The Cromwell Hotel Las Vegas

Boutique Hotel Done Up Vegas Style

••• The Cromwell Las Vegas. Photo by Luke Quezada

There was a time when I would walk into the Barbary Coast just to have a cheap hot dog and to get a free drink while I played $2 blackjack. This property on the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd. was a bit of a forgotten spot in the mass development of the strip. Across the street Caesars Palace seemed to overshadow everything on the north side of Flamingo and those fountains in front of Bellagio Las Vegas made you forget about everything else.

Well, times have changed and if you like the idea of the little guy stepping up and making himself known then you might enjoy what is in store for you at the Cromwell Hotel. Don’t expect a giant marquee with dancers and exploding lights to draw you in. That is for the other guys. Expect a little less to give you a whole lot more.

The Cromwell Las Vegas is like the hidden bar in your favorite neighborhood. It is that place that you take a friend to because you want them to catch a glimpse of who exactly you are. It is a place where the cocktails are crafted by someone who spends more time tasting and creating than you do daydreaming at work. It is quaint and boutique but not in the way a travel brochure might describe those terms. The Cromwell Hotel is that spot where you might steal a kiss from your spouse while waiting for the elevator knowing full well that the atmosphere in the building is only going to lead to some real bad/good/bad behavior.

This completely refurbished hotel is small and it appeals to the visitor looking for a scaled back Las Vegas experience. You want to have a good time but you won’t be looking for glitzy shows and over the top attractions just to keep you in the house.

The Hotel
The rooms have all been redecorated and entirely remodeled.

You’ll find huge comfy leather couches for lounging and giant beds for what ever it is you do in a bed in Las Vegas. Yes, it is that kind of a place where things could get out of control. The shower has a two way window that when lit the right way will enable you a tiny peep show. The checkers board will have you competing for favors. The tiled text will reset your idea of a vacation.

Giada at The Cromwell
Giada De Laurentiis has opened a restaurant at the Cromwell Las Vegas and you’ll be treated to Italian food in a room with a view of the strip and open air seating when the weather cooperates. Her personality dictates the menu and the atmosphere is precisely why you’ll choose the Cromwell. The place is inviting yet chic with a VIP aura about it while still feeling very approachable.

The Nightlife

You don’t head to Las Vegas to get a good nights rest so naturally your needs should be specific to late night dancing and cocktails to help lubricate your inhibitions. Drai’s Beach Club and Night Club will introduce you to a nightlife experience in the outdoors with a view of the Las Vegas skyline. Oh, yeah, during the day it is a dayclub so the pool will not be populated with kids and inflatable rafts and instead you'll have a drink in your hand and mingling on your mind.

You’ll get DJ’s prompting you to dance and cocktail servers encouraging you to drink. As the evening goes even deeper you can walk down to Dria’s After Hours to experience the original after hours nightclub in Las Vegas. If you just need a drink in a classy spot try Bound as the focal point for your cocktail tasting experience.

The Cromwell Las Vegas
3595 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(Corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd. across the street from Caesars Palace and Bellagio Las Vegas)
Contact: 702-777-3777