The Best Time to Visit Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia
pattyjansen / Pixabay

The wonderful thing about visiting Sydney is that the city shines in any season. There is always something to see, do, and explore, regardless of the weather. That said, there’s no time like springtime, running from September to November, to enjoy Sydney’s spectacular scenery and cityscapes in the best weather possible.

Remember, the seasons in Australia are the opposite of the seasons in the northern hemisphere. In spring, which begins in September, the city is beginning to awaken after a dark winter. The flowers begin to blossom and the weather is mild. You'll be happy to beat the heat that comes in December.

Yes, the weather in Sydney is mild and comfortable in the spring, but that isn’t the only reason you should hold out until September to visit. There are also many things to do in Sydney that are enhanced during of this season of renewal.

Outside of the Australian holiday periods, accommodations should be readily available and reasonably priced in spring.

Spring Holidays

Many states and territories celebrate the Labor Day holiday long weekend in early October. And in September, there are two weeks of school holidays. During this period, flights and accommodation may be more expensive.

Spring Weather

The average temperatures in the middle of the season generally range from 13 C (55 F) at night to 22 C (72 F) in the day.

The best thing about spring is that it’s Sydney’s driest season, so you’re far less likely to get caught in the kind of rainstorm that can spoil a day of touring. Generally, within a month, anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of rain is expected, though the day-to-day weather can fluctuate.

The temperatures tend to vary between the months. While September is only the beginning of the warming trend, October tends to get rather warm. Late October and November are the warmest parts of spring. If you are planning a beach holiday, visiting Sydney in late spring is the safer option, whereas the cooler temperatures at the beginning of the season are usually perfect for busy days of sightseeing.

The mild climate of spring makes the popular walking tours of Sydney much more enjoyable. From iconic landmarks to natural parks located within the city, you’re able to appreciate it in detail as you walk.

Things to Do and See in Spring

During the three months of spring, visitors can take advantage of outdoor activities and sightseeing in relative comfort.

Sydney beaches are among the most famous in the world, and while many assume that summer is the best time to visit them, the truth is that spring offers the kind of sunny weather that won’t burn your skin. Beach-goers will find that the popular beaches like Manly or Bondi aren't packed with tourists. Go surfing, learn windsurfing, or cruise the harbor.

Enjoy sightseeing. The most popular sights to see in Sydney include the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge (although you can no longer climb it), The Rocks markets, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Hyde Park (Australia's oldest park), and Chinatown.

Take a day trip. If you want to avoid the busier spots, spring is the best time to take a day trip out of the city. South of Sydney, you’ll discover uncrowded beaches, marine and national parks and the famous Kiama blowhole, which spouts seawater 20 meters (65 feet) into the air

It's a gorgeous drive or train ride to the south. Stanwell Park offers hang-gliding and paragliding for the more daring travelers, and Royal National Park is the perfect place for bushwalking (hiking), birding, and whale watching.