The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

Life is better than you thought it could be at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

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The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas, with its incredible line up of restaurants and chefs, prime location, large accommodations and terraces that overlook the Las Vegas strip is the newest place to be in Las Vegas. The Chandelier bar will keep you interested and the views from Comme Ca will make you stay even longer. The pool deck is simply intoxicating and the comfortable beds will have you struggling to get out of them.

What to Expect at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

Oversized hotel and condominium-style rooms are the norm, with sizes ranging from 730 square feet all the way up to 5400 square feet, terraces that look out onto Las Vegas and a line up of killer chefs to bring some new and exciting ideas to culinary Las Vegas. All of that in a location in the center of the action right on the Las Vegas strip. The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas is what you would not expect in Las Vegas and that is precisely why you'll stick around for awhile.

What You Might Like


You're going to love the restaurants, you're going to love the idea of walking to the best that Las Vegas has to offer from The Cosmopolitan and you are definitely going to love what they are doing with the larger rooms and the expansive views.

What You Might Not Like

If you are a fan of low cost, low budget and inexpensive, you might find it hard to choose The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas, however, you could treat yourself, you could succumb to the desires to live large, to experience Las Vegas, to indulge. If you do that you might find yourself loving every minute of it. However, there is a secret pizza joint at the Cosmopolitan that offers something for the budget conscious and the best affordable Italian restaurant in Las Vegas is D.O.C.G. You'll be there more than once easily.

Our Suggestion

Head to the Chandelier bar or to Comme Ca and live it up right. The rooms are nice enough to spend a little extra time in and if you are lucky enough to get a tub with a view, soak for a while. Walk around and notice the major differences between the Cosmopolitan and other Las Vegas hotels. Order a Margarita Pizza at D.O.C.G. and try not to get so excited you start asking other people to try it. You'll check out the pool and realize that there is more than just water in this location, foosball, ping pong and daybeds will really change the Las Vegas pool scene at The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Rooms at The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas

2,995 rooms that start at 730 square feet. Those typical Las Vegas rooms that hover around 500 square feet will feel like matchboxes after you experience larger rooms. Each room is jam-packed with high-end technology control panels that control everything, huge luxurious restrooms and many have the large private terraces overlooking the Las Vegas strip. It's the details that will impress you.

Location: The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas:
3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Contact The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas: 877-551-7778
See The Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas website

Restaurants at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill, China Poblano, D.O.C.G., Estiatorio Milos, Jaleo, Scarpetta, STK, The Henry, Va Bene Caffè, Wicked Spoon Buffet, Secret Pizza
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Nightclubs, Lounges, and Bars at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Marquee Nightclub, The Chandelier Bar, Marquee Day Club
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