The First 48 in Memphis

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For three years, people all across America got a glimpse into the inner workings of the Memphis Police Department's homicide squad via A&E's hit show, The First 48. The documentary series features the first 48 hours of a murder investigation from one of several U.S. cities. Since the show's inception in 2004, The First 48 has been filmed in 19 different cities.

Beginning in 2005, Memphis was one of those cities. The First 48 followed 48 local homicide investigations including the Lester Street murders investigation. Several detectives--including Toney Armstrong, Connie Justice, Caroline Mason, and Tony Mullins--gained national fame and admiration from fans.

In 2008, however, Police Director Larry Godwin severed ties with the show, citing concerns from the City Council. City Council members believed the series was painting Memphis in a negative light.

Reruns of The First 48 episodes featuring Memphis can still be seen from time to time on A&E. Below is a list of every episode in which Memphis was featured.

Season 3, Episode 10 Dead Man Running/Crash
Season 3, Episode 11 Close Ties/Last Call
Season 3, Episode 13 Motel Massacre/Pure Innocent
Season 3, Episode 15 Houdini/Innocence Lost
Season 3, Episode 2 Duct Tape Murder/Custody of the Devil
Season 3, Episode 6 Fifty Dollar Murder/Murder in Liberty City
Season 3, Episode 8 Point Blank/Shoot Out
Season 4, Episode 1 Loved to Death/Unmasked
Season 4, Episode 10 The Wrong Man/Five Points Payback
Season 4, Episode 11 Candy Lady/Best of Friends
Season 4, Episode 12 Family Affair/The Hustler
Season 4, Episode 16 Wrong Turn/Deadly Dance
Season 4, Episode 18 Get That Money/Senseless
Season 4, Episode 2 Inner Demons/Kids with Guns
Season 4, Episode 3 Boogie Man/Murder on Flowering Peach
Season 4, Episode 4 The Witness/The Trunk
Season 4, Episode 5 Pre-Emptive Strike/Unlucky
Season 4, Episode 7 The Run Around/Night Cap
Season 4, Episode 8 Memphis Blues/Knife to the Heart
Season 4, Episode 9 Fool for Love/Dumped
Season 5, Episode 1 Family Secrets/Clipped
Season 5, Episode 2 Up in Smoke/Shot in the Dark
Season 5, Episode 3 Blood Trail/50G Murder
Season 5, Episode 7 To Die For/Highway Revenge
Season 5, Episode 8 Final Investment/Writing on the Wall
Season 6, Episode 12 Shooting Spree/Lady in the Fire
Season 6, Episode 13 Bad Call/Ricochet
Season 6, Episode 16 Motel No-Tell Brotherly Love
Season 6, Episode 17 The Tender Trap/Bait and Switch
Season 6, Episode 6 Floated Away/Tagged
Season 7, Episode 1 Inked in Blood
Season 7, Episode 10 Dropped Call/Derailed
Season 7, Episode 11 Shell Shocked/Cradle to the Grave
Season 7, Episode 12 Deal Breaker/Gun Play
Season 7, Episode 18 Lester Street
Season 7, Episode 21 The Last Yard/Root of All Evil
Season 7, Episode 22 Moving Out/Among Thieves
Season 7, Episode 23 Unwelcome Guest/Wrecked
Season 7, Episode 3 Dead Sleep/Tag Team
Season 7, Episode 6 American Dream/Easter Sunday
Season 7, Episode 7 Better Days/Wildflower
Season 7, Episode 8 Last Ride/Trailer Trap
Season 7, Episode 9 Lured In/Disaster
Plus -- After the First 48: Fool for Love/Crash Season 7, Episode 30

You can watch full episodes of the First 48 on the A&E website. For more positive portrayals of Memphis in film, check out our list of Memphis movie locations.

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