discounted tickets are often available online at The Great Escape's official Web site. Season passes and Six Flags’ membership program include admission to all Six Flags parks. As an option, the park offers a Season Dining Pass that includes meals. Parking is additional. For an additional fee, the park offers the Flash Pass go-to-the-front-of-the-lines program (which is called Go Fast as The great Escape). VIP tours available for an extra fee (which is quite high).

The Six Flags Great Escape Lodge indoor water park requires a separate ticket. Admission to the indoor water park is included in the room rates of the hotel. Day passes for the general public are available