The Best Kids Activities for Every Age Group

Activities for Kids in Toronto Based on Age

There are so many things to do with kids in Toronto no matter the age group you’re dealing with. From toddlers to teens, there’s an attraction or activity suited to every age and interest. The hard part is actually deciding what to do with whichever kids you happen to have in tow. Read on for some tips on the best things to do in Toronto for every age group and what best suits toddlers, young kids (4-7), older kids (8-12) and teens (13-16). 

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    Ontario Science Centre

    Image courtesy Ontario Science Centre

    One of the best attractions in the city for kids, the Ontario Science Centre has something for everyone, even older kids and teens. And the best part is, no matter what they’re looking at or interacting with, they’ll be learning something new with every hands-on exhibit and science demonstration. Younger kids (8 and under) will love KidsPark where they can learn through play, doing fun things like building a roller coaster and making music. Exhibits like the Living Earth where you can touch a tornado and crawl through a cave, or The AstraZeneca Human Edge where you can learn about the limits of the human body, will appeal to older kids and teens.

    Best for: Toddlers, younger kids, older kids and teens

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    Ripley’s Aquarium

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     Ripley’s Aquarium is another Toronto attractions suitable for kids of all ages, whether you’re with toddlers, young kids, older kids or teens. And let’s face it; who doesn’t want to see sharks and stingrays up close? The expansive facility offers some hands-on experiences that younger kids will appreciate, like being able to touch stingray and other sea creatures. All kids and teens will love the moving walkway that travels through the Dangerous Lagoon, an underwater tunnel filled with sharks of all kinds and the biggest Exhibit in the aquarium.

    Best for: Toddlers, younger kids, older kids and teens

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    Regent Park Aquatic Centre

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    No matter the season, families with kids of all ages can enjoy some pool time at Regent Park Aquatic Centre. The large facility in the centre of Regent Park isn’t just a place to swim a few laps. There is a 25-metre lap pool for serious swimmers, but the centre also has a leisure pool, a Tarzan rope, kids pool, water slide and a diving board – so there’s something here for everyone.

    Best for: Toddlers, younger kids and older kids

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    Black Creek Pioneer Village

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    There’s learning about history from books, and then there’s feeling like you’re living it, which is something you can do at Black Creek Pioneer Village. The open-air historical museum features 40 heritage buildings letting you see what life would have been like in the 19th century, complete with guides in period costume. Activities go beyond simply exploring a slice of history and there are always special events happening depending on the season. Younger kids will like exploring each building, watching a blacksmith at work or seeing what a post office would’ve looked like in pioneer times. Older kids can participate in weekly activities and demonstrations that showcase life in the late 1800s.

    Best for: Younger kids, older kids

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    Casa Loma Escape

    Launched in 2015, Casa Loma Escape is an escape game with a unique twist. Rather than simply following clues to solve a mystery, Escape involves live actors in costume and a full sound and set design to create a totally interactive and immersive experience. There are a few historical experiences to choose from, each one offering a different challenge requiring problem solving, teamwork and a bit of imagination.

    Best for: Teens 13 and up. Just note that kids under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.

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    Hockey Hall of Fame

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    Are there any hockey fans in your life who also might happen to be kids? Then you might want to take them to the Hockey Hall of Fame. A visit involves much more than a walk around looking at hockey-related items. See the Stanley Cup up close, go one-on-one against life-size, animated versions of some of hockey’s greatest goalies and shooters, explore the largest collection of hockey memorabilia in the world, watch a hockey movie in 3D and even call the play-by-play of some of hockey's greatest goals.

    Best for: Older kids and teens